Last Halloween, one of my friends came over and we decieded to order a pizza. I live in a small town and we only have about 2 pizza places here so I went with Pizza Hut. After about 35 min the door bell rang and I went to go answer it. I found some guy standing there wearing a black dress, make-up, earings, the whole works, hell he even had fake tits! I was like WTF is up with this? I guess the company allowed employess to dress up for Halloween, but man that was freaky, I haven't ordered a pizza from them since.

aLph@ StriKe


Pizza Hut is the *worst* food chain in the entire world. I would never order a pizza from them again...EVER! And I didnt even order the pizza! Well heres the story:

I was at a friends house one night and so his parents decide to order a pizza. They get 2 medium cheese-only pizzas because they dont like toppings. Well, 25 minutes goes by and the pizza comes. So we open it up, one of them is good, and then the second one....OH MY GOD!! PEPPERONI!!!

Needless to say, my friends dad was PISSED. I mean, WTF?! Cheese-only, and they put PEPPERONI on it! So we get in the car (all of us) and zoom down there. My friend's dad gets in the store and cusses the register boy out, who is like that guy on the simpsons. My friends dad (Greg) is like "They put %$#%ing pepperoni on my %$#%$ cheese only pizza, you little ^%$^ who's responsible for this tell me or Ill cut your balls off!" (exact quote). The little kid gets the manager, and out comes some whale of a human being, must've been 400 pounds, waddles his fat ass out the door and says "Good evening folks, is something wrong?". So Greg takes the pizza, throws it on the counter (it fell on the floor on the managers shoes) and starts screaming at the manager "Look at that you fat piece of %$$#%. Does that look like cheese-only to you? Of course you're a %#%$ing whale so you'd eat anything but I have standards."

so they called the cops and Greg got in trouble.



Well.. I do like Pizza hut to be honest, because they make a unique kind of pizza and it's really good when it's done right. But I gotta say... In my life time I have had more misery with them than can be beared.

I guess I can't say I've had any experiences to the extreme some people have had.. but pizza hut has been consistantly crappy. And believe me.. to the person who believes that it's each individual franchise's fault, it's not just any individual restraunt. I know they're not all run by Pizza Hut.. but if Pizza Hut is allowing this crap to go on, it's Pizza Hut's responsibility as well as that individual restraunts.

Back before pizza delivery was a must for any pizza business to survive (and if you think a little, at least in some places, it hasn't been that long).. there was this one pizza hut we ordered a lot from. But everybody didn't usually really want to go out to the restraunt, so someone would go and pick the pizza up.

I'd say about 3/4 of the time they got it right.. but the other 1/4 of the time they'd either be SLOW making the pizza (and by slow I mean someone had to wait at the stupid place for half an hour past when they said it would be made) or have the wrong order (their biggest tendancy was to throw some sort of vegetable on the pizza.. peppers, olives, you name it). Pizza hut eventually closed their asses down because I think pizza hut was semi responsible in the 80's.

There were other pizza hut's around.. none of them were ever quite as bad as them, but one time someone came home and the pizza had meatballs on it. Who the hell put's meatballs on pizza anyhow? Meatballs are for subs with a little provolone or mozerella... and not the shitty ones they put on, good homemade ones.. anyhow, I digress, nobody ordered meatballs on it. So we called up and complained and they said they were putting us down for a free pizza next time we ordered. Ha ha. Maybe if we'd ordered in the next 24 hours they would have given us one free, but they 'forgot' about it by the next time we wanted a pizza from them.

Then I moved out of NY to California.. nice place here.. I've tried a few pizza places here.. Round table is probably the best standard pizza place out here.. although there's a great place called pizza chicago in the south bay area that I like better.. little more expensive tho.. anyhow...

I've ordered Pizza from Pizza hut a few times here too.. because like I said before, as much as I hate their tendancy towards bad service, I really do like their pizza. I'd say about 3/4 of the time they give really good service.. but then the rest of the time they'll pull gay ass shit like giving me cold breadsticks or not remembering that I gave them my credit card number over the phone and insisting I give them cash (which I hate dealing with, because tipping sucks when you can't just write a number down)...

