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Monday, February 12th, 2018SUGGEST NEWS

Amazon Path To Success
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 12th, 2018 @ 11:59PM

Reviewer ranking #1,761

761 more ranks and I can get a badge!

It took 11 months but here's all I did:

1. Review all the crap you've ever bought. I got a few items that I got upwards of 50 votes.
2. Slowly climb the review ladder
3. Start spinning on Amazon Giveaways. I spent like 8-12 hours of it a day or more. I won about $500 of crap or more. Then I reviewed all the crap I won.
4. Slowly climb the ladder.
5. Keep reviewing any shit you buy.
6. Beg for helpful votes. Not sure if that is ok or not.
7. Finally made it to the top 10,000.

Try to make top 1,000, top 500.

Now people are tripping all over themselves to offer free stuff for review.

If you want to help out My Profile you can follow my profile or check through my reviews to see what items I'm checking out and be sure to click HELPFUL.

The only supported program, though is the Amazon Vine program which no one knows how to get in. (I'm not a member). The goal certainly is to join them.

I'm 5 starring everything then dropping the stars if the items suck. So far I've only ran into about 2-3 crappy items though. Apparently having NOTHING but 5 star is bad "overwhelming positive" so I'm as legit as I can in the stars. If they company is GOOD they will try to fix the problem and send you one that works or help you out. If the company looted and ran, they don't care if you hate their product and 1 star.

1 star is actually a way to get the companies to bend over backwards to fix the review. One item I got was broken and I 1 starred it, they sent me a replacement so I fixed their review. If you were a real dick you'd 1 star everything to loot more but that's low class. I'm honest about my votes. But it's something to keep in mind if they try to burn you on an item. They sold a $50+ hose and it had 50% reviews and broke in only like a month. I put that at 1 star. The company skipped town though.

If you review heavily discounted products, you are not flagged with "verified purchase" but you still can review slightly discounted items no problem.

You can review up to 5 things you never purchased on Amazon a week. Take advantage of that.

I've noticed people in China buy an item off their China Amazon, then slap their logo on it, then sell it in America Amazon. It's all the same crap with different labels. Try plugging the image into images.google.com and see if you see the same crap being sold by different sellers. I just put the same review on the item if it's the same damn item with a different label.

I've caught people having like 5 storefronts. All with similar names, selling the same crap. I started looking up people's IPS and dumping them into a spreadsheet. Then I click on their storefront to see that they're selling the same crap, etc.

Don't trust the reviews you see unless you really look into it. Often reviews are fake. You can plug it into https://www.fakespot.com/


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