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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Gator drags boy into lagoon at Disney resort; Deputies search for body
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 15th, 2016 @ 10:30AM


That's their expensive as fuck place too.


Monday, March 14th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 14th, 2016 @ 2:30PM

Got roped into a upgraded season pass in December and I have to pay for 2 people monthly and 1 complete payment by mistake. So because I'm paying so much to go there, I have to go there. There's 800 portals there (ingress) so I just hate the place but play my game to make me happy. The kids never want to go there anymore and want to be taken home. So we should have never got passes. Who the fuck has to yell at the kids to go to Disneyland but they don't want to go!?!?! They've probably gone 200 times now. Who knows. That certainly wasn't my idea to ever do that. There's just one person (the woman) that likes the place and the rest of us hate it. It's awesome for my ingress career and exercise but the people man. Yesterday It was SO crowded.

On top of that, A TON of rides are closed. So you're paying more for less things. Because so many things are closed the other rides have massive lines. Autopia is closed, Junglebook is closed. 1/2 the river is closed. The boats around the river are closed. Lincoln place is closed. All for new Star Wars land. And the train is closed. I liked the train. On top of that, they just jam Star wars down your throat as I posted before. Fantasyland is now basically StarWars land with nearly every ride about Star Wars. So they'll have 2 fucking Star Wars lands. I think they were c___ing all over themselves when they bought Star Wars. Every store in there has Star Wars stuff now too. They also made Disney Infinity all about Star Wars too.

One good thing about the pass is that it's good at both places. I really have always hated California Adventure but there's a few good things in there.

At least you still have the Old Fastpass ticket system there. The new one (Fastpass+) at WDW is god-awful.

I just got back from WDW a few weeks back and it was so sad seeing Soarin closed - there was little warning too. We had booked our trip 7-8 months in advance only to find out one of the best rides is shut down. :(

Don't forget Aladdin is closed too now and is Innoventions still open (the place right at the exit to Carousel of Progress?)

I'm going to Disneyland next February - any recommendations? In particular are there any crazy-popular restaurants that must be booked months in advance?

- 2016-03-14 20:06:45

I don't understand the logic why you'd need to go there because you paid for it. Especially when noone wants to go.

- 2016-03-15 04:55:27


Friday, March 11th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 11th, 2016 @ 9:11AM

Went to dland yesterday on my Birthday. You get a button that says happy birthday and the employees all say happy birthday all day. My chick puts one on me. It does feel kinda like uh arrogant or full of yourself putting it on but it's neat for kids. haha.


Wednesday, March 9th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Guests Celebrate New Ship Announcements | Disney Cruise Line
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 9th, 2016 @ 10:41PM

This is pretty big news - they've had the Dream and Fantasy dedicated to the Bahamas and Caribbean respectively while the older (and smaller) Magic and Wonder do pretty much everything else - so it's good to see the expansion.

At the same time, I hope Disney continues to keep their fleet small - I think this is primarily the reason why their cruises are far and away better than anyone else. Really I think of their cruises as the "Disney experience" personalized and its quite different than anything else.

I do hope they bring out the Magic Bands eventually to their fleet as well - they are pretty cool to have in the parks.

- 2016-03-10 07:39:17


Wednesday, November 18th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on November 18th, 2015 @ 11:39PM

Disneyland had a passholder event where it was open just for them (BILLION OF THEM) from 10pm to 2am. I did portals portals. But I faced upwards of 7 greens. hah.


Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on November 18th, 2015 @ 5:17PM

They redid tomorrowland to be all about Starwars. Everything in there is Starwars now. They got rid of Captain EO (hey he's chester molester) and replaced it with a best of Star Wars video with the new trailer at the end. It was dumb. I'm like they're brainwashing us on Star Wars or something. There was nothing new. They even renamed Space Mountain and the food place. I really hate it when people shove all that marketing down your throats like that. They're also building a new Star Wars land on the other side of the park but I see no reason to redo tomorrowland into Star Wars until that happens.

Oh no! They got rid of Captain EO again? I finally got to see Captain EO in 2012 after about 30 years (as a kid in the early 80s, and subsequently playing some of my first arcade games!). When I saw it in 2012, it was the best part of Disneyland, and I kept telling everyone how impressed I was by that snapshot of fantastic 3D sci-fi with real humanoids and animals, prior to crappy CG these days that still hasn't crossed the uncanny valley.

Hearing they replaced it with some discontinuous Star Wars nonsense makes me feel a little sick.

- 2015-11-18 19:28:18

The new Star Wars is going to suck.

- 2015-11-18 20:08:34


Tuesday, October 20th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

MY VIDEO: Disney Magic - Helicopter Flyby
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 20th, 2015 @ 9:52AM


Tuesday, October 13th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Vacation #2 - Disney Magic Cruise
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 13th, 2015 @ 12:17AM

Vacation #2 - 4 day Disney Magic Cruise. This was the last of 4 ships we needed to try out. Now we've done all 4. Because of the Hurricane we were diverted to Cozumel, Mexico instead of the Bahamas. That is one of my favorite stops so I was happy. Day 2 we went to Key West, FL. Day 3 went to Cozumel, Mexico. Day 4 we returned to Miami. Cozumel has awesome snorkeling, I'll post the fish pictures in a different post. 

