30 Minute Shows


Who doesn't like this show. This show appeals to people of all ages. It's one of the greatest most original and funny shows ever to see TV and the funny thing is the show is about nothing much like my page :) All the stars are great and lovable and the situations and dialog is so far above what's on tv now or has ever been on TV before. It's TV at it's greatest and it keeps getting better. What's so great about this show is they are able to connect with people of all types, ages and they offer a continuing story of sorts. I find myself talking about episodes like the stuff is real life. Hey remember when George did this?? :) If you've missed shows in the past, most of the country is running re-runs of this show now and that has allowed me to catch up on the first few years I missed.This show would surely be worth recording.

Dream On(HBO)

Dream on is probably my all time favorite show. If you saw it on FOX, you didn't see it. They edited it to hell. Dream on was so funny and on top of that, it offered plenty of nudity. Plenty of Boobies for everyone. I don't think there could be a better show. I think I even like it more than seinfeld. I've got about three 6 hour tapes of this (no comercials)but I'm sure I'm missing a ton..


You had to love that show. I avoided it for quite a while. Then I got my first TV and started watching it. TV was black and white. Then I moved up to color and it was amazing how much better color Cheers was. I think I've seen most episodes but I'm sure I missed a few. Definitely worth watching.


I avoided that one for a while too but then it came on after cheers. I watched a few and I was hooked. That show was pretty funny. I think it's the same people that made cheers. You can find this on Nick At Nite I believe.

Donna Reed(Off the Air)

This was a great oldie. It was way better than any other similar show. Donna Reed was fire trucking awesome. She was hot too :) A couple ofyears back, Nick @ Nite pulled Donna Reed, and made a big deal about it. Hopefully it will return someday.

I Dream of Jeanie

Something made me watch that show. Looking back I go hmmmm. I guess it was good :)


You always knew this was better than Jeanie. Sam was fine. Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) died on May 18, 1995, at age 62, from cancer.

Get Smart(TV Land)

A secret agent comedy. That show rules.

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