One time I ordered a kinda weird pizza.. because I'm a really big cheese fan.. I had them make me a thin crust cheese lovers with like 2 orders of extra cheese.. lemme tell you something.. that pizza sucked so amazingly much ass... it was funny. it was a thin piece of cardboardlike crust with a lump of cheese attatched to it and a puddle of pizza grease on top. I guess it's sorta my fault for ordering such a stupid pizza, but I can't believe they made it.

Ah they've done other stupid shit too.. but those are the worst things I've gotten from them.. besides that it's just stuff like them giving me the wrong kind of soda or being half an hour late.



Me and some friends goto Pizza Hut after church one sunday night. We sit down and we start to take orders and some idiot friend goes, lets get some breadsticks too. So we did, if we'd only have known what was to come we would have never ordered them. So when the breadsticks arrive to our table we start chow-in down and then I look under a breadstick in our basket to see what? Mold, green mold on these breadsticks, I almost puked right there. The manager was a lady and she tried to persuade us that it was the oven, but it was Mold!!! So just a little reminder, make sure you check the crust under your pizza and breadsticks before you chow down.



About a week ago I was really hungry and decided to order a pizza from Pizza Shit.. I mean Hut and anyway it was a large meat lovers with extra cheese. I waited 25 mins until the guy arrived. I paid the delivery guy and all was well until I opened the box. Those idiots at Pizza Hut had put the pizza in UPSIDE DOWN and the entire pizza was stuck to the box in a mixture of shit, cheese, and more splattered shit. When I pryed what was left of the pizza off the box, I had nothing but a large piece of round dough with smeared sauce all over it. All my toppings were splattered on the bottom of the box and the cheese had melted the dumb little "mat" to itself. Needless to say, Pizza Hut got a very nasty phone call and I had them bring me another pizza or I was going to raise hell for the rest of my life. Not only did I get another large Meat Lover's pizza (it was fine) but I got a coupon saying "We're sorry and shit, use this coupon to receive a free pizza on us." Of course the coupon was for a 1 topping medium (cheap asses) but anyway, that's my Pizza Hut horror.

Shane H.


Okay, Pizza Hut was okay a while back, but then they started to jack crap up. I got some pizza 30-40 mins. late almost 4 times in a row (why did I order again...? don't ask me...) But I decided to stop going there when they started burning the freaking pizzas. Every time. Without fail. We had friends who had their pizzas burned, family who got their pizzas burned. The freaking crust was black 1/2 the time.

Pizza Hut Sucks,
The UltraSword


I think something about Pizza Hut has to be said...

There are 2 different types. There is the major coorperation, and there is the many owned franchises across the nation. the majority of the Pizza Hut locations are independently owned and operated, maybe 10-15% are owned by the coorperation. this means that most likely, all those stories are coming from franchises. I know the same sort of crap happens atplace Like McDonald's, and Burger King. So, the coorperation shouldn't be put to blame, it should be the individual franchises...



After reading you pizza hut page I needed to add to it. People really need to see how bad that chain is!

The stories..

Episode one - The the bad pizza, date: mid 80's]

We had a coupon (my family) for a "buy 1 get 1 for 3$ off" deal and ordered delivery. One was peperoni, the other was sausage. First off the pizzas were about 25 mins late. When I opened the peperoni box I started to get pissed, there was only about 5 slices of peperoni on the whole damn pizza. Then I opened the sausage box, there was so much sausage I couldn't even see the cheese. After that we were kinda skeptical about ordering Pizza Hut again.

Episode 2 - Horrible pizza - Date: about a year after episode 1

Almost the same situation as episode one. We had no coupon this time but it was late and we were hungry. We ordered a Large COMBO pizza, everything on it, it came on time this time but when I opened it it looked exactly like the sausage pizza from episode one. When I picked it apart I found an onion or green pepper here and there. We were givin a coupon for a free pizza by the manager for that one. I said I would never order Pizza hut again!

