Good Places to Eat

[In-N-Out] - This place proved fast food doesn't have to suck. They have a limited menu and what they make is right. Their burgers are the BEST. They are better than the restaurant burgers. They are better than all the fast food burgers. Their Coke (get it /w lemon) is also very good. It's like oh that's what Coke is supposed to taste like. Their frees are kinda iffy. They are made REAL so they are very strange after eating the fake ones. Most people don't seem to like them. The key is to eat them before they get cold. Once they get cold they are soggy and suck. So you have to down them quicky, usually before even the burger. I also like getting a grilled cheese there too. One year I ate there M-F most of the time. I can't get enough.

El Torito Grill
[Link] - We love this place at work and go there all the time. They have warm tortillas with this sweet butter. They have this little corn bread like scoop. The Steak Soft Tacos are the best I've ever had. I could eat there every day.

Avila's El Ranchito
[Link] - They have the best chips/salsa I've ever seen. It's so addicting you can't stop shoveling it in. We go through sometimes 2+ things of chips. Their Tacos are also pretty good. They sometimes have really hot waitresses too. Blondes mmmmmm.

The Old Spaghetti Factory
[Link] - I really don't like their Spaghetti but they have THE BEST BREAD ever. They have garlic butter to put on it. I've ate their since I was a little kid and I've yet to find any bread that matches theirs. I pointed that out one time and some jackass made a whole site called "pass da bread" about me and how I love bread. haha. I only go there 0-1 times a year.

Steak N Shake
I can't find any out west but I tried them in Michigan/Indiana. Good burgers.

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