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Monday, June 12th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

So sick of cops/campus cops and their fucking FISHING ATTEMPTS
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 12th, 2017 @ 7:20PM

They pull you over for ZERO reason, hoping to find something to pin on you. Drugs, Alcohol, who knows. I'm sure sick of that shit. Like 25 times now. And one time they magically FOUND something to pin on me that didn't stick in the end.

One of the things I don't agree with is Trump and his support of the cops. They all need damn body cameras. When they disable their cameras or the footage magically goes missing they need to be fired. There should be ways to report them to people other than the same assholes who are doing the abuse (where they threaten to arrest you for reporting other bad cops). There needs to be protection if they are harassing people FOR NO REASON.

=SO ANYWAY, as i'm going out to play Ingress, i go over to ivc and i see the person whose 1 step above tax collector
=fucking campus cops, i see this fucker in his cart, and i'm like this =asshole is going to come bug me at the worst possible time
=i'm trying to get my fields/links off before an enemy green player can kill them
=so of course, captain dipshit comes over, parks next to my window
=so i'm trying to do shit as he's there
=he's like UHHHH
=and he fucking had nothing to say
=so he goes, you're playing the game huih
=i'm like omg, wtf seriously
=have to waste my fucking time cuz captain jackass picks me
=he doesn't pick the green player to go fuck with
=he picks the good guy trying to fix things haha
=those guys are typically ex cops who are trying to relive their glory =years as campus cops
=with nothing to do
=i got a 99.5% success rate as to whether a cop is going to come stop me
=my best is turning from portola onto jeffrey and the guy is like 1/2 the length of jeffry ahead in the distance
=already pulling someone else over
=just a feignt flash of lights
=and i'm like i should just do a u turn right now, pick another road
=but i didn't and of course he magically finishes with that person in time to do a uturn then fuck with me
=i just want to live my life without cops ffucking with me, when i'm not even speeding
=i'm at like time 25+ now
=they get bored and fish, hoping to score
=that should be illegal
=pulling you over when they have zero reason to do so, should be illegal
=a few months back i'm just biking around north lake and a lady cop starts folowing me, pulls me over on my bike
=it's getting so old
=i've got zero speeding tickets since 2005, but i've got about 25 fucking fishing attempts
=i shoulda made a log
=taken it to make a complaint against irvine pd
=i was over at RALPHs one day, just getting groceries, at uh
=alton/jeffrey, lady cop gets mme out of the parking lot
=she was hot tho at least

Friday, February 10th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Orange County Sherrifs
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 10th, 2017 @ 2:59PM

One thing I don't agree with Trump is helping the Police. They all need to have body cams and there needs to be more accountability. They need to demilitarize the police. There needs to be ways to report them other than to report them to themselves. They need to quit killing more Americans than the fucking wars are killing.

The OC sheriffs are the WORST. They run the jail, courts, and the airport and they're dirty as fuck. There's all these articles on oc register about how dirty they are.

Then last week I was at the airport where they guard. You go to pull up to pick someone up and this greasy jeri curl sheriff guy comes over, the lowest of the low of all cops. One step above security guard. They start harassing you the MOMENT you pull over to pick someone up. Peg bundy was inside and woulda been out there in like 4 mins or so. But the guy wouldn't even let you wait that long even when there was NO ONE AROUND. I've spent about 6 hours at LAX now doing laps and they are totally cool there. You just pull to the side, wait a few mins, move up, repeat. There's no problems waiting for people. But at OC airport, this gd nazi is there just being a dick for no reason. I was about to get arrested I was so mad at him. Two kids got in my van and he saw that they had just arrived and got in. But he wouldn't let me wait for the mom to come, even 1 minute. He was over there in my face telling me I had to move. So you go around the whole damn airport because this fucking piece of shit won't let you have 1 minute of time? He could tell I was just a person picking someone up at the airport, but still was being an asshole. These nazi fucks have nothing better to do than to harass people for no reason. OC sheriffs suck. Even their leader went to jail for corruption.

