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Season 6
Season 7 Spoilers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/24_(season_7)

What's New

  • Another 2 years have gone by.
  • 900 people killed in Terrorist Bombins, Islamic Militants
  • We learn, never take the public bus.
  • New Char: Tom Lenox, Nadia (muslim), Sandra Palmer, Doyal (Rick Schroeder)
  • Karen promoted to National Security Advisor
  • Wayne Palmer promoted to President.
  • Milo is back
  • Chloe has a new hairstyle
Plot - Suicide bombings. US sets up detention facilities. Nuke goes off in CA. Finding the remaining nukes. Assassination attempt on Palmer. Palmer holding on to his office. Jack trying to rescue Audrey. Chasing down the circuit board vs. the Chinese/Jack/Russians.
CTU Phone Rings: 55
  • family with terrorist neighbors. White rednecks who go door to door telling the Muslims to get out?
  • Morris is the only one to reprogram the bomb?
  • Jack & Dad outthink the two guys going to kill them? In the rest of the shows, the guys just shoot, and don't drag them to some pit...
  • Guy working for terrorists has an autistic bro. And that guy is the one who gets the files. roflmao. Jack uses the austic kid to do an exchange with a terrorist. haha. That has to be against some rules.

Guest Stars: Raj from Harold & Kumar, white hick is the guy from Jericho (killed), Daniel Jackson from Stargate.
Torture: Jack, Fyed's Man (Jack tortures him)
Action: 2 Cobras attacking somewhere, Jack boots the terrorist out the door
Deaths: earlier 900, Baltimore 200, 112 St Louis, 12,000 in Valencia, 12 first responders to drone nuke crash. Over 13k deaths.
Major Deaths: Curtis, Grant Bauer (Jack's Bro), Milo (comes back from Season 1, just to die)
Bad Guys: Grant Bauer, Dad Bauer, Muslims, Abu Fayed.
CTU vs. CTU: Jack vs. Mike Doyle, Jack vs. everyone on chip/Audrey.
  • CTU Invaded by Chinese.

    Random Comments

  • Jack kills a guy by biting him in the neck
  • Stupid dad delivers a bomb part to save his family but they get nuked anyway. roflmao.
  • Why wouldn't the dumb dad just call the cops like most other people would.
  • Stupid chick Marilyn shoulda told Jack about the setup.
  • Anytime a non field agent goes out on a SAFE something, they always get caught and have to fight (Chole, Milo)
  • Notice on 24, everyone remembers everything. I can't remember anything. No one is ever like, I forgot, and I can't remember...
  • For once in TV history, someone decides NOT to drink instead of drink and hide it. That's so standard, this was revolutionary just because they didn't do it.
  • Logan, house arrest for 1 year.
  • a nuke lands vi a drone, a bunch of cops/fire fighters move in, without radiation gear and are hosed. They should have been instructed to wait for hazmat. If Jack was a better drone pilot, he woulda landed better and the responders woulda been ok. So his shitty piloting, cost 12 lives. Also they shoulda crashed it into the bay IMO.
  • Why do the bad guys always get away when surrounded.
  • CTU HQ guards get white uniforms back. Die in mass when invaded.
  • For once, people won't excuse Jack not following orders but he's saved when CTU is invaded.
  • Jack's Crimes (all seasons), Carjacks someone, holds up a bank, holds up a convenience store, takes the president hostage, knocks out/beats up tons of fellow agents, breaks every rule, hijacks a plane, knocks out the wrong passenger on the plane. Tortures tons of people.
  • It's easy to think you have all of the answers when you're on the sidelines. But when you are sitting in that chair. Everything changes.
  • Agent Doyle blinded in one if not two eyes.
  • I don't know if you've noticed but Jack always takes a little euro bag around with all his weapons and stuff in it. I have one of those too and people have said it's gay. But it's not too gay for Jack! Of course mine isn't full of guns/grenades/etc.
  • Chloe preggers, I forgot all about that.

    Season 5
    What's New?

    • It's been 18 months
    • Jack has been working as an oil worker (Frank)
    • New Characters: Martha, Karen Hayes, Morris O'brian (Chloe's ex)
    • Guest Stars: Lynn McGuille (Sean Austin), Kim Baur, English guy from Lost.
    • This season was set up really well, the previous season was leading up to this one very nicely.
    • After Jack died, Chase left Kim.