Disney Magic - 2015

Thursday, May 28th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Nightmare
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 28th, 2015 @ 2:43PM

Tried to go to downtown disney last night. My secret parking lot that is free was blocked off. Tried to into the main two lots. One lot had about 1 and 1/2 amount of cars in the lot with the 1/2 with nowhere to park. Then we were all stuck trying to get out of the lot because the cars going into the lot were blocking the cars from leaving. It was a total nightmare. Then idiots at the start of the line wouldn't exit or help us out. I complained to two Disney employees that they need to save the people in that lot that are all stuck, but they probably did jack shit.

Went to the next lot and it was about as bad. I finally found someone leaving just a bit behind me. I started backing up to the spot, while this car up ahead of me turned on their blinker and also wanted the spot. They flipped me off. I flipped them off. I was so mad I was ready to duel to them to the death for it. I was in a better position. Then after minutes she came out and talked to me. She said she followed the people the whole lot to their spot. I said OK you can have it and let her have it. Then we got redirected to a lot called SIMBA way off in some other location I've never been to before. At least it was free parking. Those guys want $17 for parking in their main garage.

A Dland they have this 1980s electrical light parade but now it's updated with the current gen stuff and it's pretty amazing actually. They have the CARS truck and it looks so cool. Well this dumb kid behind me kept stepping on me and one time even fell over into my back. I kept saying quit stepping on me. He also kept trying to sit down in the middle of our family of four. I started shoving myself against the kid to push him back. I was about to lose it. I take a lot of abuse before I snap. His mom did nothing to help. But as the parade started, he kept saying hi to each character as it went by with such a pure, innocent kid voice/way that I felt sorry for him and maybe his parents just suck or something. So I forgave him.

But that place is so crowded sometimes. It's horrible. That LADY though seems to want to live at Disneyland. She went to the 36 hours of dland event $130 per person, and stayed there from Thursday to Saturday 6am. Nuts. I would have gone but I didn't like the price and also thought I'd run out of phone batteries and couldn't play ingress anymore.


Monday, February 23rd, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Disney raises ticket prices for U.S. theme parks - how far off will $100 a day be for Disneyland?
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 23rd, 2015 @ 9:15AM

I don't want to bash them just in case I want to work for them someday. haha. I want discount cruises.

But I sure can't afford $400 x 4.



Tuesday, January 13th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Officials: Thousands Possibly Exposed In Disney Measles Outbreak
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 13th, 2015 @ 10:57AM


Lovely, I've gone 2x now and plan on going about once a week maybe.


Saturday, January 10th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 10th, 2015 @ 9:48PM

A few years back we were talking about how insane the $8 price on Turkey Legs are. Guess what they're charging now? $11. OMFG.

As we were leaving, we were folding up the stroller and trying to sit in a non stroller row on the TRAM, but enlarged row because it was so crowded. We went in first, and the stroller was sitting in the middle. This whole asian family shoved their way into our row when there was no room for them at all. They pushed the stroller over on top of MBacon's leg and started shoving my stroller into our whole family. I pushed back. One of their daughters managed to sit on top of the bench but where her legs went, I have no idea. The stroller was in the leg spot. Well M. Bacon's mom started having a fit about it and yelling at me for not fighting them. She was attacking the wrong person. At the end I told the family, next time, make sure everyone can fit before shoving your whole family onboard, smashing their OWN daughter, and mine. The dad appologized. then as we were walking away, the mom runs up and says in broken english, WE HOLD DOOR OPEN FOR YOU. So as we were getting on, she helped me with the door, but sorry that doesn't mean your 6 people can shove in a row that already has 4 people and a stroller and crush everyone. So I keep saying that all the time randomly now. WE HOLD DOOR OPEN FOR YOU.

Next time I'll shove more.

Amusement park food almost ruins the experience for me. They sell you crappy expensive food with long lines, and they don't allow you to bring your own food. So the last couple times I have gone I have brought some of my own food and claimed I had food allergies. Suck it a-holes.

- 2015-01-11 09:43:43

I would like to point out that Dollywood has EXCELLENT food, and more reasonable concession prices, with great service. The typical Dollywood food service employee is NOT a 16 year old kid who doesn`t care. They use mostly 21+ employees and a lot of them are seniors that do the job with a cheery attitude and a genuine smile.

- 2015-01-12 14:14:26


Monday, December 29th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on December 29th, 2014 @ 3:09PM

Well she conned me into getting passes again. We had some family chip in some money for Xmas, but some other money we got. However, they've jacked up the prices massively since 2-3 years ago. The $7 parking is now $17. The parking pass which was $20-40 is now $159!!!!! WTF. Now I have to pay like $32 a month on a poor person payment plan for the shittiest of passes. We're blocked out quite a bit of the time. I like the cruises but the park prices are just insane. I like the park.

