1 Hour Shows

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

This is another of my all time favorite shows. It was incredibly well made and by Lucas who gave us Indiana Jones. The only thing I didn't like was the ones with the little kid. They dropped him out toward the end. That wasn't the Indy we wanted to see. These are now ALL available on VHS tape. Look for them, they are worth buying/watching/renting.

The Fugitive

If you just saw the movie, you suck. The show was way the hell better than the movie.The show ran for like 5-7 years. An hour show. It was sorta like Quante Leapwhere the fugitive was in a different job each episode. The first 3-4 years itwas black and white but then it switched to Color. I found for some reason i likedthe black and white ones more... At the end of many of the episodes the evil Cop would come try to get him. It was a quality show and it was very popular at the time. A&E used to run it all the time but after the movie, they cut it off. (Stupid movie people screwing my shows again) I was just starting to record it too. Anyways if you ever see it on, try it out for a few episodes...

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Ok maybe it's not an hour but too bad. This is another of my very favorite shows. I love watching than those dudes making fun ofcrappy movies. They are just so good at making jokes. :)


I'm proud to say I have almost all of these recorded. I love chips. The music, andthe Paunch Jon thing. I hated the last season with Bruce, but then most other peopledid too. The show was pretty funny. I love the disco music. Sure the show was total bs, but I don't care. It was the characters ans Paunch/John that made that show.

CHiPs Online

Moonlighting (Bravo)

That show was/is the best. It was funny and had Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard. If you haven't seen it you should try to catch it on re-run.

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Tour of Duty(TNT)

A Drama show about Vietnam.

TNT is running this at 6 p.m. PST. Look it up at TV Guide

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