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Saturday, January 6th, 2018SUGGEST NEWS

The Metal Detecting Old Man
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 6th, 2018 @ 3:15PM

We went to Carlsbad, and a park, and it was one that I was hoping to metal detect a few years back but haven't. So we went there to do our two R/C items. But I see an old man metal detecting, and it was like he has NO idea what he was doing. I'm thinking maybe he knows something I don't know but...

He was just going around probing the ground with a screw driver. I see zero point of that. I only do that to help get an item out without damaging it. But he was just pushing it in the ground forever, again and again. WHY?

He had ALL the right gear. He had the metal detector I used to have. the AT Pro (upgraded to AT Max). He has the $127 waterproof pin pointer, that's better than mine.

He had a tiny crappy shove, not the good one that you really need though. So he went to shove, he was struggling. You need the $20 better shovel. Then his shoveling made no sense either. He was making a huge circle around the object. When I looked at how he was using his pin pointer, he didn't seem to know much how to use that either.

He seemed kinda weird, so I didn't go talk to him, but he seemed to have no idea what he's doing. I was wanting to just gear up and go over that area and see what I found. But I left my metal detector at home cuz it's $722. haha. I didn't want to bug him because for all I know he's found more treasure that I have cuz he's so careful hahah.


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