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Web Site Questions

Read this which explains this site.

How Can I Contact You?
Click on "Contact" in the top right of most pages. You can also click on "Nebuchadnezzar" on most news posts then click on the little email button or other contact options. If you want to contact some other poster, click on their name on the news post.

Can I Instant Message You?
I'm currently not using it.

Linking to this site
You can use this button to link to this site. Please copy the image to your web server.

Why do you ask a lot of questions?
I use this site to get expert advice or opinions on various things that I don't know a lot about. I like seeing what people think and I often pick based on the results. For some reason this really bugs some people but that's too bad. If I'm going to spend time on this site, I need to get something out of it.

Why don't you seem to know a lot about Computers?
I Only care about games and things that interest me such as TV, Cars, etc. I don't care about the latest computer technology or anything else not related to what I care about. For your info, while in college for my C.S. Degree, they never even covered any of the latest technology or O.S. and so on. It's all mostly theory. You pick up this stuff by a lot of reading and screwing around. I don't have time for that crap. I'm too busy playing games, screwing around. So I don't keep up. I let other people keep up and keep me informed when I ask their advice or get them to help me. A king doesn't need to know everything when he has pawns to do his will.

I tried to talk to you but you turned out to be a complete jerk!
If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that. If you msg me stupid stuff, or just blather on about nothing for no reason, that's what you're going to get. I'm not online to make friends. I'm not here to earn your respect. I'm not here to be nice to you. I make "internet" friends when common interests, games, whatever are shared. But it's nothing I try for. I have built a core group of "internet" friends over the years which we call "Kali Compton". To me it's all about YOU being nice to me in some way. And not in a kiss ass obvious way. What can you do for me? What have you done for me?

Why didn't you answer my mail message?
I get plenty of mail. I reply to what I feel like. Simple as that.

What's with these 2 word replys?
Why write a whole page when 2 will do! Early on I used to write nice big replies but then I decided why spend all that time emailing when I could do better things.

Do you realize you suck at spelling?

What do you use to create these pages?
The news is done with Aridin's engine. The rest of it is done with a simple unix text editor loved by all called "Vi". This editor is used on my web page server itself so whenever I edit and save a page, the results of my work can be seen instantly with no uploading. Because of that I normally edit a section a few times before I'm done with it. You may later reload the page to see something totally different.

Will you give me tips on my page?
No. Everytime that happens, I end up telling them everything is wrong and they think their page sucks, which it usually does. What do you care what I think of your page? Who am I to tell you how your page should look?

Will you link to my page?
Normally I don't link to people's pages unless they are pages that I read or that I feel my audience would be interested in reading. I don't like to put up a page full of links to all kinds of sites just to be nice because that doesn't help you out at all. You want to know what the quality links are and I feel by not linking to every page I'm doing that for you. Really either way you do it you piss people off and that really isn't my problem.

I have a page similar to yours about everything and nothing. Will you link to it?
No. There is only one true Everything and Nothing page, mine. As far as I'm concerned the others do not exist. That's great you enjoy doing a page like mine, but that doesn't mean I want any part of it.

Will you exchange links?
No! I don't need hits at my site. I've already got over 5,000,000 hits since 1997.

What do you use to create the graphics?
When I do make my crappy graphics, I use Photoshop 5. Most of the time I just beg for them on my page :) Credits on the Credit page. Warblade did most of the layout a year or so back. I have just about 0 graphics skills.

What's up with Text like the following?

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Text like the above is quoted text from mail I get about my page. It's them writing not me.

How can I help you?
You can donate money to help support this page through paypal. Ask me how. The contact me button is in the top right of most pages. You can also buy me DVDs that I want =] No I don't take bribes for work related items.

Who is Nebuchadnezzar or Nebu?
This is a nick I've been using since mid 1999. How do you pronounce it? Neb (like Jeb) U Kad Neh Zer (like certs). Why him? He was a power king of his domain as was the late great . He also struggled with doing good vs doing evil (as seen in the book of Daniel). Perfect match. History.

