Here is my list of favorite channels

History Channel
If I could pick one channel to have, this would be it. I find nearly all of the shows exciting except those about the Civil War. I love WWII, and this thing sure has a lot of interesting shows about that. Also they have all kinds of other neat things on the side. My only complaints are that they only have a few commercials (you see them a b illion times), and they often rerun the same thing often. But rerunning shows is ok if you missed them.

Fox News Channel
Finally a news channel that tells us the truth, that isn't totally jadded toward the liberal side. The liberals would have you believe it's a conservative channel but any channel that tells both sides of the story, is conservative to liberals.

Nick at Night
When you're hurting for something to watch, N@N has plenty of old good shows to watch. Shows that you may have been not even born when they were around. Quality classics. Sure there's some crap in there but there's some good stuff here and there too.

Sci Fi Channel
Good stuff on there here and there.

Comedy Central
South Park and movies on sometimes.

TV Main