Update: Electricity Fixed

9/12 Update – Had the electrician come out. After 2 hours they fixed our problems. 2 sockets were wired wrong. 2 needed to be replaced. Then they added one more socket for our dish washer so that and the disposal could be on different ones. Price is maybe $200+, haven’t got the bill yet. $95 an hour. 

Original Post

The electrical sockets have been slowly fading in my house. I don’t know how long now, but probably 3+ years. I’ve never dealt with it. But now the problem worked it’s way to the kitchen and we had to use an extension cord just to run the dishwasher. We spoke to an electrician that says $200-300 to fix without checking anything in person yet. I have 5 dead sockets, and maybe front porch light. I’m hoping it’s not really bad. He did say don’t use those 6 plug outlet splitters. He said one house used one and it’s $1000 of repairs. I’m using 3 of those. So ditch those and switch to a power strip instead. 

So to recap:

  • worst bonus in 20 years with 7 months to go until the next one, haha. 
  • van failed, needs $900 repairs but it’s worth $1700. It still works but randomly the VSA limits the accelleration at the WORST times when you need to go in a town where people do 55-70 mph. I do have my  other car thought that’s fine. That’s the backup
  • Water heater failed, fixed for $630.
  • Bike tire bit it, fixed it for $7. The phone mount still is jacked, and my tail light broke off. haha. Bad luck on that thing but I’m on it about 3-4 hours a day. 
  • Dryer bit it, see other post. But I fixed it for $7. Yay!