I'm told the exploit is to be slow as fuck. SLOWLY get out of your car. SLOWLY walk to your trunk and open it. When the people arrive, take forever to greet them and take forever to get their luggage into the car. haha. Another exploit I found was to wait further behind where the fat lazy fucking cops were too lazy to walk to to harass you.

The ultimate goal is to not pay for parking. There's nowhere to park most of the time and the walk to the car is 10 miles. But besides that, I tried the cellphone waiting lot. The signs lead you way away from the airport, then never ultimately lead you to the waiting lot. After leading you in a loop, the signs lead you back to the airport again where the circle repeats. haha.


Friday, January 13th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Bodycam Captures Arrest Of Suspected Drunk Driving Lieutenant
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 13th, 2017 @ 8:42AM

Video captured two Montmorency County, Michigan sheriff’s deputies dealing with a Washtenaw County lieutenant who is accused of drunken driving in Montmorency County, Michigan. Washtenaw County Lt. Brian Filipak is on an administrative leave as the investigation continues. Video shows Filipak repeatedly asking to just be let go, but the Montmorency deputies weren’t having it, and at one point, told him they would use a stun gun on him if he didn’t knock it off. “Brian, I’m going to have you step out of the car and do some field sobriety tests,” an officer said.

Filipak was pulled over after deputies said they saw his car weave all over the road. “Just let me stay here,” Filipak said. He pleaded with the deputies to let him sleep it off on the side of the road, repeatedly refusing to budge from his truck. The deputy told him he had to get out of the truck now, but Filipak continued to refuse the orders and forced the deputies to pull him from his pickup truck.

Wow, he had a lot more patience with that drunkard than I likely would have had. Now the question is will he be charged and lose his job?

- 2017-01-13 09:58:43

Here he is again in 2013


- 2017-01-13 10:18:17


Monday, October 3rd, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 3rd, 2016 @ 5:04PM


Wednesday, September 28th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Naval Station Mayport - Civil Rights Investigations [HYO] (youtube.com)
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on September 28th, 2016 @ 1:07PM

hahahahah So funny.


Monday, August 22nd, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Dirty Cops or somewhat related
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on August 22nd, 2016 @ 1:44PM

I have to get my $2,000 worth of bad press for cops in retaliation. It might take many years. I could sure use that $2k now.

Continue reading "Dirty Cops or somewhat related" ...


Monday, August 1st, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

N.W.A. "Fuck Tha Police" Music Video
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on August 1st, 2016 @ 11:11AM

Except if you need them for something. So last month someone stole my credit card. They had some custom machine they used at the register to buy gift cards. They ended up with like $300 in gift cards. The police had video tape of them at TWO targets doing it. Haven't said ANYTHING back to me at all in a month.

Someone at my work had their wallet stolen. 2 hours later, theres film of them using it at TARGET, but the cops wont do anything unless you can identify who they are.

IT's stupid

hardcore puppy
- 2016-08-01 13:18:49

"Except if you need them for something."

I think that's why the song exists. in compton they never actually got any good cops if they really needed something. their world was all bad cops all the time.

hence, fuck tha police.

- 2016-08-01 14:36:55


Thursday, July 7th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot four times by a cop
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on July 7th, 2016 @ 5:55PM

This is infuriating. I'd march over that one. They need to do something about these cops killing people in HUGE NUMBERS.

Woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot four times by a cop as his mother says police kept her from her son's deathbed and claims the girlfriend is now missing

Facebook Live streaming of shooting spotlights ethical, legal policies

I've already ranted once this week about the police so I'll try to be brief here. My observations:

1) The shocking contrast in behaviors. The officer, a "trained" professional loses all composure - you clearly hear him freaking out. The girlfriend despite the circumstances remains for the most part calm, cool-headed and polite.

2) You have a young child that will likely be traumatized as a result of this event. Not to mention could have been shot by one of the bullets passing through the victim.

