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Friday, October 13th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Finally got FREE TV
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 13th, 2017 @ 10:59PM

Wow someone downvoted my review. Upvote my review somehow to balance it out :(

My amazon review is about the same as the post I would make so I'll just cut and paste it in here. I now at least get HD NBC and HD ABC. Also I get HD PBS for whatever that is worth. I've love to have cable again but I can't afford another $200 a month for that nonsense.

I ditched cable in 2008. The cost was just getting insane at $140 a month. I can't imagine what it would cost me today. I've saved over $10,000 ditching cable and just getting everything online., or netflix subscription. Well when there's some sort of disaster or the olympics or sporting event, I'm missing live TV. For years my girlfriend has said we need an antenna for that situation but I've been too lazy. I saw this item and it seems technology has progressed where you can get some decent FREE TV again. Yay.

I picked this up. One thing to note is find the instructions inside the box. I wasn't sure what to do, having not read the instructions but just looking it over, it seemed pretty straightforward. I plugged the USB into my TV and there's just one cable connection. Nothing worked but that was because I was missing the KEY step of going into your TV options and scan for channels. This is covered in the included instructions.

After learning the channels, it found 91+ channels in the LA area. Most of them are garbage but there was about 10 pretty decent channels. There were about 3 GOOD HD channels too. So overall I'd say this was worth it. I recommend. I especially liked Spanish Knightrider or it dug up the show ALF again on the "ME" channel. haha


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