Episode 3 - Worst Pizza Ever - 1990 (maybe '91)

It had been years since we had Pizza Hut and decided to finally give it another try, hopefully it would be better this time. We decided to dine in this time, plain old peperoni pizza. Me my brother and my mother sat down for a meal, the pizza came and we dug in. My brother and I started grubbing immediatly. My moms picked up a slice and took a bite, then another. When she pulled the pizza from her mouth a string followed it, normal cheese behavior I thought. About a second later she spit it out, it was a #%&*$%@$ mop string! A mop string. I spit my pizza out as soon as I saw what it was! The crap that they use to clean up piss and floors with was in our pizza. We got double our money back from that. I still wonder why we didn't get rich off those bastards for it.

Maybe ppl get good pizzas from them. I have gotten only 3 pizzas from them in my whole life and am 24.



I remember when I was about 5 years old, my family decided to order a pizza from Pizza Hut. We were living in Texas at this time, and in Texas there are these giant cockroaches living there(a good 4 inches long). And when we ordered the pizza, it was on time and everything, but we get to eating the pizza. We're halfway done eating this pizza when my dad finds this big long roach leg buried in the melted cheese. We looked for the rest of the roach but didn't find it(a rather scary thought). That's why we never order from Pizza Hut anymore.



A long time ago (i was like 10 or 11), my family ordered pizza from pizza hut for delivery. We ordered like 2 larges or something. Anyway after about an hour my dad called the store wondering where the pizza was, they said they thought it should be there already, and gave us a discount code for the driver to give us a discount. 30 to 45 minutes after that we called again, they said they didn't really know cuz they didn't know where the delivery guy was, and they gave us a code for a bigger discount (like 60% off or something). Another 1/2 hour goes by and we call again, this time they say "If it ever gets there, give the driver this code (blah blah) and it'll be free". So a little after that it gets there, and the guy looked waaay stoned or drunk or something, but that wasnt the worst. The pizza boxes were all wet on top, and the pizzas were COLD and soggy, and had this odor to them. BEER! the pizzas were soaked in beer! We called the store to let em know (not like they! could give us a bigger discount), they said the guy would be looking for a job in the morning, HAHA! Anyway, just gives you another reason not to order from them, if they hire loosers like that.


NOTE! : most pizza drivers aren't like that (me included) so be sure to still give em a tip unless you KNOW its there fault (please read the article by me about pizza guys)


I'm sure most people like pizza hut more than dominoes. Not me after pizza hut pissed me off.

I was watching a couple movies with a friend. we decided to get pizza hut pizza. so we ordered. it'll be here in a half hour. it was getting pretty late. so i called pizza hut and asked what was wrong and if the guy was lost or something.

they're like "oh, you live on south comanche don't you...well, we dont deliver there anymore" dammit!! why couldnt they tell me that before!

so, i was hungry and i had no pizza. ok, i'll call the pizza hut that gave me a pizza with no cheese the last time i ordered. i called and they said it'll be there in an hour. this was dissapointing but i ordered anyway. an hour passes, and it's WAYYY late now. so i call again and see why.

they answer, i tell them my address, and they go, "according to our computer your pizza was delivered and you payed" I go, "give me the manager"

she's like, "according to our computer your pizza was delivered and you payed"

WHAT!!! im like, "according to me, i got no pizza, and i still haven't payed!" she goes, "well sir, you can order another pizza and we'll get it to you in an hour" i go, "No way!! get me a pizza here now!" she has the nerve to say "well this is a saturday night and we are very busy. besides, why would the delivery boy cash in. why would HE want to pay for the pizza?"

"i dont know! does this happen a lot?"

"parden me?"

i repeat, "does this happen a lot?"

"im sorry, i can't understand you"

again i say "grrrr does this happen a lot?"

"I'm sorry, i can't understand you"

again i say "grrrr does this happen a lot?"


WTF!! I say it one more time slowly so the bitch can comprehend what i was saying, "DOES THIS HAPPEN A LOT?!?!?"

"I still cannot hear you."