3) The failure to provide medical aid by the officer as well as preventing the girlfriend from trying to help the victim.

4) The blatant failure in police training especially when you consider this happened in a state that allows concealed carry.

5) This doesn't look like a bad cop. Just a cop who panicked and made a several bad decisions.

The sad irony is that the victim was apparently doing exactly what the officer instructed - producing his ID. And the victim did the right thing in announcing he was armed (which as I understand is either mandated by law or what you're instructed to do from the very beginning when stopped by a police officer in order to avoid a bad outcome).

So you're damned if you do - reach for ID, action interpreted as going for your gun. Or damned if you don't - refuse to comply to a lawful order for fear of said action being interpreted as reaching for your gun (now you've potentially pissed off the cop and the situation is escalated).

It's precisely this reason why the onus must be on the police officer. They are supposed to be trained professionals who know the law and ultimately control how any given situation develops. This incident could have been easily avoided.

- 2016-07-07 18:46:50

Biv - I never got back to you on all the issues you brought up in the last thread. Frankly, when I considered the volume of typing I needed to do in order to adequately respond, I gave up before starting.

As for the MN shooting, even if this was a completely justified use of force, I agree totally with your 1st and 3rd points. There's really nothing else to add to your comment.

Based on the information so far, I am leaning toward agreeing with your 5th point as well. I highly doubt the officer woke up in the morning and decided to assassinate a citizen. It will be a question of the totality of circumstances that led the officer to pulling the trigger. I hope there was either a dashcam or a bodycam recording showing the entirety of the incident. Let the chips fall as they may based on the investigation.

As an aside, that MN governor likes to pour gasoline on the fire. His comment about racism was totally inappropriate. It seemed like pandering of the worst sort.

- 2016-07-07 19:50:12

Haha yeah, I wasn't expecting a response to that other thread. Just having a little soap box theater moment :)

I agree though, I want to see some dashcam or bodycam footage for some added context.

- 2016-07-07 20:05:07

this will 100% be justified

cop 'i thought he was going for a gun'

investigator 'oh ok sounds legit'

*rubber stamp*

- 2016-07-07 22:59:57

Gotta be rough being a cop in a country where a majority of the citizens demand the rights to have and carry firearms all the time just in case they need to have an armed revolution against those in authority. You know. Like cops.

- 2016-07-07 18:31:29


Wednesday, June 15th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

How to file a police complaint
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 15th, 2016 @ 5:16PM

As part of the fears against terror (which is legit), we live in a police state where there's "zero" accountability against police. Even when they are caught, they investigate themselves and almost always find nothing wrong. There needs to be accountability and oversight by a 3rd party for ANY police departments.

Wanna File a Police Complaint (Arrested for Trying)


Saturday, February 20th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

TIL that Florida police stopped a man 258 times and charged him 62 times with trespassing at his place of employment; he sued the Florida police for violating his civil rights and lost. (nydailynews.com)
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 20th, 2016 @ 10:44PM

Link haha


Sunday, February 14th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Recordings reveal the lies former LA sheriff told prosecutor
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 14th, 2016 @ 12:26PM


"He faces up to six months behind bars when he is sentenced on May 16."

F that guy!


Sunday, February 7th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Chicago Officer, Citing Emotional Trauma, Sues Estate of Teenager He Fatally Shot
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 7th, 2016 @ 10:32PM



Monday, February 1st, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

Civilian Pulls Over Miami-Dade Cop For Speeding...
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 1st, 2016 @ 1:48AM


Source: Drudge

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

More Cops escape justice
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on January 27th, 2016 @ 6:53PM

No charges for LAPD officers who shot newspaper delivery women during Dorner manhunt


Sunday, November 22nd, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

WATCH: Trenton Police Officer saying "I'm Not Drunk" after Crashing patrol Car, New Jersey
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on November 22nd, 2015 @ 11:52PM


Monday, October 19th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 19th, 2015 @ 1:46PM

Link - 2nd post on this but I think it's shady as fuck.


