Category: FML

Dammit, Lost $6,000

I thought I was saved when $6,000 magically appeared in one of my stock accounts for no reason. There was no history. It sat there for weeks but then finally a month + later, the history updated with a picture of the deposit which was a check to some completely other person in San Fran

Update: Electricity Fixed

9/12 Update – Had the electrician come out. After 2 hours they fixed our problems. 2 sockets were wired wrong. 2 needed to be replaced. Then they added one more socket for our dish washer so that and the disposal could be on different ones. Price is maybe $200+, haven’t got the bill yet. $95

Fucking Ants

7/16 – Still dying to ants. Bought Combat Max Gel. Bought some other orange package thing. 7/13 – Made some progress last night using:¬†Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Yesterday: Completely overtaken my home worse than previous 10 years. It’s been 85-110 degrees. I keep going outside and blocking the paths but the entire outside around