    Plot: Framing Jack for Assassination of Palmer, Michelle, Tony (fail), Chloe (fail). Bombing at airport. Takeover of airport. Terrorists stole weaponised nerve gas from airport. Year and 1/2 ago Palmer called and said someone within Logan's Admin was targeting him. Gas used at Mall. Search for the gas. Attack on Russian Presidents Motorcade. Catching who is responsible, President Logan. It's all about Oil in Asia. Attempted Assassination of Secretary Heller. Russian Sub captured with nerv gas.
    CTU/Gov vs. Jack: They hunt him for assassination, Chloe works with Jack within CTU.
    Bad Guys: Government, James Nathanson. Jack's Bro,
    Dirty CTU: Spenser Wolf lets guy into CTU. 18 times accessed data at level 5 when he's level 3.

    CTU Rings: 50
    Dirty Gov: Security Chief Cummins rats out Jack and CTU stuff to Terrorists. Recruits Spenser Wolf. Ex CTU leader Christopher Henderson.
    Gov F-ups: Lynn is used for his position. Looses keycard. Should have alerted CTU. How did he get back inside without his ID? Near Gov F-ups: Lynn saves CTU from going in bad in the airport assault.
    CTU vs. CTU: Audrey/Chloe/Jack vs. Lynn
    CTU vs. Homeland: Jack&Choloe vs. Karen/someguy CTU/Homeland (Karen/Bill/Chloe) vs. Homeland (Miles)
    Gov. vs. Gov - President vs. Secret Service/motorcade. CTU Compromised/Invaded - Yet again, double agent + physical invasion.
    Major Deaths: Palmer, Michelle, Edgar. So sad. :(, 56 of CTU agents killed at LA, Lynn McGuille saves CTU and dies to gas. All the people in the sub. Two CTU escort vans.
    Office Drama: Sherry vs. Miles Homeland Guy
    Awesome Action: Police vs. Dirty Gov then Army comes in...Landing of plane vs Jet tracking it.
    • Aaron SS agent happens to find Wayne Palmer in the forest, saves him from an assault team that was OUTSIDE palmer when he crashed.
    • Somehow Henderson escapes CTU? Wouldn't that place be surrounded, especially since nerv gas was released there.
    • Miles offering to destroy the recording before Logan killed himself was totally bs. IMO. He times it perfectly?
    I've noticed they always have some lame teen in every season. First it was Kim but then they found new ones to replace them. Kim -> Kim -> Kim -> Baruz (terrorist kid), Jack's GF's kid, and finally Jack's bro's kid.

    Things work way too well for CTU. People are able to do things very quickly, and very little screwups. I can't imagine it works that way in real life. Typically the things that usually go wrong are: suspects killed, suspects get away.

    • Jack gets his ribs broken.
    • Lyn's dumb sister is killed. She was a crackhead lowlife anyway.
    • Kim shows up and of course she gets in trouble. That's what Kim does. Nothing ever works out for her. She does look way better with longer hair vs. today.
    • Dirty president logan talks about how the price of oil is going to go up to $100 a barrel and people won't be able to afford to heat homes or drive cars. What's funny, since then, it's gone up past that
    • They got this new cheesy action song going in the background. Sounds like generic James bond or something.
    • No one usually has Cellphone probs except at times where it fits the plot.
    • only Jack Baur can, Hold up a Convenience Store, Rob a Bank, HIjack a Plane
    • With the importance of that recording, Jack shoulda escorted it by like 5 guards the entire time.
    • 2 entire CTU escort trucks taken out.
    • Curtis got shot
    • Jack gets hit with a wrench two times and keeps going?
    Great Wiki on 24

    Season 4
    What's New?

