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Thursday, September 14th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Bad Luck Geoff™
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on September 14th, 2017 @ 12:39PM
  • Only thing I've fixed so far is my teeth. haha
  • Sunday, I was getting up and something happened with my back and it was the most pain I've felt since a Kidney Stone years ago. It hurt so damn bad. I used pain pills for 3 days. But now on day 4/5 it was finally feeling normal again. Geez. Muscle Spasm is about all I could find on the issue. I had tried to carry at 20-40 or whatever lb bag of kitty litter the length of the house.
  • My damn sliding door lock broke. $70+ to order new parts. Then discovered it would have been possible to get a screen door lock for only $7 that would have kept my cat alive from the coyotes 2-3 years ago. She died for $7. So lame. It was the best cat ever created. So loving, smart, well behaved and I can never get her back. :LKSDJG:LKJG
  1. Deviated Septum (nose problem). Surgery in October, 1 week out of work.
  2. Filling popped out. I was biting on a ring pop by mistake. haha. Now my front teeth look all fucked up.
  3. Stereo blew up. F-ing Onkyo. First thing thing literally caught on fire. I should have youtube posted that / media. I had them repair it, then it stopped working again. I can't even get anyone to recommend a replacement so I'll have to pick one myself I guess.
  4. Phone mic stopped working. No one can hear me when I call. haha.
  5. glasses broke and fall off. The problem with the replacement is that they want to hold your glasses a WEEK+ and I have to use contacts or sunglasses until I get them back which do not make things clear.
  6. Hurt my upper left arm. It hurts if I move my arm in certain directions. I keep putting this compression wrap on it, and it does ok but it's been 3-4 weeks now. I wonder if it will ever heal.

The only thing that still works is my CAR and Computer. I guess that's all that matters huh.


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