Last time around they went upwards of 31 times a year and I was so bored bu the difference this time is that I can play Ingress there. There's 100 of portals. Every boring line before is now exciting. I don't care where I get stuck because I can attack or loot or field. I also get tons of loot too. There's also new missions to do which I need 100 of and I only have about 30.

Also M Bacon was too young the last time around, 3-4. So now it's all new for her.


Monday, October 6th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Cruises
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 6th, 2014 @ 2:26PM

They have a 11 day Atlantic crossing. That would be amazing. What would have it been like to cross the Atlantic? That's a dream. It's pretty cheap but then you have to fly to Spain to even get on, then get from Florida back to California. Those 2 trips cost more than the cruise.

The Disney Cruise website is SOOO bad. They only let you save (3) cruises and have all these navigational nightmares. The content of the site is good, but the rest is really bad. They should really update their site. You should be able to link and share cruise links.

I want 7 day southern carbbean cruise which is a new one.


Disney Dream: Castaway Cay Photo Gallery
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 6th, 2014 @ 12:25PM

If you're having problems with that link, use Chrome. Firefox never seems to work at work.

Castaway Cay - Disney Dream - Oct - 2014

Sunday, October 5th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Random Cruise Thoughts
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 5th, 2014 @ 12:00AM
  • Thought about doing (3) 3-day cruises in a row to cheese the system to get Gold but sounds like that would be $6k+ vs. just doing a 4k 7day cruise.
  • I want to do 7-day Southern Caribbean Cruise
  • Florida Toll Roads. Pretty lame. Just driving from 1 road, they stopped me 4 times for a total of $4.25. they should have stopped me 2x or 1 time and paid a larger amount. It's so annoying.
  • So sick of smokers on the east coast.
  • I drank like 5-10 cokes a day cuz that was the only pick at the drink machine. That will be a hard habit to break.
  • Fat Fucks - Every time I cruise, I see people fatter than anyone I ever see in real life. Even the worst sized coworker is like 1/4th the size of these people. This lady was so fat that she had fat on her elbows the size of my ass. There was a fat couple and they both sat next to me during the emergency drill. I had a drink to the right and she sat down and plopped her giant arm down and didn't even see my drink under all that fat. I had to save it just in time. Then she was spilling all over into my seat. She had to squeeze into the seat too. Her husband was DOUBLE her size too. Fucking A man. The cruises should have a fucking weight limit. And you know what, many of the activities had a weight limit. Must be under 375 LBS to do the jetski excursion, haha. What's so sad is these type of people would be in a circus 100 years ago and now they walk around and you're supposed to treat them as normal people. I have no sympathy for people that size. There's no excuse. This lady weight more than me and my chick added together. I call these people Wall-Es. Fat people are not a protected class. We're almost all fat, but there's no excuse for being 300 lbs overweight. 400 lbs. Last cruise this guy was so giant he took up the entire Wonder elevator by himself.

Yep. Aren't cruises all you can eat? Might explain why they see it as such as good option for a vacation.

- 2014-10-04 15:41:54

I used to work on a cruise line. Of course, that was one of the older, more expensive lines, so we mostly saw old people.

The best islands in the Caribbean are St. Maartin and Grand Cayman. If you like to dive, Cozumel is a great location as well. If you like scenery, St. Kitts is nice - but you can tour the whole island in about 30 minutes. They did have some major construction there last time, though (5 years ago) so there may be a lot more there now.

You can take flights directly to St. Maartin.

- 2014-10-05 05:52:28


Saturday, October 4th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Cruise
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 4th, 2014 @ 8:46AM

I want to be a gold/platinum member. Why? I want to level up my real life character. 5 cruises for gold, 10 cruises for platinum. We need 2 more for gold. On the adult beach on Castaway Cay we saw 5 "gold" bags from gold members.

Gold items on Ebay

Platinum items

Castaway club


Saturday, June 14th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

My new career as a Disney princess: Teen model looks exactly like Elsa from the movie Frozen
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 14th, 2014 @ 12:30AM



Thursday, May 22nd, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Disneyland tickets are getting more expensive
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 22nd, 2014 @ 3:42PM

Update: Now it's $2,040 for annual passes for us 4. Those fucking pieces of shit. In 2005, it was like $600 for 3 of us.

Their prices for annual passes for a family of four are so bullshit I don't know who can even afford it. It was $1300 the other year. Who knows how much it costs now. We used to get in for $400 a year.



Wednesday, May 21st, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Walt Disney Family Feud: Inside His Grandkids' Weird, Sad Battle Over a $400 Million Fortune
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 21st, 2014 @ 1:47PM

Link - Maybe they're in charge of ticket prices.


Tuesday, March 11th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Visitor Tracking
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 11th, 2014 @ 12:24AM


Pretty soon I'll have 5 wristbands tracking me. I already have 1.


Sunday, March 9th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

18 Wonderful And Rare Color Photos Of Disneyland In 1955
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 9th, 2014 @ 8:22PM



Thursday, March 6th, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Lays Off 700 Employees
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on March 6th, 2014 @ 1:13PM

Uh oh

Disney has laid off 700 employees from their gaming division today, as the New York Times reports. That's 26% of their staff, and it's mostly in mobile, social, and web-based gaming.