Thursday, August 6th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on August 6th, 2015 @ 3:01PM

Chicago and NYPD are the nations dirtiest cops.

At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal.

Do something please, black president.

That 3,500 number makes it sound like some kind of black concentration camp. The article dances around the issue, but it's 3,500 people detained over the course of a decade. So in 3,650 days, 3,500 people were detained and/or questioned there. Wow, nearly one per day in a city of nearly 3 million. Stop the presses!

>>Lawyers and former police officers say that lack of access to a lawyer after the arrest and before booking – particularly during any interrogation, and particularly people from poor minority communities – puts a suspect’s rights in jeopardy.

“In Chicago, the police do not provide people with attorneys at the police station at the times they most need them: when they’re subject to interrogation,” said Craig Futterman of the University of Chicago Law School. “That’s what the Miranda warning is all about: the right to counsel while interrogated by police.”

I love how The Guardian makes it sound as if the CPD should have lawyers on staff and available for suspects. That's not going to happen, nor should it. If a suspect wants a lawyer, the suspect can request one. At that point, questioning stops. It's that simple. It's the duty of police to inform a suspect of his/her right to counsel and to respect any request that is made. But the police aren't going to just proactively assign counsel to suspects. There would be zero confessions, because no criminal defense attorney would ever let their client make a statement to police.

EDIT: Fix italics

EDITED: 2015-08-06 17:43:57

- 2015-08-06 17:42:46

How dare you insert your sound reasoning into this "Fuck da police" debate.

- 2015-08-07 09:07:27


Wednesday, July 29th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Ohio campus cop indicted on murder charge in traffic stop shooting
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on July 29th, 2015 @ 1:45PM

Finally a cop gets charged. The type of story I link all the time makes it on national news.

Notice he had a BODY CAM. Every police should have them.


Saturday, July 25th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Sandra Bland Dashcam Video Released - F the police!
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on July 25th, 2015 @ 3:25PM

She did do a lot of things wrong but the cop had a bullshit escalation. She said she said epilepsy, and he goes GOOD.

So what are we going to see? PAID LEAVE. That's all they ever get.

Then she dies in the cell. Let me tell you, jail sucks so bad, that can drive you to that point. But did the cops or anyone kill her? I'd guess no as a guess.

Woman who died in Texas jail cell mentioned previous suicide attempt

Video shows how traffic stop escalated into confrontation

Sandra Bland's family 'infuriated' at video of her arrest

As a criminal defense attorney who watches videos like this for a living, she did so many dumb things. It`s terrible that she died but her interactions with the trooper could almost be used as a guide of how not to interact with law enforcement when you get stopped. That said, dragging her out of the car for not putting out a cigarette is crazy. You`re never going to win an argument with law enforcement on their playing field and challenging their authority or questioning it is a sure fire way to escalate things.

- 2015-07-22 18:57:03

Cigarette = weapon

Its as simple as that. You don't want people flicking a burning ember into your face or using it on you. I find it hard to believe that people are getting upset about putting the cigarette out. As for the rest of the video, he took his verbal judo a bit to far. Its so much easier to be nice to people as they go off on you.
If you really want to "win" an encounter, go to court. There you have a chance. Not on a street.

Don't forget, this encounter didnt kill her. She killed herself in jail.

- 2015-07-23 04:24:03

The focus on this traffic stop is really misplaced in my mind. It seems like something motivated by an attorney who wants to involve as many organizations with deep pockets as possible.

The same woman who made some really, really bad decisions on this traffic stop also made a bad decision to end her own life in jail (in the custody of the Sheriff's Dept, not DPS mind you). That's the only connection I see between the traffic stop and her death--her puzzling behavior. I don't understand why the Trooper is suspended. How can he be held accountable for actions that occur days later under the authority of a different agency?