    • Oh Chole is a power CTU agent now. She looks hotter too.
    • Erin Driscol is now the CTU leader. She fired Jack for being an ex-junkie. Jack has a new lady, Audry. Jack works for Secretary of Defense Heller now.
    • Kim and Chase got a house. Chase working for a priv security company. Kim taking care of kid.
    • President is now Keeler
    • Jack been out of action for 1 1/2 years
    • Michelle left Tony, Palmer/Jack got Tony out of Federal Prison
    Plot: Terrorists bomb a train, then capture Secretary of Defense. Jack has to rescue him. Terrorist broadcast Heller's torture on internet. Plan to overload all the nuke reactors. Defense contractor tries to cover up potential business ruining issue. Company launches EMP. Assassination on President Keeler using a stolen Stealth Fighter. Plot to steal nuclear football. Used nuke football to steal a nuke from convoy.
    Drama: Heller and his kid (hippy) protesting him. First season without Kim.
    New Chars: New leader of CTU: Erin Driscol. New employees: Edgar, Curtis. Bill Buchanan from District (from Space Above & Beyond), Vice President: Charles Logan.
    CTU Phone Rings: 109. They almost always do only 1-2 rings in a transition change to CTU HQ. If a call is going to come at an akward time, then it's going to ring more until they pick up. I don't track a few other non standard rings they have.
    Lame: terrorist kid & white girl substory, arab guy gets in fight with 3 guys about honking. CISCO is named as defending the network from denial of service attack. Also they use Cisco phones. Chloe points out she's going to look up something on the IP phone (which is Cisco).

    CTU vs. CTU: Jack fights his way in (knocks out guard) to interrogate a guard. Cholie and Jack work against the MAN.
    Jack vs. Gov - President Logan wants him arrested for ignoring his order.
    Dirty CTU: Mary-Ann Tayor
    Torture: Jack shoots a suspect in CTU, Terrorist torturing Melanie (hacker kid's friend), Secretary Heller tortured by terrorists. SOD's Kid (Richard Heller) Tortured. Baruz (terrorist kid) tortured by CTU. Joe Prado tortured by Jack. Marwan shot by Jack in the Leg.
    Deaths: 5 Secret Service Agents, Roney Labell (CTU), CTU Field Ops Leader.
    Civilians: People on train (40), People near nuke plant.
    Gov F-ups: Erin Driscol gives the internet hacking to FBI. Ronny tries to take down suspect instead of following him. President Logan sends SS to go in early and grab Jack which blew the mission.
    Dirty Gov: Security Chief Cummins to Logan plans to murder Jack.
    Office Drama: Curtis & Mary-Ann Tayor (chick he slept with). She blackmails them all into letting her work there. Michelle & Bill Buchanan? Tony & Michelle (& gf).
    Family Drama: Erin Driscol has a crazy daughter named Maya. Abuse of power, Driscol uses gov resources to take care of her sister and on the clock too. I guess if you want top people, you have to accept those types of abuses huh. Omg Heller's son is gay! haha.
    Awesome Action: 2 Marine Choppers + marines invade compound.
    Sad but Corney/Fake: Edgar's mom trapped in the nuke area. Maya commits suicide.
    Cheese: Camping family finds football from Airforce 1? Come on.

    • Jack comes into CTU and starts taking over. haha. He blackmails Driscol into letting him work there.
    • Security guards have red shirts now!
    • Year after year they never learn, let Jack do whatever he wants. He gets results.
    • Terrorist kid trusted to take some case. Why did he need to do it? For TV value IMO.
    • Debbie is hot
    • CTU has new video phones!
    • I love how those CTU trucks have slide out weapon drawers. Awesome.
    • Funny, Jack robs the store to hold the terrorist longer
    • Jack gets to snipe some people
    • Why are the CTU coworkers always so noisy
    • Jack gets cornered, arrested by 4 Sheriff Cars. Driscol saves him.
    • Jack is pretty rude. He doesn't even say thanks for bringing my truck or sorry for the trouble. haha.
    • Ever notice they kill key suspects a lot? The first thing they should do is slap some armor on them.
    • Poor CTU agent gets mistakenly tortured, then back to work. That happened last time. Our bad! Hey uh we need that file now, can you make it snappy?
    • The CTU backup teams almost always get killed. It would suck to be the backup teams. haha.
    • Jack and Curtis are looking for a terrorist in an office. They start to go after one guy who is suspicious but he's just playing SOLITAIRE on his computer, hilarious.
    • I like how the president is lower key in this season vs. last season.
    • That's funny, I totally forgot about Chloe after she disappears for a long time.. Michelle is like, hey where's Chloe. Oh yeah.
    • Jack captured by terrorists. I wonder how many times that has happened.
    • How does a guy in a jeep get away like that? They can use thermal sats to find him. The main terrorist guy got away three times or more in situations where he should have been surrounded. He's captured finally, then gets away for like time 4? haha.
    • I like how they bring back Mike, Palmer, Michelle, Tony.
    • Chloe kills some dude
    • Jack pisses off the Chinese by going in and stealing a suspect out of their embassy.
    • Ouch, Jack gets his hand cut
    • The CTU agent just gives up the info without even being tortured.