Friday, January 3rd, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Now Disney Can Track Your Every Move with NSA-Style Wristbands
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 3rd, 2014 @ 2:17PM


Families planning trips to one of Disney’s theme parks can now get waterproof rubber wristbands embedded with computer chips in lieu of paper tickets. When scanned, the bands can act as a park entry ticket, a FastPass, a hotel room key and a credit card. The “Magic Bands” — which are currently optional — are part of a new MyMagic+ “vacation management system” that can track guests as they move throughout the park.


Friday, December 27th, 2013SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Infinity
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on December 27th, 2013 @ 2:10AM
  • 12/26 - Returned the game to Target and got a new one. The Kids totally love it.
  • 12/25 - Ug, opened it up and the power base doesn't work at all. TT :( It was a nightmare of whinning all day as the present they were looking forward to the most didn't work. But they're getting up at 6 a.m. to try to exchange it at Walmart for a new one.
  • 12/7 - Amazon has a $200 pack with most of the figures and Mickey before it's released. I don't know if I've spent that much but that's about 7 figures more than what I have.
  • 12/3 - Look at this nonsense. They'll sell you all of series 2 power discs but for $60!
  • 11/24 - Frozen $29 set comes out on Tuesday.
  • 11/24 - Wreck It Ralph came out as an Best Buy Exclusive.
  • 11/24 - Rapunzel came out as a Walmart exclusive.
  • 11/24 - Penelope comes out as an exclusive at Walmart yesterday (Sunday). Skullder says it's awesome. He's a high level producer there at Disney Games now.
  • 11/22 - We've began to buy pieces of the set. Repunzel (sp) came out but they wouldn't sell it to Skullder yesterday because I think today is the official date. There is also Wreck-It-Ralph guy at Best Buy. We bought the Tron Landscape rare disk on ebay for $9. Let me know if you hear about any deals. Toys R Us keeps running deals.
Continue reading "Disney Infinity" ...

Just another way to suck your money down. I made the mistake of allowing my son to start Skylanders. Now there is constant push to get more characters. At $10/ea, they do not seem bad. Then one day you realize you have 40 of them.

Big W
- 2013-10-21 13:08:55

I got the starter set and enjoyed it with my kids.

Extra stuff is very expensive.

With the starter set, you get Mr Incredible, Sulley, and Jack Sparrow. You also get the play set for each character. Play sets are story mode, and if you want to play co-op story mode, you need a 2nd character for a play set (Sulley cannot play with Mr Incredible in the Incredibles story, for example). Characters run ~$15 each.

There are also play sets for Cars, Toy Story, and the Lone Ranger, each of which comes with two characters. I believe they cost $30.

The game also includes a toy box mode, where you can mix and match characters and do all sorts of cool stuff. But you'd better be very creative and/or patient in order to create anything really fun and engaging in the toy box.

If you can find a starter set for like $40 (as opposed to the launch price of $75), I'd say give it a whirl. The kids love it.

- 2013-10-22 04:29:16


Friday, December 6th, 2013SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Takes Over Rights to ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on December 6th, 2013 @ 3:27PM


"Disney Infinity" someone said here. haha.

Under the arrangement, Disney gains distribution and marketing rights to future films, in addition to retaining the ownership rights it secured when it acquired Lucasfilm.


Sunday, October 20th, 2013SUGGEST NEWS

Mickey has landed, construction of Disneyland Shanghai begins
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 20th, 2013 @ 10:00AM


"Scheduled to open at the end of 2015, Shanghai Disneyland will blend classic Disney storytelling and characters with new attractions, and experiences tailored specifically for the people of China, the resort announced yesterday."


Friday, October 11th, 2013SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Wonder Cruise: Day 5: Nassau
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 11th, 2013 @ 8:38PM
Disney Wonder - Day 5 - Nassau

This was the nightmare of all days. We were let off the boat at 7:15 a.m. which is 4:15 a.m. California time. We had purchased a sailing snorkeling package for M.Bacon and she refused to go so I'm out $39.

I did a wake up call for 7:30 and we did room service. I went back to bed for a while. Grandma didn't even know we had to leave that earily so by the time I called her, she was surprised. My chick is late to EVERYTHING. So getting her anywhere is very hard when you really need to. We dropped M.Bacon off at the Disney Kids center all day. I magined to get them all down there to the shore excursion on time. They walked us in a big group with stickers on us like idiots all together. But they walked us right to the boat without having to walk past all this nonsense. We got on the boat and had a boat ride out to snorkle spot. Two other ships were docked next to us: A carnival ship and amazingly, the last ship I cruised on in 2005 by myself, the Royal Carribean ship. The boat ride was awesome. Right at the start this lady almost dropped her camera off the boat. She managed to drop her sunscreen. We finally got to the snorkling spot. The snorkling gear for this tour was way better than on Castaway Key. I wasn't drowning in salt water.

