Star Trek

Star Trek is the mother of all shows. My dad used to watch this all the time,but I couldn't stand it. Those annoying bridge sounds made me crazy. Once I started watching it, man that show rocked. It's must see. The show is pretty funny and you can see where the later Star Trek shows ripped off all their stuff.

A book I really like about this show is "The Star Trek Compendium" It's a showby show guide and if you record it or collect it or watch it, it's a must have. The author is Allan Asherman.

Other cool books are William Shatner's Books Star Trek and Star Trek Movie memories.Both were very addicting. I figured they would suck, but man I couldn't put them down. I haven't read any of the other cast's books.

Babylon 5(B5)

It's kinda strange that one of the best sci-fi shows ever, doesn't seem to have the wide range of fans as lesser shows such as Star Trek. Besides Battle StarGalactica and Buck Rogers, it's the best thing out there. I even believe it's better than ST:TNG.

When the show first premiered, I hated it. The first episode was so bad, it sucked the computer stuff was really bad. I totally wrote it off, I didn't think it would last another show, yet alone over 5 years. About a year or solater, during my Sophomore year at College at Pacific Union College in the NapaValley, CA some of the computer dorks in my hall kept talking about b5. (Thiswas before I was a computer geek, I was a pilot geek :) They kept trying toget me to watch it or to let them watch it on my VCR but I wouldn't go for it.They were such fools in every other respect, them and their Dungeons & Dragons,and 24/7 Weird Al, so I figured this was another in a long line of superdork things.

My 3rd year of College, Warp got me watching B5 after only a few shows, man I loved it. This wasn't the piece of crap show the premier was. It was good. It had a totally awesome story, great cast, and plenty of action. I've been hooked ever since. This show totally wastes Star Trek Voyager and Ds9 for sure. It gives the things I want, Action, great cast, (I don't hate them all like I do DS9, I want that thing to go into the worm hole with all the crew aboard) and STORY. Star Trek has never had much of a story. STNG had a little, but over all it's pretty damn lacking. They have recently tried to put a story to the show, but they suck so bad, it's nothinglike B5.

Battlestar Galactica

That show was freaking' awesome. Unlike most of the other sci-fic shows, this had what you want, action. If you watch it now as opposed to being a kid like most of us were at the time, you will notice a lot of the combat was about 5 scenes repeated but who cares. It was the most space action at the time other than Buck Rogers.The story of Battlestar Galactica was a group of people in another galaxy or whatever searching for earth. They were persued by a bunch of robots called cylons lead by Baltar a human traitor. Everyone hated him :) It ran from Sept 1978-about May 1980. There was really only about 20-25 episodes unfortunately. They ran them on TV all the time until about 89' or 90. The same guy (Glen Larson) who made this show also made the Six million dollar man, B.J. and the bear, Sheriff Lobo, Buck Rogers, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider and many more. He was awesome.

Buck Rogers

This ran September 20, 1979 - April 16, 1981. There was 37 episodes, it only ran 2 seasons. The show starred Gil Gerard and Erin Gray, the chick from Silver Spoons. This show was as good or better than BattleStar Galactica. It was made by the same guy. There are about 10 episodes available on video, meaning i'm on the lookout for all the ones I'm missing.

Lost in Space(Sci-Fi)

This was a pretty hoaky show. USA used to run it in the morning for a few years about 89-92 or so. It was pretty entertaing. The idea for the show was a space family robinson. It starred the guy who played Zorro. The show had that famous robot that they ripped offa the movie Forbidden planet. Danger Dangerwill robinson. They are making a movie to rip this show off in 98' It was kindainteresting some of the stuff they used for props. I seem to remember some giantbeach balls that were supposed to be mines. A pretty decent show, I'd might start watchingit again.

Check fortimes.

Space: Above and Beyond(Sci-Fi)

No one watched that show at all. I think Greg (Warp) and I were the only ones. This was really a decent show but no one gave it a chance. Now it's gone :( I was really hoping the Sci-Fi channel would revive it like they did Sliders but I don't think it's going to happen. I'm still hoping tho. This show is like Poormans Starship Troopers. I'm attempting to record them. Watch it, tell Sci-Fi you want it back!

Episode Guide

The Sci-Fi channel is re-running this show every Sunday. Check fortimes.

Twilight Zone(Sci-Fi and most small stations)

Yeah baby, that show rocked. I have about 8 tapes full of episodes. Just about everyone starred in a Twilight episode. The movie and the "new" twilight zone kinda blew. You can usually find these re-runned. My favorite episode is the one with the guy who liked to read who survived a nuke, then broke his glasses.

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Quantum Leap(Sci-Fi and USA?)

Man that show was awesome. A guy who could travel in his own liftime. The idea had been tried before but never was it carried off so well. This show was hot, it went on for years. Both Scott Backula and Dean Stockwell were great guys that made the show worth watching. This show is definitely worth it, you can find it on Sci-fi and USA.

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