    Season 3
    What's new: 3 years later, Michelle/Tony married, Palmer survived the attack, Kate Warner & Jack were together and broke up. CTU ruined the relationship. Sad. She ruled. Palmer arrested men behind the attempt on his life, exposed his organization and put a stop to it as well. Jack addicted to drugs because he got in with a drug lord. Palmer has a new white gf!
    Plot: Jack worked 1 year to take down a drug lord. Virus out there that is used to terrorize. Jack and Tony set up secret plan to get the virus by tricking the drug lords into buying them. Guy hold's US Gov hostage, threatening to release virus unless they do what he says. He releases it in a hotel with 11 more possible releases upcoming. Steven Saunders (British Intellgence loaned him to CTU do the mission to kill Drazen (season 2). Jack was the only one to get out. Only Saunders escaped and wants revenge. US/Jack left him behind.
    Season Flow: Palmer and the bs at the gov. Jack vs. Salazar bros. Transitions into Jack vs. Steven Saunders and Virus release.
    CTU Compromised: Nina Escapes, kills shitload of people.
    Gov: Palmer's gf had some prob with her ex about some scandal. Wayne had an affair. Sharie and Julia let old black guy die not giving him his heart Medicine.
    Bad Guys: Salazar Bros, Steven Saunders (British Intellgence loaned him to CTU do the mission to kill Drazen (season 2). Jack was the only one to get out. Only Saunders escaped and wants revenge.

    New Chars: CTU (Cyler), Chloe O'Brian, Wayne Palmer (David Palmer's bro), Chase Edmands (Jack's Partner, CTU, Kim's bf)
    Dirty CTU: None this season?
    Guest Stars: Dad from Unhappily Ever After, Julia (girl from Firefly, Buffy, more), Tom from Desperate Housewives (husband of cancer girl), Daniel Dae Kim from Lost (CTU assault team)
    Office Drama: Chloe vs. Adam, Adam vs. Kim, Baby in CTU!
    Love/Family Drama: Kim vs. Jack, Kim + Chase, Cloey Lost her babysitter, Chase has a kid that no one knew about.
    Affairs: Julia/Wayne
    Torture Updates: Nina Tortured, Chase Tortured. Low on torture this season.
    CTU Phone Rings: 59. I counted them this time. I'll keep a counter for next seasons.
    CTU vs. CTU Jack breaks out Salazar vs. CTU. They later forgive him. They hold Michelle Hostage and Tony is forced to let the terrorist go vs. Jack. Tony locks up Chloie. Tony sneaks out of CTU.
    Gov vs. Gov - Scandal about Palmer's GF. Alan Milligan was driving a car that killed some guy's daughter. Palmer lies to police chief about Sherry's whereabouts in an investigation.
    Big Deaths: Guyelle (CTU), Nina (former CTU), bunch of people at CTU, Ryan Chappelle killed by Jack. Sherry killed by Julia and then she shot herself.
    Major Civ Deaths: People at Hotel (800+)
    Awesome Action: 2 Jets take out a chopper
    Bomb Difusual: 1, but it doesn't work.

    We're to believe Kim is smart now an elite hacker. I'd guess most hackers grew up that way, didn't get it in 3 years. They have an intro scene to make us believe it. After that massive Kim bs section in 24 season 2, and previously in season 1, we see the Kim bs drastically go down in season 3 haha. They finally learned. She probably talked to her agent and said boy i'm the dumbest chick alive. I'm only coming back to season 3 if I get a clue. And she is transformed into a regular agent at CTU.