Now I know the argument will be that none of this would have occurred had the Trooper let Bland go with a warning--therefore the Trooper has some liability for everything that followed.

The way I view the traffic stop, the first interaction with Bland went fine. The Trooper returned with a warning, and at that point Bland displayed some attitude and wouldn't extinguish the cigarette. Maybe the Trooper changed his mind about the warning (he hadn't delivered it yet). He certainly could have had second thoughts about cutting this woman a break based on the change in her demeanor. So he decides on the spot to instead issue a citation. Now Bland is from far out of state (Illinois), and has already shown that she is not responsive to requests from law enforcement (refusing to extinguish the cigarette). Perhaps the Trooper thought she would fail to respond to the as-of-yet undelivered citation and never pay it. In TX, a traffic violator can be arrested and taken before a magistrate for even minor traffic offenses (I'm reading between the lines, but I assume this is to curtail people from out of state failing to respond to tickets). So, the Trooper determines he is going to arrest Bland and take her before a magistrate. We all know how it goes from there.

Clearly my last paragraph is loaded with supposition and conjecture. The point is, until the investigation is complete and the Trooper explains his rationale, everyone is just guessing. Besides, the actions at the traffic stop are not really the issue.

- 2015-07-23 05:15:59

a cigarette is a weapon, good lord.

whats next?

'excuse me sir, license and registration please'

'yes sir officer, let me get it out of my wallet'

*officer sees wallet, recognizes it's the size of george costanza's wallet*


here's the thing about justifying the cops actions because the person has a bad attitude. say you work as a receptionist at a doctors office, and the office says no cell phones. theres someone on their cell phone and you ask them to hang up and they say no. do you then get to drag them around? no? why not? because thats against the law? gtfo really?

this cop isn't suspended because this lady killed herself, he's suspended because he did the thing you're not supposed to do as a cop, get filmed while breaking the law.

- 2015-07-23 11:27:38

you know with her attitude and the way she is behaving she continued with that in jail and this guy or some other cops there killed her. Just beat the snot out of her then claimed she commited suicide. who believes that?

- 2015-07-23 03:37:19

This is one of those that I can't get behind law enforcement on.

That cop let his pride get the better of him and he clearly abused his power just because someone was irritated for being pulled over.

We have a right to be irritated for being pulled over and as long as you are not hindering the officer or verbally abusive to him who gives a shit. The "Could you put out your cigarette" request by this pig was a clear setup so that he could arrest her for having an attitude. Cops need to remember they are *servants* of the public, not the rulers of it.

There are far worse cops than this guy but he is a clear example of the type of people who should not be cops. You're going to deal with irate emotional people every day and letting someone get under your skin so easily is a sign that you have no business in that position.

- 2015-07-23 14:57:29

How about you let me burn you with a cigarette and then we can have a discussion on whether its a weapon or not. Maybe even in your eyes. Now, I'm not saying that it was a perfect traffic stop, but in police work, perfection is extremely hard to obtain. Anyways, he isn't responsible for her taking her own life.

- 2015-07-23 16:51:11

ok, actually think about that for a second.

you sitting in a car, me standing outside of the car, you attempting to get the lit end of a cigarette in my eye.

i agree that would hurt and really fuck me up, but i also think that i could back out of the way while you flail an arm out a window at me, or if you flick the cigarette at me, well to get it in the eye you'd have to be the robin hood of cigarette flicking

the cop didn't ask her to put it out because it was a possible dangerous weapon you clown, he did it probably because he doesn't like the smell or want the smoke blown in his face cause thats understandably annoying as shit. but it's not illegal and again, cops don't get to make the rules as they go.

cops don't have to be perfect, they make mistakes all the time, like spelling someones name wrong on a ticket.

there's a difference between a mistake and abusing your power

- 2015-07-23 20:13:11

"How about you let me burn you with a cigarette and then we can have a discussion on whether its a weapon or not. Maybe even in your eyes"

god dammit people, stop saying stupid shit.

