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Thursday, April 19th, 2018SUGGEST NEWS

Sea of Thieves: My first decent video - WATCH MY VIDEO AHOLES!
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on April 19th, 2018 @ 12:25PM

If anyone is planning on joining, let me know. My nick is NEBU7777 on XBOX.

To beat the game you need 50/50/50 rep. I'm at 31/29/26

The stories are interesting but videos are better. I finally gave you some good content on here, so watch it.

Content Plans - hah they shipped without any content then plan on adding it. haha.

Me and our 2 person boat headed toward a skeletal raid LIKE THE ONLY CONTENT. This time a galleon was there. They seemed like complete idiots. We camped out by a rock. We had 3 explosive barrels and tried to swim them toward the ship a crazy long distance but the patch seemed to ramp up the sharks big time. One encounter had 7 sharks and you only have 5 shots to your gun. So we lost all 3 barrels. THEN some how they got on our ship and nearly sank it but bigred saved it.

They gathered all the treasure and ran. We chased them. We've made the decision to quit chasing people but ignored it and chased them. They were super stupid and turned toward us. Then they got caught by the Kraken, which we suspect are triggered by TONS of treasure or a skeletal ford horde of treasure. So I anchored out of range and started slamming them with the cannon. Bigred started swimming toward them and got onboard and killed a couple. Then one of theirs got on my boat and tried to kill me. But the moron was trying to kill me with a sniper gun. But I suck so it took me forever but I finally got him.

Then they sank. I've never even seen that. The damage from my cannons, + kraken + no one repairing? + Bigred killing them sank their boat. Awesome! But then the treasure was all floating.

When the treasure is in the water you have like 3 mins to get it before it sinks. However you can keep it from sinking by "bumping" each item. I swam over to start bumping them but every time I moved, a stupid Krakken tentacle got me. So lame. Each time one would drop me, another would pick me up. But eventually the Krakken despawned.

I was able to get 3 sinking items really deep back up to the surface and the water was DARK because of the krakken. Then we got them all onboard and were able to turn them in. They thought it was all lost to the Krakken but we managed to save it all and turn it in, haha.

I did a 2 person sloop with BigRed (Kali Compton). We try to do a Skeletal raid and a total of 4 sloops showed up. What a nightmare. Sharing items sucks. We came up on a Galleon fighting with a sloop. We allied with the sloop against the galleon and forced them to run. Then we both landed and started clearing skeletons. But our partners were the worst. They were useless. They sat in their boat sniping. Then the skeletons killed them. Another sloop showed up, then a 4th came up and killed one of them. So it ends up just two sloops again. We got to the boss, just when a galleon of pros showed up, sank us all, drove our boat into the rocks. killed us and stole the treasure. We were just ONE second from killing the boss and getting the key. We sailed back and they pulled away. We tried chasing them forever but their ship was too fast. Then 2 of them jumped off and turned in the best rewards. There was no way to get them.

So we go back to questing, and then see another skull in the sky. We're hoping for an UNCONTESTED skeletal raid. This time we tried to be the dicks who come in at the last moment and steal the treasure. But this other boat grabbed the key and ran away. We chased them for 3-4 hours. haha. There's like no way to catch someone. A few times we got close enough to shoot. Like 4 times they jumped off and boarded us and dropped our anchor to slow us down but we kept with them. Finally at 2am we're like f it, and went back to camp the turn-in. They were so scared. Eventually they change their ship design and try to sneak back. I started to swim 10 mins an explosive barrel out to get them but finally they moved and 2 sharks got me. My buddy killed their scout at the treasure but then died to the sharks too haha. So then they went back to running again. We chased them another 20 mins. We tried to bargin with them and split the treasure but they refused to deal. Then as far as I can tell they logged off and we all got nothing. I taped an xbox controller with me moving and went to bed but the tape fell off and I got logged out. I think maybe I could use some of the macros built in to my keyboard to keep from afk-ing out. Oh well. haha. I think we're done chasing people. The lamest aspect is the person runs with the key and can hide it anywhere in the world and come back whenever. They need to have a time limit or at least a message about key status like capture the flag games.

So last night in Sea of Thieves. our 4 person galleon rolls up on the only content a Skeletal. Raid. We have clear waves of skeletons then fight a boss for a key to the treasure. Well we sank 1 galleon that came after us. Then it brings back a smaller ship (teamed) then it's 6 on 4. We sank the galleon a 2nd time. Then our ship was full of so many holes and out of stuff for repairs so we had to bail out. The final boss drops a key to the treasure, my galleon buddy steals it and swims off but they killed him and got the key. So we rush in and we have to face an equal galleon and 2 sloops (2 person boats). I sank one sloop solo then used that ship to sink the other one. haha. But the enemy galleon runs off with the key to the fort and hid it in the world

so we spend like 5 hours camping the island, and trying to find them, finally we found them, and kept sinking them but could never find the f-ing key to the treasure room. Eventually they led us to a NEW skeletal raid as some way to get us to keep chasing them and then went back and claimed the treasure, so we both got treasure but then we raced back to stop them, but were too late haha. We wouldn't have camped them so hardcore but they kept spamming emotes at us when they killed us. "rolls on the deck laughing, etc".

