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I'm looking to raise money to support my monthly bills. Rather than simply take donations as many sites do, I want to give you SOMETHING for your money. Why am I doing this?

Here's a rundown of my monthly bills:

Rent: $1920 (2 bedroom apartment)
College Loan: $86
Electricity Bill: $85.69
Trash/Water: $45
Phone: $60
Internet/Cable/HD $120
Pay for Bunnies: $39.91
Car Gas: $144.75
Groceries: $269.94
Tithe to God: 10%
So my basic expenses are running up at about $2,400 a month. This doesn't cover the other things that come up such as car costs, things you need for your house, entertainment, etc. Isn't California great! So wouldn't it be nice if I could help offset some of these costs. Ads are helping out quite a bit but I still despirately need them.

Expect Nothing Supporter
For a 1 time price of $10.60 paid via paypal (link at bottom) you will receive:

Instant Comment Posting - Everyone else except for those I have promoted have to wait for my approval to post. With instant comment posting your posts will appear on the site right after you submit them. This gives you an advantage over those who have to wait.

CustomIcon - You send me an icon that is 50x50 for your name and I'll replace your current icon with that icon. It cannot be animated. It cannot be porn or anything disgusting or offensive.

Custom Title - Mine is Admin. You can call yours whatever you want as long as it's not offensive and fits within 20 characters.

Custom Text Color - If you want your own special text color you can do that. Just tell me the HTML color like #9999ff

Thanks to the following people for supporting this site:
  • donslice
  • Smitty
  • clark
  • Disgruntled
  • Kalsim
  • Chris_Fulp
  • Benzo
  • tappertrainman
  • Pass
  • dohdohburd
  • LegendX
  • cvn76
  • bedard
  • nate_orenstam
  • Amarok
  • RedMage
  • DaveC
  • Dandaman
  • Blazer
  • Pimpster
  • ConvolutedReailty
  • Brandon L
  • InfiniTea
  • Eric D
  • Diablo2xpress
  • EightCounts
  • Nalcolm
  • Gruelon
  • Yevgeniy G
  • Pim B
  • Maddawg
  • Syn-tax
  • TheSilver_Ghost


  • This isn't a contract written in stone. If you do something jacked up with comments (offensive, racist, spam, linking to porn, linking to offensive sites etc), I'll remove your account without refund.

  • I reserve the right to delete your comments if they attack me personally, ruin the surprise of a post, etc. I'll be more forgiving with supporters.

  • I will give you a warning before removing your account (/posting) unless you do something seriously jacked up. So far there's been 0 problems with users.

  • If I have to shut the site down for some strange reason (lose my job)(job requires it), I can't refund your money.

    I'll mail you back asking:

  • your email address so I can talk to you about setting up your stuff
  • the name of your user account at expectnothing.com so I can flag it for posting.
  • you can also give me a link to the button you want to use or you can mail me back with your icon

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