Why don't you add forums?
I already have to deal with enough forums via my work. There is no way I'm going to ever add forums on my site. I went from allowing no comments, to allowing much more comments via the comment system so that's at least something.

Who is Welcome to visit this site?
This site was primarily created for the Kali Compton membership. After that United States visitors. After that, Canadian visitors. People are welcome to visit this site from all over the world provided they are respectful to the United States and our leaders.

Login/Icon/Account Questions

Who Programmed/Built/Designed Your Web Site?
It's all by Aridin.

I made a comment but it didn't show up after I posted!
Your posts must be approved by me before they appear on the site. Many posts are deleted and never show up on my site.

What do the Icons Mean?
Look here.

I saw an Icon/Level That isn't on the above list?
I can assign people specific icons and names when I feel like it. Don't ask me to do that for you because I won't =]

Why was I banned/muted?
Because you pissed me off in your comments.

Why do we have to login to do certain things?
I don't know, that's how Aridin did it. Mostly to prevent abuse and to give you special personal features. It's ok. Once you log in it keeps you logged in for a long time.

How do I get a custom icon?
I only give that to very special people, so don't ask.

Why was I flagged as a Hippy, Lamer, etc?
You did something to piss me off. Usually I flag people as lamers if they say "LOL" or "ROFL" or other "lame" internet slang. Face it, you're a lamer. Hippys are flagged as such when they make overly Liberal/Democrat responses.

The Issues

How do you feel about certain issues?

Do you Drink?
It's kinda funny that my whole senior class started drinking our senior year and everyone that did (it was a private school) all ended up college dropouts if they even went. Most of them are working at lame ass jobs like McDonalds. They look like complete stoners or old bags. Drinking possibly the cause? I ask all my friends who drink why? Then I ask them why should I drink? Give me one good reason why I should drink. None of them have ever came up with a good reason. When I was little my dad used to run a stop smoking/drinking seminar. I got to see all thoes funny videos of dried up prunes, and people with holes in their necks cuz they drank or smoked. After seeing all that I've have had no desire to even taste it. I've never tasted, it, never will. If you do that's fine you're choice. But I'm going to die of bad eating not drinking :)

Do you smoke?
No, why would I light a stick and suck on it? Seems pretty illogical to me. It also screws you up. Most people who smoke either know it's bad and don't care, or want to quit yet never get around to it. Believe me it's worth it to yourself and others to knock the habbit or at least be considerate of other people around you who don't want to be near that crap.

Die hard Republican. I don't hide it unlike the liberal media. You know where I stand. You know what side I'm on. Rush Limbaugh is my greatest Republican hero. Don't believe the media liberal attacks on him (he's fat!), he's not even fat anymore so they have nothing to bash him on except to say "oh he's stupid". The Truth Hurts and Rush delivers up the truth.

Internet People?
Internet people are not real people to me unless I have met them. You are not real unless I've met you in person. They are a bunch of 1s and 0s to me and therefor I care little about them. But that changes if I actually meet and know the people I see online. But most internet people are not worthy of being met. Because I don't care about internet people (since they aren't real) I have little feelings for them and care little in return about their feelings and reactions to me in most cases.

Personal Questions

Why are you such an egotistical A hole?
Because I can and no one can do anything about it. I'm much nicer in real life unless I don't like you.

I graduated from a private Christian college with a B.S. In Computer Science in 1997.

4.0 in H.S. for the majority (except first quarter). I was Validictorian by record but thanks to Affirmative Actions and a Crooked Principal, I got 2nd to a girl who only did 3 years and didn't take any hard classes (while I took everything that was offered). In college I only got like 3.6 or 3.5 or so because I didn't care, I was too busy playing games.


What are you like in real life?
I'm actually a shy guy who usually avoids personal conflict =] I'm very nice and sweet with strangers but with my friends, by myself, I'm evil! I have a pretty crappy memory so I write a lot of stuff down.

Matrial Status?