f-rs man killed them like 6 times could not get the key, all you gotta do is land on any island and hide it


someone pulled a new scam on us. They saw us coming to turn in treasure. Scuttled their ship (sank) and then it appears like there's no one there. We took our best treasure chest to turn in, only to be met with 3 people with shotguns haha. Lost our awesome chests. So the counter is now to take your WORST chest first, to test haha

we picked up this sailing nerd to drive our boat. He's all telling us which sails to put up/down and which way to turn them all the time. He was helping us chase this ship down with his pro sailing skills


So we see this galleon ashore, and we knew they would go to the skeletal raid. We were full of treasure though so we had to land and unload. But another sloop was there. We started turning in the treasure while this other sloop started shooting at us. But we ran over and sank it and killed them haha. Then turned in.

Yesterday me and my kid did a solo fort takedown with a Sloop. Then later on, we did a 4 galleon vs. another (sank them 2x) and sank a sloop and got all the treasure haha. I have 164kg now. Enough to buy a haul design.

Then we made our way to island. We grabbed 2 explosive barrels and started swimming toward them. Bigred took them out and I dropped the barrel then lost track of it. haha. I failed. But the thing was already sinking. Then you can hear what the other team is saying. They're like "THEY'RE NOT FRIENDLY. I TOLD YOU." hahahahaha So funny. Then they discover their ship is sinking and they can't stop it. hahahah. Then we finished them off. Then we started to clear the skeletons. You have to kill wave after wave and then kill a boss. We kept a watch out for the other ship coming. They started to charge us, BUT Bigred swam toward them with another barrel and blew it up and sank them a 2nd time. Then we went back to clearing. A sloop tried to charge us and we lit them up with 3 cannnons. We hit them with every shot and they said "omg I have never seen that many cannon balls." hahaha. They didn't come back either. We cleared it all and turned in. Epic.


The person took a galleon and shot over a person onto our boat then were about to ram us. It didn't record my audio only my Kali Compton bros. I need to figure out how to fix that with Geforce Experience + Discord.


Man Sea of Thieves has zero content but the gameplay is so much
 fun. We rolled up on a galleon who had just finished a skeleton raid,
which unlocks a treasure room with like 16+ items. What’s great is they
 did all the work and we didn’t have to do any tedious skeletal event clearing. 

We lined up and broad sided them, then we kept fighting it out, they'd
 get on our ship, then we'd get on their ship. Then I went over and said
 screw this and got an explosive barrel and blew it up on their ship, as
 my teammate did too.

During the fighting one guy kept doing laps in our second floor eating
bananas and restocking, and we hit him a good 10x and he didn’t die
. He kept healing. He drained our whole banana barrel. 

We sank them, and got the 2 big items of of the treasure. So they
 respawn with a new ship then are on their way back, but the Krakken
got them. So we can see them trapped by the kraken, and we're like
 crap, we gotta loot as much as we can before they fight their way out. My teammates just wanted to run with the good items and I sent them
 off.  But I stayed behind and went into the skeleton treasure room and start grabbing shit  and hiding it. I hid it in the bushes, inside a tower, haha. I found a really good hiding spot. 

So the enemy galleon finally get free of the krakken and start chasing
us, and i respawned (teleported) on the ship, and we turn in the most expensive  stuff as they are rushing to land to stop us. But they were too slow and we got it all turned in.

so they all just log off, hahahahaha. so funny then we go back to the
 island and get the REST of the treasure, they thought we'd taken it all
 and turned it in but I hid it. And even if they went back to the island to
 see if any was left, I had a good hiding spot they would have missed. 

They got totally screwed, we stole all of their treasure.

3/28 - Last night we got beat up and robbed. Then got beat up and robbed a 2nd time. haha. zero progress for the night. Learned a few tips though.


The two hardest things in the game currently appear to be

  • : killing a KRAKKEN -not sure how you do it, we've defeated it like 4x, but it just lets you go. Who knows.
  • :gaining control of a treasure room after killing a skeleton boss in a public raid.

So we went in and SOLOed a skeleton fort with just 4 of us. It was so hard. We got all the treasure and were on our way to turn in. It was massive amounts, maybe 10k gold. Then I made the dumb decision to tell someone to move an explosive barrel. They did and it triggered somehow (button?) then it blew up our ship. Then it appears if your boat sinks with treasure, there's no way to save it. I guess the treasure chests float for a few mins. I don't know about all the other stuff. We rushed back to scene of the crash but could never find it PLUS the stupid ass Kraken hit us 2x. So it was like so devistating. Luckily a few days later we got the previous story I posted where we beat all the crews and finally got a treasure home but I'll always think about how my rep/money could be higher if we didn't lose this batch. haha.