- 2015-07-23 21:20:09


Monday, June 22nd, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Police Killed More Americans In 2014 Than All U.S. Mass Shootings Combined (activistpost.com)
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 22nd, 2015 @ 11:07PM


Perfect thread to throw these in as well:

US police kill more in days than other countries do in years

And contrary to popular belief, being a police officer isn't as dangerous as some would have you believe. It doesn't even crack the top ten (most recent stats I could find place them at #14 - LINK). And if you look at officer deaths by year, with the exception of 2001 (should be obvious why) the number has never exceeded 200 in the last 20 years. In fact, it looks like we're trending towards double digits (LINK). Meanwhile, according to the FBI violent crime has been trending downward over the last few years (LINK & LINK)

And yet, despite the relatively low number of officer deaths, the drop in violent crime, the militarization of the police in no small part due to the 1033 program has resulted in more and more unnecessary civilian casualties and deaths. Just one example - LINK

A lot of you are saying you're sick of hearing all these anti-police stories. You shrug it off and say "it's just a few bad apples". This isn't about being anti-police. It's about bringing awareness to systemic rise in police aggression. Bad policies and bad tactics are causing way too many civilian deaths. Poor training and the hiring of personnel who clearly shouldn't be carrying firearms under the color of authority. And when an innocent person is killed, too often the officer responsible is given a slap on the wrist (if even that).

As to what should be done, that's a different post all-together. But we first have to agree that there *is* a problem.

EDITED: 2015-06-23 09:27:14

- 2015-06-23 09:24:19

I should know better than to respond, but here goes. Biv, I'm disappointed in you. Most people on this board already have their minds made up about a great many things (including me), however, you are generally reasonable.

And contrary to popular belief, being a police officer isn't as dangerous as some would have you believe. It doesn't even crack the top ten (most recent stats I could find place them at #14

I see this one trotted out all the time. The difference is that police are much more likely to be the victims of felonious assault than anyone that ranks above them for fatalities. People intentionally try to harm or kill police because of who they are and because of the job they do.

And if you look at officer deaths by year, with the exception of 2001 (should be obvious why) the number has never exceeded 200 in the last 20 years.

I think we would all agree that's a good thing, but it's not really relevant to this conversation. Maybe the police are getting the bad guy before the bad guy gets the cop?

Meanwhile, according to the FBI violent crime has been trending downward over the last few years

Causation? Could be better policing. Or maybe it's UCR downgrading by the local police agencies that report stats to the FBI. Still not sure how this ties in with where you're going.

And yet, despite the relatively low number of officer deaths, the drop in violent crime, the militarization of the police in no small part due to the 1033 program has resulted in more and more unnecessary civilian casualties and deaths

Here it is. The unsupported hypothesis. Or maybe the same smattering of facts that supported your hypothesis could be twisted and support the following: With better equipment and more aggressive policing, violent crime has been reduced and fewer police officers are being killed.

But we first have to agree that there *is* a problem.

I would agree that we're not on the same page.

As for the original article that was posted. I only had to hover over the web address to know that it was propaganda garbage. Against my better judgment, I clicked the link and confirmed the same.

The irony is that the same people who will talk about the relatively low number of total fatalities in mass shootings will turn right around and cry about gun control in the wake of mass shootings.

Edit: Fixed italics issue

EDITED: 2015-06-23 13:33:51

- 2015-06-23 13:32:32


Monday, June 8th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Ex-SC Officer Indicted in Death of Walter Scott
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 8th, 2015 @ 2:50PM



Friday, May 29th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Security Guard vs. cops
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 29th, 2015 @ 1:46AM

Watch this

This video is so funny, especially after the 2M park. The video kinda ends abruptly though.

(VIDEO) Virginia Man Is Harassed While Eating In Hotel Parking Lot

His facebook with 5,000 friends/followers.