The four of us swam out, trying to find fish. A few but not many. Later on, we ended up swimming back towards the boat and that's where we found a lot of fish. We had brought a bagel and donut to feed the fish. We wish we would have brought one of our fish food. We thought that last time and still forgot. Once we started feeding them, the fish swarmed. It was amazing. I took lots of pictures and videos. As we were going, another snorkel catamand showed up and unloaded what looked like 100s. They eventually told us we had to leave. So I waited until the last few people and got on. We rode the boat back to our cruise ship and they went by our cruise ship for some good pictures. It then dumped us off next to lots of black people trying to sell us things. Of course my chick just fell off the turnip truck so her and her mom spent $20 buying conch shells. I thought there must be better ones than off the side of the dock but everyone else wanted even more money, $12-$15 each.

We went back to the boat for lunch. Of course you knew if they got back on the boat we'd never go right back soon enough. That's exactly what happened. It took 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get them back in Nassau again. We first stopped at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory place. We tried a sample and it was super nasty for me and Momette. The ladies ended up buying $6 bottles of Rum. If Rum tastes anything like the cake, that sounds gross. The one drink I ever did try was a Rum & Coke and it tasted nasty.

Next we went to this awesome combo store where 1/2 of the store was about Bamboo products (shirts, clothing, hats, sheets etc) and the other half was about Del Sol, items that change color in sunlight. Momette enjoyed that place the most. He took tons of items and held them under the many black lights which allowed the things to change color. We got 2 shirts, and got a free bag. It's really cool but we got stuck there 50+ mins. I really wanted some bamboo shirts but they were $34 for a T-Shirt, $55 for a regular shirt. $26 for a hat. I almost found a hat but the logo wasn't colored in. It was just a black outline of bamboo but not green bamboo. Crappy design.

Next we continued on to Jewelry stores. My new favorite jewelry is Tanzanite. I love the color. I hate Diamonds. Once I heard everything behind them, that they're not rare, they're just all controlled by Debeers. They weren't even considered valuable until the early 1900s when some marketing fucks started telling people that they should use them for engagement rings. [more] On top of that all, God doesn't even consider them valuable. He doesn't even mention them. The case could be made the same for Tanzanite but at least they don't all hype it up. Besides that, I looked at a lot of other gems. I kinda like Emeralds. I like Saphires a little but don't really like the color as much. So I'm sold on Tanzanite.

We went to a few other stores, I found a cool turtle shirt. I almost found a color changing turtle shirt but they didn't have my size. I wanted to explore a lot of other stores but my chick is slow as can be and wastes 30 mins per store. I couldn't really leave them cuz it's a strange country. Oh well. I don't know if I would have found anything or not. Overall I felt good about the shopping and it was our best stop but I wish I could have seen more stores. I bet you can find better of nearly everything online.

Halloween Night
Unbeknownst to us, it was Halloween night on the ship. Which is weird because that's a month from now. I guess they sent us an email but I got so many spam mails from them and send them to a second email box so I didn't notice it. Oh well. Everyone dressed up. There were some cool costumes. M.Bacon had a costume at least. They had another paty up on deck but I was sick of their deck parties after the night before. I hate loud/packed. I almost never go to clubs.

I saw it last year and thought it was one of the best movies of all time. It is long. So after watching Iron-Man 3, I wanted to see it again. I also want to watch some of the other ones again. They're all a great package. The movie started at 10:30 but of course there you found TONS of kids in the PG-13 movie. It wasn't as disturbing as the Lone Ranger but those kids shouldn't have been in there. There were way too many deaths. At one point a little kid goes "Mommy, I'm hungry." (TOO YOUNG). Another family had tons of kids who wouldn't shut up and the mom kept going "Shhhhh" through the whole movie. Then people kept being total fucks about the door. They kept holding it open which lit up the whole theater. One person yelled out SHUT THE DOOR but it kept happening. They really needed people kicking out offensive people in the theater. I'll put that in my comment card.

Day 6
I slept in really late. Mylady dropped off some breakfast which was nice. M.Bacon didn't want to ever wake up either. Daddy's girl! Eventually I got her to eat some stuff and took her to the kids center.

I went to a Disney Vacation Club presentation (TIMESHARE). They want $24,000 to enter the thing. I'd totally go for it if I had the money because all I want to do is take vacations with my money. I've pretty much bought everything, house, car. But I don't have the money due to sad times. They gave us some cool backpacks and free bingo cards. Later I learned why they weren't free.

I went to the pool for a while and got lunch. Later we played some Bingo. We all lost. They really want you to come back the last day with a $7,000 prize. But It's like $30 - $50 to play and you're going to lose. :( And we did of course. Even Grandma spent more and lost also. When I say Grandma it's her mom. Some family from Texas won and they were fat. They did say they spent $100 already so they won $300.

I can't remember much of the rest. Sea Days are pretty boring. We went to a show at 6. Dinner at 8. We did go to a cool couples trivia type game. It had lots of laughs. SO SICK OF THE 2 hour dinners. I eat mostly steaks and hamburgers since the pizza sucks so bad.