*I want to pay off my annoying College Loans. Only $5k to go.
*I want a house but with plenty of room around me so that neighbors aren't that near so I can actually listen to my Stereo with a high volume. That will probably never happen in California unless I get a different job or a lot more money, or drive a LONG way to work, or get married. I want a way to block aholes that are not invited from coming to my door such as a gate or a fence or something.
*I want to be able to afford eating Pizza once a week or more.
*I want to live on an island in the pacific! That will never happen though. I want to still have a fast internet connection =)
*I would like to own a boat but I don't see that happening unless I get a house =)
*I want to be able to someday go back to having a game page where I rip on all kinds of games that suck.
*Wife, Family, Kids God willing

Can I see your picture?
There are pictures of me out there. Hopefully originals and non-edited.

The sad fact is that we live in a society where impressions are all dependant on how people look and if you're not a super model people rip on how you look and it doesn't feel like a safe environment, especially when most readers are young kids looking for a way to "get me". I've always had a high hairline like Bruce Willis. Maybe I will go bald and that's not a crime and it doens't make me any less than anyone else. People talk so much s*#t on people who go bald. I know I did it myself for years but then one day you may wake up and realize that people get old and lose their hair and their hair turns grey and that's how live is and doesn't matter. I do have big ears but it's funny that people mention going bald over the ears. I have had plenty of hot chicks think I am "cute". My hair is grey on both sides. That's what happens when you get older. I am also not that tall at 5'8 or 5'9 which I believe is caused by inferior Canadian genes.

Myspace Page?

What Kinda Computer do you have?

  • ABUS A8N-SLI - Socket 939 - Support
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01 GHz
  • DVD Burner: Plextor PX0716A
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX
  • Maxtor 6Y080L0
  • WDC WD2500SB-01KBA0
  • Monitor: Viewsonic G220fb 22 Inch
  • Monitor: Viewsonic PS790 19 Inch ($550)
  • Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical
  • Logitech G15 Keyboard
  • Logitech THX Speakers
  • Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse & Keyboard
  • Motorola Surfboard SB4100 (6/01 $155)
  • Marvell Yukon PCI Gigabit Ethernet
  • HP Photosmart 2600 Printer

    What is your religion?
    Find out more here.


    I was really active until my Senior Year in High School (1993). After I got a car, and especially after I got a computer in 1994, I stopped being active. I did walk around a lot up until 1997 because my college campuses were so spread out.

    Birth - 1997
    -BMX - Lots and lots up until age 14. I could never do any fancy tricks but I could jump off big jumps
    -Body Boarding - Lots
    -Surfing - 1 time, I sucked
    -Roller Skating - I was pretty good I think. I could never skate backwards though
    -Skateboarding - I got a HUGE heavy board that couldn't turn much. Because my board sucked I never got into it much.
    -Scooters - We had these Scooters with mini BMX bike tires on them. Today people go razors but back then we had dirt bike tires on them.
    -Rock Climbing - I did no equipment rock climbing in Joshua Tree several times. I like that.
    -Rock Repelling - Love that!
    -Tobbin' - I did this sport where a boat pulls this inner tube on a rope. It was lots of fun
    -Skurfin' - It's this Surf-like board that is pulled behind a boat. I could never stand up so I sucked.
    -Wind Surfing - Tried it at Lake Havasu, didn't do very good at it
    -Ice Skating - I could do it pretty well (Canadian) but couldn't skate backwards.
    -Skiing - I've got like 10-15 times. I'm decent but nothing special.
    -Tons of Swimming.
    -Badminton - Only "sport" I was good at
    -Running Hockey - Pretty decent. This was before Rollar Blades
    -Soccer - I think I was pretty decent
    -Basketball - Suck, tire out too early running the court
    -Football - Suck
    -Knee Boarding - LOVE THAT! I only went 2 times. I don't know anyone with a boat =[
    -Water Skiing - I did it ok but I thought it was boring

    -Tried Running, don't like it much
    -Trying to learn Rollar Blading
    -Trying to relearn Skating
    -Go Body Boarding sometimes
    -Things I'd like to do again: Snowboarding, Bodybording, Kneeboarding/Toobin', Rock Climbing.