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There are a lot of Cartoons we older guys grew up with such as Mask, G.I.Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra, Voltron, Battle of the Planets, Tranzor Z, Superfriends, and some others but only a few of them I think you can go watch again. Most of them just seem chessy now that we're older. But there are some that survived and those I think you can still watch.

As for the "new" stuff such as Jap animation, there is a lot of stuff that most everyone else likes but I don't like, I think so far I only like Macross Plus, although I'm sure I'd like Gatchaman if I could get a hold of it. There's a lot of japanimation out there and much of it looks great but I've yet to find anything I was willing to watch twice other than Macross plus. I didn't really like Dragonball Z, Sailormoon, Neogenisis, or any of that other more popular junk. I hate Ghost in the Shell.

Robotech took 3 separate Jap stories and put them together to make a series. If you watch the originals on the Robotech "Perfect" collection, I think they are crappier than the American versions. That's one of the few if only times that America got the better versions of the conversion.

Robotech was the best cartoon series on TV and my favorite SCI-FI series of the whole bunch. There are 85 episodes, and they were released on 40 tapes, but you can only really get them through Ebay. To really get the whole story you have to read all the books, and even better, get the Comics especially the Robotech: The Sentinels Books 1-4, and The Malcontent Uprisings, and a few other specials. Once you put it all together, the Robotech Story is awesome. My second choice would be Babylon 5 with Buck Rogers/Battle Star Galatica in 3rd. Eventually we get to Star Wars but 3 movies doesn't really tell the story. I doubt they can tell enough with 6 either.

Mysterious Cities of Gold
A strange teamup of the French and Jap animation people, Mysteries Cities of Gold was the story about some kids on their way to find the cities of Gold. I tried to get Skullder to watch these, but he wouldn't even give it a chance. I think what's great about this series is that it is about adventures in the 1500s off to the new world looking for gold. No other Cartoon out there was like this. ALso the stories all build on each other to tell the whole story. They find aztec ruins and traps, and treasure. I think it's really great. It used to run on Nick, but I think you'll have a hard time finding it.

Real Audio Versions. You may get to see some of them at this site.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Macross Plus
If you're a robotech Fan, you should really check this out. It's out on VHS and DVD. The music is incredible, I had to buy a bunch of cds. The animation is so high quality and it has a decent story to it. Must See/Own.

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