    • Kim nearly gets killed by Nina, won't fire on her.
    • Kim nearly gets killed by guy guarding Saunder's daughter
    Random Comments/Updates
    • Hecktor and his men shoot at his gf and the truck. Then he's sad when she's dead. Don't shoot at your gf dumbass.
    • Ever notice that CTU/Gov always lets people escape ALOT to keep the show going. I'll start tracking that per season too.
    • Kim doesn't want to take care of Cholie's baby, yet she was a nanny last season?
    • Nina has sex with dude who had HIV!
    • Nina finally killed by Jack
    • Michelle had to shoot a guy trying to escape a virus quarantined hotel
    • By the end of the third season a ton of CTU guards (white shirts) have died or got beaten up. By that point if I were them I'd issue a memo from them, saying, hey like 50 of us have been killed. It's time to wear helmets and flak jackets and not stop and talk on our radios when someone is escaping.
    • President is forced to say "sky is falling" by Steven S.
    • MI6 LA Attacked with Helicopter
    • Steven S wants Ryan Chappelle killed and his body delivered to a train yard.
    • Michelle happened to get immunity to the virus (bs)
    • Why doesn't Tony trust Jack to tell him about Michelle.
    • Chase is a tard because he straps that thing to his arm. Then oh no, we have to cut it!
    • Jack actually cries..