Thursday, May 21st, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Baltimore Riots
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 21st, 2015 @ 3:21PM
Continue reading "Baltimore Riots" ...

i fucking hate baltimore. moved here 3 years ago for school. counting down the days until I get to leave. luckily most of the stuff going down is in the already ghetto parts of town but there was some looting of a liquor store just a few blocks from me. the hospital i work at had national guard protecting it all day

- 2015-04-28 14:54:57

Everything I learned about B More was from The Wire.

- 2015-04-30 10:54:07

Source: Drudge

Friday, May 1st, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

DOJ Announces $20 Million Body-Cam Program For Law Enforcement
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 1st, 2015 @ 2:00PM

YES!. Please do that. And please punish them for OOPS it was turned off/doesn't work.


Sunday, April 19th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on April 19th, 2015 @ 10:08PM


Wednesday, April 15th, 2015SUGGEST NEWS

San Bernardino Police Beating Fleeing Suspect
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on April 15th, 2015 @ 12:19PM

Clearely they think they aren't being filmed

You see the cops run over and you think they'll stop it, only they get a few more hits in.


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Cops with GPS Launchers
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on December 23rd, 2014 @ 5:10PM

Using StarChase, officers involved in a vehicle chase can drive slower and safer and still take down the suspect."


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014SUGGEST NEWS

Ferguson Police @ St Louis, MO
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 22nd, 2014 @ 1:26PM

Added a poll.

This Michael Brown was a total thug. The cops just did a shitty PR job of telling the story. They shoulda rolled out pictures of the cop being smashed up by the guy.

Continue reading "Ferguson Police @ St Louis, MO" ...

Michael Brown Shooting?
2014-08-21 16:44:32

He was a thug

41.38% (12)

cops fault

20.69% (6)

dont know

17.24% (5)


20.69% (6)


Hearing that the local police have been relieved of duty, the State County Police being shooed the hell away and probably going to be receiving some discipline, then the new head guy (from the State PD) marching with fellow protestors ... well, it just was nice to see that some public servants know how to work with the people.

There's still a lot more that needs to happen, but it has some momentum now. People got pissed, and hopefully that anger won't go away too quickly. Instead I'd like to see it transferred to some legislation to help increase accountability of Law Enforcement.

To spend all that money, get so much equipment and still fight against personal cameras is just too much. Too many truly think of civilians as second-class citizens once that uniform goes on.

Smokin Joe
- 2014-08-14 20:13:07

At this point, I blame the media for fanning the flames of this incident. I've done my best to ignore the Ferguson news, but it's everywhere. I think it has become a self perpetuating news cycle (until something more interesting happens elsewhere). It's like the news media is in full blown cheerleading mode hoping that things continue to escalate.

I just don't know how this thing gets resolved. People have the right to assemble. People have the right to be pissed off about how Brown was killed. People have the right to be suspicious of how the news media was treated by local law enforcement in Ferguson. However, the violence on Friday night (shootings/Molotov cocktails at police) and continued property crimes against the citizens of Ferguson (looting, etc) can't be ignored by law enforcement.

What do you do when the presence of law enforcement is inciting certain agitators to act up, and at the same time these acts require the presence of law enforcement to investigate and protect the public interest? Law enforcement can't abandon the town. The troopers can't just strip down a minimal level of protective gear when items are being thrown and people are getting shot.

The governor hoped to diffuse the situation by removing the local police and sending in a different set of uniforms (the State Police). The State Police Captain did his best to reach out to the public and send the message that peaceful assembly would not be infringed upon. But the situation continues to deteriorate, and now the National Guard is involved. I'm not sure how it works at the state level, but I'm speculating the governor will have to declare some form of emergency and expand the curfew. This really sucks for the people who live and work in that town and who could give a fuck less about the protests. Law and order needs to be maintained, and some liberties may be curtailed in order to clamp down on a handful of provocateurs. All the while though, you can bet the news media will be chirping and talking heads will be yakking away about the police state.

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Man pulls over unmarked cop car
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Dirty Cop Recap
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