So anyway, there's a tropical storm and they changed course to go around it. The boat is all shaking like crazy. We had to have dinner at the worst spot in the boat, the back near the bottom. Then on top of that, the edge of the restraunt. So we were really shaking. We all took the sea sickness stuff at that dinner. Even M.Bacon was getting sick. I've watched a lot of movies here. Now I'm working on "THE HOST". Not that great. When I get too bored I watch a movie and write on my computer. I really really miss the internet. At the dinners if I had an internet connection I could at least do things on my phone or play with my ingress inventory.

For me, the cruise always gets kinda old on day 6-7. But when you do leave, you eventually want to go back. It's wonderful having a lady take care of your room each day. It's awesome living next to a movie theater with free movies. I eat better breakfests there than anywhere else. It's wonderful having all this free baby sitting that I never ever have the rest of the year. It's nice being able to go to the pools. It's nice never having to clean up or to cook. The rooms and the TVs in there are pretty fun. I LOVE being on a big cruise ship. I'd waste all my money on cruises as long as they're not repetative.

Some really nice underwater shots. Pretty cool. Only a few hundred more years and all the oceans should be black.

- 2013-10-10 07:38:12


Tuesday, October 8th, 2013SUGGEST NEWS

Disney Wonder Cruise: Day 4: Castaway Key
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 8th, 2013 @ 6:10PM
Disney Wonder - Day 4 - Castaway Key

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Cruise - Day 4 - Castaway Key (Disney Private Island)
The island has up to 3 Disney Ships dock a week. (Fantasy/Dream and either Magic or Wonder).

I modfied our original trip to take a different trip that went to Castaway Key instead of bypassing it. I thought this custom island was one of the most fun places you can go. As with anything, the more you do it, the less fun it becomes. So it doesn't matter what amazing thing you have, it stars to wear out. You gotta keep switching things up to keep things interesting. We did have two completely new stops: Key West and Nassau, Bahamas.

We did room service at 8:00 a.m. which is so early when you're going to bed at 1-2 a.m. I could not wake up M.Bacon no matter what I tried. She would just not wake up. So i got all ready and had to make sure everyone else was getting ready. Like last time, I ended up leaving the ship with just me and Momette (the boy). This time we knew the island and right were to go.

We went quickly to the shack that rents the snorkle equipment. I didn't get a set for him but I wished I had. His set from last year didn't fit his feet well and I ended up having to tow him a lot.

Getting off the Wonder was much easier than the Fantasy. The Fantasy had way more people. So the benefit of the Wonder (crappiest of the 4) over the Fantasy (Best) was a lot less people and easier to get off.

Having done the lagoon last year, I knew right where to go to the fish. We swam to the very back corner where you're allowed to go. They rope it all of and only let you go in certain areas. We found a ton of fish back ther and I took lots of pictures and made some movies.

I found a lost snorkle and one fin. I swam down and got them which sucks due to the pressure. It hurts. Momette actually used the one fin as it was better than nothing and we were just carying the crappy ones. Ovall, this year, I did a lot better than last year probably cuz I play so much Ingress. We then swam back to shore after maybe 1 hour and 45 mins. My chick, M.Bacon, Grandma weren't off the boat yet.

The island has a post office so Mlady had bought some post cards that were written up to send. Kinda cool. They'll arrive long before we get home.

Next it was time for lunch. We got there right when the place opposed as opposed to last year where we got there way later. We're refining the process. The food is pretty good. I just get burgers every time. My kid tricked me into eating Banana Ice Cream which was f-ing nasty and I was burping Banana ice cream the rest of the day. YUCK!

We checked on M.Bacon and she was in a kids area where they're checked in. She had no interest in leaving. It's a pretty cool area. I didn't see it last time but there were a bunch of kids and a little water play for them and some water areas.

Next we went to Pelican Plunge which is a floating dock out in the water with 2 waterslides on it. Last time the lines were massive due to the Fantasy size. AND the snorkel lagoon was full of 200-300 snorkelers vs like 40 this year. So the Fantasy is a crappier ship to stop at for Castaway Key. Because it was the first time the Disney Wonder left out of Texas, they gave us all sorts of exclusive gifts. A cheese cutting board. A lithograph. They also had the Disney Dream stop by Castaway Key and they had a ship horn war. We used a telescope to see the people on the 2nd best ship while we were on the 4th place ship. TT.

Next we went back to all meet up. We went on to the bicycle place. We had 4 bikes with M.Bacon on the back of my bike. They have a nice bike path. We went over to their Observation tower and took some pictures. We biked over to the Adult Beach area. I always wanted to see what's so special about the adult beach. So me and ThatLady ran in there. It was nothing special. The beach just had no kids. Supposedly their food area was better so maybe the 3rd time I ever go there, I'll try that.

Pirate Night
Next came pirate night. I'm not a fan but everyone dressed up. Some people some super professional looking costumes. On the Fantasy for the same night not a lot of people were on deck but this ship, Wonder, the deck was massively packed the whole time. People were all over on me pushing on me. I did not like that. The show was much better on the Wonder too.