we 3 manned the skeleton isle beat 3 crews and turned it all in
sea of thieves is an unforgetable experience haha
3 galleons roll up to the skeleton raid isle
ours fought this other one then a 3rd one showed up
the 3rd one sank our boat
then we teamed with the first people vs, the 3rd
and owned them
then we worked together 4 + 4 to clear the skeleton and kill the boss
and then the boss drops a key to massive treasure
well the fux steal the key and run to their boat
only i put an explosive barrel next to it
i grab it, get on their ship
blow a girl on their team + me and the ship up!
then we had to get like 30 laps of loot to our ship before anyone came
some newb joined and instead of fucking us over, actually helped do laps
we got ita ll on the ship
and turned it all in, and got like WEEK Of loot
story of a lifetime haha
laps and laps of turning chests in and selling items from the raid
oh then the fucken kraken attacks us as we're going to turn in
but we fought it off and turned in

it was nuts
first we were trying to sink them
then he turned on voice chat and worked out a deal with 2 chicks
so we 7 were killing the stuff
and we had some stupid newb that was in then left
but a 3rd one rolls up, and immediately sinks our ship
then goes and tries to sink the other one
then we DOUBLE teamed their stupid ass
we had 2 cannon towers going + their ship hitting at them until they left
then we went back to teaming
until the key drops
this stupid girl runs with the key to the ship
ethan's like they're turning on us
so i had this explosive barrel right outside their ship, grabbed it
got inboard and blew me, her and the ship up
so then that left a few of them on there
but we killed htem
then stole it ALL haha
so if they would ateamed they coulda got the loot too
but they were fux
one chest was 3000g

Yesterday. We finally got a 4 person crew going on galleon.

The dumb thing doesn't let you keep slots open or lock them for party members to join a 4 person galleon. So we had 3 out of 4 slots taken and were saving the last for someone rebooting but a "rando" joined. So what you have to do to free the slot is everyone votes the person to the Brig. Then hope the person quits out to free up the slot. But the guy was so sad about it. He's like "i'm sorry" I'll try to do better and role played it up. We felt so bad we took him out haha. Then could never get our 4th person in the party in the ship.

we felt morally bad/evil for trying to get our party member in at his expense when he did nothing wrong. haha.

Next day: We grinded out some quests. The quest to gather animals and shit are so hard. Didn't complete any of those. We say a tentacle in the water and went to fight it as did another galleon but it appeared it's the KRAKEN but it was bugged out or something. You could shoot the tenticle all you wanted and nothing ever happened. When you get in the water it's super hard to see under water, it's all black and bloody or something. Then we found you could use your sword to attack the tenticle. It also made epic sounds whenever you hit it.

Skeleton Island. We got a quest to kill 1/2 pirate skeletons on an island. When we got there, there were these weird glow in the dark green skeletons. We tried forever to kill them but they were unkillable. We even bombarded them with the ships cannons. A guy on the ship said maybe you can't kill them at night and that was the solution. Once it was day we could kill them. They still were a bitch to kill.

Me and bigred teamed with some randoms all night. You need 4 to man the galleon but it was just us two. We got one idiot who jacked our cannon balls then quit out. We got another idiot who drove the boat off when we were trying to loot some supply barrels floating in the water. Morons. -

We land our boat, and there's an enemy boat. And you could just do your business but they started attacking. So I'm fighting this guy and he makes some death sound over voice chat as he dies, I died laughing. It takes the party voice chat and shares it with everyone in the area.
They were total idiots, we had our galleon anchored and theirs was anchored and we were nailing hte fuck out of their boat. Then we shot ourselves over to their boat with the cannon (you can launch yourself) and killed them all haha

one thing i dont' like is voice chat is pretty much req
but you get people who just swear like mad. We got one group that was a thug mexican guy and then a black guy. And I was amazed it didn't turn racial, it just was all professional., haha. Maybe the players in this game are more sophisticated or gaming has advanced in the last 5-10 years.


Game was crazy buggy at the start but after hours, we got in. Me and Bigread had tons of fun on the 2 person boat. We killed some other 2 person boat. We got a couple of quests done.

This has been the best gaming experience I've had in a very very long time. It's not as polished as some games and it lacks "content" but it is relentlessly fun. It does require more chunks of time than most games these days, but if you have the time, I highly recommend it.

- 2018-04-06 17:09:36

Special Ops

April 16th, 2018 @ 1:49PM

Brooklyn, NY
Posts: 356
These are my favorite stories in long time!
Kali Compton

April 6th, 2018 @ 5:09PM

Posts: 94
This has been the best gaming experience I've had in a very very long time. It's not as polished as some games and it lacks "content" but it is relentlessly fun. It does require more chunks of time than most games these days, but if you have the time, I highly recommend it.
The Fu

April 6th, 2018 @ 7:24AM

Northeast USA
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March 29th, 2018 @ 7:04PM

Posts: 69
No, you`re, "That guy"

Please uninstall the internet!
The Fu

March 26th, 2018 @ 8:46AM

Northeast USA
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I`m not trying to be "that guy" but it`s galleon, not gallon.

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