    Moral Questions

    • Should Jack lie about when he started using drugs?
    • Should President Palmer help Sherrie lie about the death of that old black dude
    • Tony trying to save Michelle after she goes into virus infected building
    • Guy tries to escape the virus building and save himself. His wife shows up. Wife is mad. Sorry lady your husband was a coward.
    • CTU providing people infected with cyanide pills to kill themselves rather than suffer.
    • Shooting Ryan to meet terrorist demands to save even more lives.
    Season 2
    Plot: Nuke in LA, Government vs. each other over fighting terrorists, A tape has shown up implicating 3 countries. Military Action coming vs. 3 countries. Government Leaders vs. President who isn't dedicated enough to war. Oil People starting the bomb so they could increase their stocks
    Bad Guys: Muslim Terrorists, dirty Americans in power, Bad Sister
    New Chars: Hey it's Michelle, Lesbo from Rosanne (Paula, bites it). New CTU assault squad Tom Baker (Daniel Dae Kim from Lost)
    Dirty Gov: NSA Chief Eric Rayburn, kills 30 CTU agents, 17 wounded, 2 critcal, Roger Stanton (NSA Chief), sends secret unit after Jack, shoots down Jack's plane, gets Nuke into Terrorist Hands. Sherry, Senator
    Gov vs. Gov - American Commandos/Delta vs. CTU Asault teams. Prescott/Mike Novak/etc vs. David Palmer.
    Guest Stars: Johnny Drama from Entourage as the bunker guy. Gregg Henry from the movie Payback (Mel Gibson)
  • Office Drama: Michelle vs. Kerry (former coworkers at District) working against each other.
  • Family Drama/Love: Kim vs. Jack (over mom's death & over his possible death). Sister vs. Sister (over possible terrorist bf). Tony & Michelle (should they start dating), Sherry & President Palmer, George & his Son, Michelle and her Bro Danny (vs . Kerry). Kerry vs. Danny (old relationship).
  • Torture Updates: 5 Times the Torture! In Season 1 it's a huge deal, in season 2, it's common place. Private Eye gets tortured by terrorists (drilled etc). Roger Stanton (NSA Chieft) gets paddled tortured, Blonde Sister gets tortured (ear cut). Terrorist Bomb guy gets tortured (hit, threatened to kill family), Jack Tortured for the Chip
  • Dead CTU Agents: Paula, George
  • Jack having to fight our own government
  • Jack murders the witness who had a deal but was bad so it's ok. Vigilante justice.
  • CTU Bombed x 1
  • CTU Sniped: Someone Sniped a suspect at CTU
  • Jack sneaks out of CTU (x2 overall) vs. Tony. Beats up Tony, breaks his ankle.
  • Jack vs. Tony CTU Director. CTU hunts jack. CTU (Kerry/Tony work against Jack) CTU Ryan/Kerry vs. Tony/Michelle/Jack.
  • Ever notice how Division is the bad guys and it's scary whenever they call. And they never help.
  • Hey it's David Palmer as the president. For the first time, the president is worked into the story.
  • We get rid of annoying Terry
  • Jack inactive for a year, called back
  • Tony lost his THICK accent, haha. Tony is way cooler, less of a newb.
  • Keifer stops talking with the annoying sexy voice in the voiceovers
  • OMG Jack Shaved!
  • Jack trusts George/Tony to find his daughter, get them out. They f it up!
  • Hey one of the President's Chicks is Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galatica. That's where I knew her from.
  • 2 Blonde Sisters with the terrorist boyfriend. Weak plot. With the other blonde family, we're up to 4 blondes? Those 2 blonde sisters are uber hot though.
  • George runs out of the blast radius. haha.
  • I like how whatever you don't want to happen, just happens. Hey she's searching through a car, of course the guy comes and catches her. More realism please.
  • Jack cuts off some guys head. Helps blow up CTU.
  • Sherry Palmer is one scary bitch!
  • Jack to the blonde sister: "You can change the focus [of the binoculars] with the center dial" (because she's too stupid to figure out how to use binocs?) haha.
  • Dirty Terrorist Blonde Sister does some random guy to get access to the locker. If she's converted to islam, isn't that against that? haha. I thought they were anti-sex.
  • Chasing down the plane: Looked like there was enough room to just take off on the taxi way. You don't ALWAYS need a runway, just enough speed on a road to take off.
  • Bomb: Almost every show, they can diffuse it. This time they couldn't. Maybe they just had really crappy bomb team members
  • So everyone, various law enforcement people know what CTU is? Is CTU a REAL thing or just for 24?
  • Tony is in charge now, time to stick it Jack! Tony's power goes to his head.
  • Lame Scenes: 2 redneck guys pull the middle east agent from the car. They rob the guy? Why.
  • Hicks destroy the chip? The whole US is going to war over some hick stepping on a chip. Come on.
  • 24 CTU Phones: I discovered today that I have the same phone as they do at CTU! They have a better model. I wonder if I
  • Real Emotion: Kim saying goodbye to her dad, George making the sacrifice for Jack/nuke.
  • Kim BS (Kim is the Scourge of 24, they get real plots, she gets the most retarded plots ever)
    • For the main plots, things happen because people make them happen but with Kim, usually they RANDOMLY happen to her in unbelievable ways.
    • Kim manages to get herself in a situation where the dad of the family wants her body... uh. Kim is so retarded. The second he starts eying her and making inappropriate comments, it's time to QUIT. We combine movies and shows and it's a mini SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY movie going on. Then he beats his wife. Why is she still there. Why doesn't she call the cops?
    • Crazed father hunting people down?
    • Why is it whenever you beat your wife it's they slipped?