Every night at 8:15 we went to dinner. I just ordered beef everytime. They had all sorts of options. As I've said before, I get so sick of the dinners. I takes them 2+ hours to finish the meal. I get so sick of just sitting there as I'm used to 30 min lunches at work. We eat in like 15 mins. I also end up getting sick of deserts every night. I never eat desert and just drink Soda or randomly candy. My chick of course is so excited about dinners and deserts.

Lone Ranger
They were showing the movie in 3D. Me and my chica blanca saw it. It was supposed to be a box office disaster but it was pretty good. It lasts forever though, 2 hours 30m? The messed up part was there were all these little kids age 2-5 in the movie. It was not a kids movie, PG-13. There were all these jacked up parts like a the slaughter of an indian village, someone getting their throat cut, and someone getting knifed to death in the belly with their heart ripped out (didn't show that in detail). So me and my lady were just disturbed and sickened by these stupid fucks taking their kids to the movie. Imagine how fucked up those kids will be. When I try to bring that up at work, they're all liberals, have no kids, and believe kids should get to see ANYTHING at any age. It's just stupid. None of them realize how jacked up little shits your kid would be if you did that. They don't care. We have tons of kids like that in Momette's class. The kids who are in the 6th grade watching Walking Dead, playing GTA, Assassins Creed, etc. That makes the WORST KIDS EVER. I don't know how you feel about kids but I only mainly like my own kids and a few random other ones that are well behaved. I hate badly behaved kids that belong to other people.

So anyway, ahead of us is this family a with 3 year old. I say if your kid is old enough to bang his toy against his sippy cup, then he's ready for a PG-13 movie! And that was going on. Multiple times at the most fucked up scenes, a kid would laugh. It was so fucked up. My lady says really loudly "REALLY? YOU TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS VIOLENT OF A MOVIE?" so loud the whole theater heard it. But these people are all from Texas or Mexico so they don't give a shit. I thought it was great she said that though. This dumb family's mom ahead of us started staring at me. So I turned my face and looked at her in the face until she looked away. We would love to take pictures of these people and post them.

Random Fact - They give you two "WAVE" phones to use around the ship. They also work on Disney's island.


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Disney Cruise: Day 2 & 3
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Day 2 Photos @ Sea Here

Day 3 Photos (Key West) Here

Cruise Day 2
After going to bed late, we went to the Breakfast place. Of course before it was about to close. They closed it before I got as much as I wanted.

Next I took the kids to the pools. The pools on the Wonder are so much crappier than the Disney Fantasy. M.Bacon enjoyed the kids area. We were in the Goofy (family) area for a while but then they began to show the New Alice and Wonderland. The kids thought they were picking the old one but the people on the boat were too dumb to realize. What a f-ed up movie to show to little kids. I had to grab M. Bacon and herd her back to the kids area to avoid it. Later as she was eating pizza, the dragon's head was lopped off and was all bouncing around and landing on the ground. Great kids movie dumbfucks. We were at the pool for about 4 hours. Then I took M.Bacon to the kids club where they'll watch her all day and went back to the adults pool. It's much better, it's deeper. The problem with the adults area is it doubles as the OLD PEOPLE area. Who wants to see them in their bathing suits. Fucking nasty. The spas are super tiny, seems to fit about 3 people. So of course this guy I'm calling JABA THE HUT gets in. His belly is so big it drags on the floor. He can't fit into an elevator but somehow he must. I don't see how he could fit through any doorway either. He's way too fat to be on a cruise. He must not fit into any of the movie theater/show chairs either. They need a weight limit on these things. If you weigh 400 lbs, get off.

Turns out most of the people here are from Texas. Disney is pulling out of Texas for whatever reason. Galveston doesn't seem to have enough to support the people getting on the cruises. But they do have 3 full time cruise boats at the port. The Carnival Triumph is also shadowing our trip.

The adult area is pretty relaxing. It totally blows compared to the Fantasy's adult area (ONLY TAKE THE FANTASY OR DREAM). Our boat it seems came from their Alaska Cruises. The ship is tiny compared to the Fantasy. The elevators are the smallest I've ever seen. They're horrible. No one fits in them. The corridors on the party deck are super narrow too; some idiot is always in your way.

We went to a show. Then did nothing. Then ate dinner. Their dinners drag on forever. It's 30+ mins to get a damn drink. It was 45 mins after food to get desert. It was like 1 hour 15m to get your damn food. The service is the worst compared to the Fantasy. They were on you right away. I guess you take their 3rd best boat and you get shit service. But they charged as much to ride the boat as the Fantasy.

The chicks are mostly ugly on the boat. There's only a few fat people vs. TONS on the Fantasy. The few decent "moms" all have tramp stamps or other stupid tattoos. So there's nothing much to look at, at the pools. Sad.

We saw a Ventriloquist act that was pretty decent. It was really funny. They do have one decent decorated area (Route 66).