Ii go, "fine then BITCH, i'll go to dominoes"

i payed four extra bucks on dominoes cuz i had no coupon. It was there in 25 mins, 5 mins early. It was good too.



That pizza hut article on your food page made me remember a few VERY bad pizza hut experiences (I like Domino's better). Anyway, about 5 years ago, my dad and I order a large pep and sausage pizza. They said it would be ready in 10 minutes. I was like "hmm, 10 minutes? that's about 40 minutes sooner than usual..." So we go to pick up the pizza and on the box where they write your name it had a rectangle of permanent ink and under it was our name. When we got home, we opened up the box and near the middle of the pizza there was a bunch of sausage and pepironi piled up so I picked em off and a bite was revealed. yep, somebody took a BITE out of the pizza. This sickened me, I almost lost my lunch. Apparently, the pizza was returned and given to us. What if that pizza had morphine and rat poison on it? I'm glad as hell I found that bite right away...This make my dad furious, I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack. He drove back to the pizza hut like a maniac, squeelin the whe! els at every turn, puttin the pedal to the medal etc. When we got to pizza hut we stormed in and explained what happened and demanded to see the manager. They said he was 'very busy' so we just walked to the back and some employees made a human baracade in front of the fat asses door. I started yellin my head off, my face was bloody red, and the dude said that he was gonna call the cops. my dad didn't want any real trouble, so we just left after announcing what happened to all the people that were eating there, and we yelled to all the people in the back some nasty words and threats and then we jumped in the bronco and zoomed away. We should have sued their asses but I guess my dad didn't want to go through all that legal crap. We never forgot what happened that night, I think it's just plain sick giving a customer a god knows how old pizza with a bite out of it. What a franshise they have. UP YOUR PIZZA HUT.

I'm not done yet. Before the 'bite out of the pizza' incident my dad had ordered about 5 pies for a super bowl party. We had them delivered, and when we opened up the boxes they were ALL thin crust. My dad HATES thin crust pizza, and he got SOOOO MAD. I'm surprised he didn't pop an artery. Anyway, everybody was really hungry, so they just ate the pizza and there was about half a pie left after everybody was full (my pop didn't have a slice though) and my dad yelled GOD DAMMMMMMNIT and slammed his fist down against the pizza. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. I can still see it in slow motion his fists slamming against the pizza box. I guess he just wanted a damn slice of pizza, you know? Not having a good slice of pizza when you want it is VERY frustrating. Kinda like losing your remote, or not having any toilet paper after a massive dump. This incident will always be remembered by all the people who were at the party.

Yet another story about pizza hut: When the stuffed crust pizza craze started I was one of the first ones out of the people I know to try it. It was pretty good when I was chompin it down but after a few hours of eating that pizza began the worst 2 day bowel disorder of my life. This pizza gave me the squirts BIGTIME, not only that, it made me fart uncontrollably and it wasn't funny at all. These farts stunk up the whole freakin house and I could still smell em after a week. It was awful. Those had to be the worst days of my life. YICK. As I'm typing this that smell came to my nose. What an awful pizza hut experience that was.

The first 2 pizza hut storys were from the same pizza hut, the stuffed crust one was from a different one. Man, every since the nasty fart pizza I had I've never eaten a slice of pizza hut pizza and I never will. There service is terrible, they are obviously very unsanitary (selling pizzas with bites out of em) and their pizza gave me a bad bowel sickness. I've never had a problem like this with any fast food/pizza place before. These experiences were awful. The bite out of the pizza made me sick in a different way than the pizza that messed up my digestive system and the thin crust pizza one almost gave my dad a freakin heart attack. I hate pizza hut. UP YOURS YOU LAME ASSES. Remember the old pizza hut slogan? Pizza hut, makin it great. It was somethin like that. Anyway, my version of the slogan is "Pizza hut, makin it chewed" I've ordered from Dominoes ever since the stuffed crust pizza incident and there pizza is always steamin hot when it gets to my door, and it's usually ! there in less than 30 minutes, even on busy nights.

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