    • Crazy dad happens to have a tracking device in his car. I know almost no one who does.
    • The BLONDE family...
    • Why doesn't Kim call up her dad to beat their ass? What a dumb bitch.
    • Number of times Kim has hid behind a dumpster x 2
    • Crazy dad is good at hunting/finding people.
    • Why didn't Kim run to the construction workers and yell out rape?
    • The second she dials 911, he is there to grab her? Give me a break.
    • Kim goes to CTU thinking she's safe, second time, it isn't haha.
    • Kim doesn't tell the police, whoever, hospital FIRST about the abuse so she doesn't look bad. Idiot.
    • Kim doesn't just go up to the police at the hospital and expect her dad to get her out of it, which he would.
    • Jack tells Kim about the nuke, she rats it to everyone, her boyfriend, the CHP, her boyfriend tells the other CHPs.
    • They take the husbands car. Like the cops would never figure that one out.
    • They happen to get pulled over by the CHiPs who can never find anything IRL.
    • CHIP is transporting Kim, the fire starts, he doesn't just STOP. He starts driving crazy and trying to put it out, which I doubt would happen IRL. Then he crashes.
    • Kim wanders through the forest (this is good TV), a Mountain Lion happens to show up and chase her.
    • Kim gets caught in a bear trap... UH...
    • Kim meets some guy who happens to go out and check his bear traps.
    • Kim goes away with some guy to his house. Doesn't go to ranger station. Doesn't try to call daddy/CTU.
    • Major + in the Kim storyline, she wears white nipple poke through shirt. More Question in Kim's Stupidity, most girls won't go braless like that in front of a strange guy. They'd look in the mirror and notice.
    • Kim manages to get a guy who wants to take her down to a bomb shelter and convince her they're the last people on earth.
    • Kim goes hitch hiking, first person to stop, is crazy and wants to get her. She has to shoot her gun to scare him off.
    • If Kim was ugly, she'd get in less trouble. Everyone supposedly wants to do her.
    • Kim happens to go into Liquor Store that is robbed.
    • Mexican guy robbing store is flipping out because of a possible war? Seems like the American people are pretty uncaring about that. We go to war all the time. Even before this show, Clinton had tons of wars.
    • Kim gets her boyfriend to lose his leg! Good job.
    • Kim - She happens to go to her former home and find the killer there also at his home. Yeah right.
    • Kim gets her first kill!
    Moral Questions
    • Calling your family to alert them to get out from nuke
    • Is it ok to kill innocents to save more people?
    • Turning of Islam into radical Islam.
    • The President's policy isn't tough enough on terrorists, so let's let terrorists get a nuke bomb to help advance policy against terrorists and scare people.
    • Racism vs. Muslims
    • Oil People wanting to get rich...Not really a question but whatever.
    Season 1
    I started Season 1. Jack's Wife was such a lesbo. Could her hair be any shorter? What horrible casting. Who wants that for their wife? Couldn't jack do better? Her name is the WORST too: Terry. His daughter was so stupid too. I think the first season for some reason they thought they need the dumb teens missing sub-plot. Still, that season 1 was awesome compared to other shows. It just got way better as the show continued. Later on they learned they were strong enough just sticking to the main story and lesser lame ass sub-plots. It's the same problem Alias had with their dumb at home scenes with their roommates.
    • I never realized CTU is CIA. I thought it was just some government agency.
    • Tony was a real jerk that season. He speaks with a really THICK accent though. haha. He's our SPANISH guy for season 1.
    • Milo introduced.
    • CTU Compromised by Jack with camera & by Nina
    • Main Plots: Assassination on Senator Palmer, Kim/Terry (wife) kidnapped, revenge over some Special Ops Mission in Kosovo
    • Jack takes forever to question the guy in the limo. Now it takes him .2 seconds.
    • They have Kiefer talking in this cheesy sexy voice over sometimes. Sounds like he wants to do you.
    • CTU hunts Jack x 1
    • Jack Sneaks out of CTU x 1
    • Dirty CTU: Jamie & Nina
    • Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Philips, Crazy guy from Prison Break, Bad Guard from Prison Break
    • Kim gets kidnapped, then goes back to the kidnapper and gets kidnapped a second time. WTFBBQ. She also sees that the kidnapper guy she likes is also a drug dealer and has a girlfriend and doesn't get it/care. (but we're to believe she's later an elite computer hacker? haha).Kim kidnapped for 3rd time from Police cruiser.
    Secrets: We find a secret CIA prison.
    Dumb Scenes: Terry gets Amnesia? Come on. That's in every soap opera.
    Office Romance: Jack + Nina, Nina + Tony
    Flow: Leads up to epic rescue of Terry/Kim at compound. Then it dies down and leads up to...Part 2, Escape Victor Drazen (sp) out of secret Prison.
    Drama Family/Love Conflicts: David Palmer vs. his Wife, Patty (aid girl) vs. Mrs. Palmer, Son (Keith) vs. David Palmer, Jack vs. Terry, Kim vs. her new Crush, Kim vs. that skank gf
    Affairs: Jack + Nina

    Moral Lessons:

    • Democrats have a good platform and Palmer wasn't to not be dirty and do the right thing! (Have we ever seen a Democrat do that?). Palmer does the right thing and reveals everything to the public. Son stands up and submits to justice.
    • Black people can be president with the right candidate
    • Jack turns in his own agents for being dirty. (When he's hella dirty himself but we all don't care. He will do anything to complete his job: killing/beating/torture but he doesn't take bribes so it's ok)