Next we went back and I tried to watch "UPSIDE DOWN" Their screen kept saying it started at 11 p.m. but it seemed to start at 12 p.m. It was a pretty cool/interesting movie. I recommend it. It's a trip. I watched it another time a few days later because I ran out of movies.

The lamest part of the end of the day was losing an hour to the time change. It was suddenly 3 a.m. So it was a bitch to wake up. Luckily we only had to leave about 10:30.

Day 3 - Key West
Woke up way too early (10 a.m.) and got a little food. Then had to get with the herds to get off the ship. We had no set plan on Key West but I wanted to visit the Butterfly Conservatory and the Kermit's Key Lime Place. We tried to take a trolly but they wanted $90 for the adults. F that. We ended up with a $15 taxi ride, reasonable. We got to the Butterfly place. It was really cool, tons of beautiful butterflies. They even had some preserved for $30-$900. I really wanted a set for $495 but I'm not that rich. The butterflies would even land on you. At the end they had an area where the butterflies are turning from catepillars. The stop was totally worth it.

We then went to the south eastern est part of the United States and took a photo. M.Bacon was being horrible all day because she went to bed about 2 a.m. (and lost an hour at the time change).

We stopped at the Hemingway House but I didn't want to spend money to tour it, and I barely even know who he is and we had no time.

We then made it to the Kermit's Key Lime place after walking across the whole island. Took forever. One of our group stopped at Starbucks too. Yes let's pay all this money to go to Starbucks. The Key Lime place was awesome. I got key lime lemonade, shortbread, key lime on a stick, jelly beans. It was super cool. There was a key lime guy we got a photo with also.

I played a bunch of ingress on Key West. The town was all blue, which was cool. I powered up a bunch of portals and looted up. They were newbs mostly on the island so it was a big help to them to power up probably.

We were docked at a Navy Base so they had to shuttle us through it. They said if anyone took pictures they would take our cameras and keep them. My chick of course ignored that and still tried. I had to take my $400+ camera away from her.

I then got on the computer back at the ship and typed as fast as I could, posting my first write-up and some photos. As I'm adding photos to the gallery the boat is pulling away from shore and I barely got them posted.

Their pizza place is so horrible compared to the Fantasy Pizza place. Fantasy one had BBQ chicken. This one doesn't and the pizza tastes way crappier. Last time I had 32+ slices. this time 2. Also they really suck at how they run it. Every time you go up there there's 0 pizzas and a ton of people waiting. At the Fantasy one they always had pizzas ready. I think maybe this boat only has 1 oven or something while the other ones had way more.

Someone said they're taking this boat in January to upgrade it to improve things. So I feel extra crappy being on the aged boat. This is now the worst out of 4 ships. The Magic was updated and the Dream is only 2-3 years old, and the Fantasy is 1 year old. So this was the worst one to take. Their dinning rooms all kinda suck too. None of them do much of anything special. On the Fantasy 2 of them did something special. One had all these screens and Crush would talk to people in the audience. It's almost like traveling back to 1999 when this boat was something amazing beyond Royal Carribean and Carnival, but now it is just old and sad. Oh another thing, when we got back from Key West, the line to get back on the ship was horrible. It was worse than our 3 stops on the Fantasy for sure. It took forever to get back on.

One improvement is that there's a whole lot less fat people. The Fantasy was covered in lard asses. This one only has about 3-5 of them.

It's night 3 and the dining assistant lady just sucks at drinks. She doesn't even ask you what you want for like 15 mins. Then once she does bother to take your order, It's another 15-30 until she gives you the drink you ordered. Then she never refills. I was so tempted to rat her out to the head waiter cuz it's the worst service I see ANYWHERE I ever eat. She sucks at her job so bad. They say how much to tip, I almost want to give her LESS than what they say. She's horrible. I'm just getting so sick of the 2 hour dining experience. It lasts forever. Both our kids ditch way earlier and we're stuck another hour past when they leave. I really need to just leave my chick and her mom at the table and quit with the dining. At least we ditched the show tonight.

Every day is do all the things, then go to the show, then the 2 hour dinner. The show and the dinner eat up 4+ hours. There's not a whole lot of other things to do beside that on this ship. The Fantasy had a bunch of other things going on that this ship didn't. Let me whine some more.

Key West - I don't know what I thought of it. I swear we only got 4-5 hours on there. I needed some more time. That's the main thing that sucks about cruises. Just went you start to enjoy yourself, they make you get on the boat or get left. I enjoyed the Butterfly place and the Key Lime place. We spent about $35 at Kermit's Key Lime Shop.

After Dinner the kids went to the kids clubs and I went back to the room to write this and watch the Great Gasby. That movie is really weird. I like the style though. They were showing Lincoln in the main theater but I just can't bring myself to watch it. I really hate the Civil War Era. I don't like the war or what they had to fight with or the story of it all. I almost always skip any Civil War stuff except for the movie Glory or the History Channel Special about the Iron Clads.

The bed in our room is really nice though, it could be better than my one at home. They do freeze the f out of us with the air conditioning. We cannot figure out how to turn it down. I keep turning it down, then it's still freezing.


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