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Have you ever see those home school kids that never got to watch tv or people who don't watch tv in general? Usually they are much smarter than we are (cuz TV dumbs us down) but they don't seem to have any ability to socialize with other people. That's where TV comes in! TV lets us to go places we can't go in real life, be a part of people's (TV Peoples) lives. TV at it's best makes you identify and care about the characters and feel apart of their universe.T he shows you hate you often hate because you care nothing aobut the characters or where they are going within the series.

The shows I like the best you will notice are often shows with continuality. I hate those shows that tell a story in 45 mins, and that's the end of it. You never hear about it again and it's like it never happened. You can miss that episode and miss nothing. I like series that start off and are on a way to tell a story, with each episode building on each other giving you a greater understanding of the series and characters. I think that's why I hate Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space 9. While there is supposed to be a story to it, it takes so many episodes to connect them together that I loose interest. The same with X-Files.

One of my favorite shows was Dream On, on HBO, it was about a guy who had watched so much tv, he had a little clip for just about every situation. That's how it is with me. I can turn just about anything into some movie or TV show I've seen.

I started watching TV in 1980. The first things I remember watching was Chips, Battle Star Galatcia and Buck Rogers, and I seem to remember Smokey and the Bandit and some Bond movies.

I didn't have a VCR till 1992! I had to go through 2 years of H.S. with people making jokes about how I didn't have a VCR. "Let's go over to 's house and watch a movie, OH we can't!" I showed them, I saved up for a whole year and bought the best VCR ever. The Sony SLV-585HF. It was $600! It was during the time where HiFi VCRs were new. I bought 2 new Sony VRCs they still aren't as good. Since 92' I've been taping like a mo fo. My first two years of college we had no TV reception at all so I relied on my tapes to get me through it. In my 4 years of college everyone always considered my room the Video store. Now I have 250-300 tapes, including about 50-70 bought titles.

On these pages you will find what I think are good shows. They may or may not appeal to you.

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