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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Pirates of the Carribbean : TOW
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on October 10th, 2017 @ 4:20PM

Disclaimer: I'm an employee of Blizzard Entertainment, my opinions are my own and not reflective of the company.

So in Pirates, I'm still playing month 4+. 80% of the players on the map are abandoned towns of people who quit. I'm a scavenger in the dead space zone where I pick the scraps of what is left. haha. I'm a master at it. I've slayed 700 newbs. My first try at it, I got #3 on the server on the ladder with the entire top players hunting and trying to kill me. At level 26 (Max is 30) i Have ZERO chance of even damaging them. So you have ot just run from them.

This game is PAY TO PLAY nightmare. All the top players formed one guild and none of the rest of the server can ever even touch or hurt them most of the time. Many of them have paid $5,000 to play. On top of that, they're the biggest douchbag assholes EVER. They call people poor who haven't spent that much. One is even an oil Barron from the UAE (with the gold bars). So that's how these games work, they want you to give your whole life away in $ to the game devs like a casino. But they don't even TRY to balance it so you can even fight these people in a PVP game. They have 7 fleets and the regular people can only have 4 fleets.

So your only hope is to try to play without giving them all your money and do what you can vs. the people who are overpowered. I'd say mainly you just want to skip these games in general. They're just money grabs disabling game play behind cash payments. But for me, I thought this game was different. I'm still able to defeat all the people below me (which seems to be like 2800 people or so), but the top 70 or so people, I can't even touch.

Well I had a table flipping moment today:

I was out assaulting (teleports your base to where you want to go but your REAL base is behind), and the top guild finds my town in the middle of the ocean, builds a temp base around it, then blocked the assault, that sent me back but canceled out my shield because magically I was in THEIR base. then like 4 of their top guys destroyed my base while I couldn’t shield. They pay 1,000 gold and stack speed boosts to make the ships hit you instantly. There’s zero defense. You can’t see what is around you at your last base that you’ll teleport back to. You can only see where you are NOW. Total game exploit. They can already beat you 1v1 no matter what but now they can cancel your only defense, the SHIELD.

Guild Power Rankings

AU1:   2.6 BILLION power level
RS: 1.8 B
DFD: 1.6B  etc…
my guild is only 778M in power. 

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