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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Ingress is the most cheated game I've ever played
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on June 20th, 2017 @ 4:35PM

Disclaimer: I'm an employee of Blizzard Entertainment. The opinions below are my own and not representative of the company.

I've played games since 1980, 37 years. This game is the most cheated game I've ever played. Even FPS games where you have a wall hacker, aimbotter, IN EVERY ROUND YOU PLAY are LESS CHEATED than this game. I've played Ingress for 4.5 years now. I am near top 200 globally, and was rank #91 at one time. And I was I think the 13th person to Level 16.

Ingress is cheated by spoofing, by multiple accounts (you can create as many as you want and use as many as you want simultaneously with hacks.) One high level reported this bot has been sitting in the same location for 3 fucking years, and they haven't done anything about it.

The game is a GPS "game" where the intention is you go to the locations and play. However, people fake their location on their phone or on their computers at home and completely ruin the game play. So many people have been driven out of the game because they don't want to spend mine/time going places only to have some jerk at home spoofing to counter them. A few months back, someone spoofed the entire New Zealand. Niantic (NIA), creators of Ingress and Pokemon Go, took the extraordinary action of fixing those. But typically they do nothing to help.

A single spoofing person can control and affect the entire area, making the game unplayable at times.

The main problem is, players learn who spoofs, all report them via their ingress help system. The company's support just closes your ticket and marks as "solved" without even doing anything about it. We all know who spoofs (both sides) and we can never get anyone to do anything to help us against the spoofers.

This one spoofer has been spoofing for FUCKING 4 years. Who the fuck cheats for 4 years in a game. This guy is diabolical socipath. We finally got him banned for 1 and 1/2 years. He just created a new account and had it back up in a month, then also had 8+ more accounts one either side. A normal company would go, oh well we see you were banned before, we'll believe that you're up to this again especially as shitloads of people report you. But not Niantic. They keep doing nothing and let the person now have (2) main accounts and 8+ alts. + storage on all those alts while the cap is supposed to be 2,000 per player. Instead they're running around with at least 20,000 inventory space. It's impossible to ever run them out of gear. They loot with all their alts, they refil from their alts. They loot keys x accounts on portals so they can always link to a portal when a regular 1 person would not have the key everytime.

So the problem is, there's ZERO help and ZERO support. Two people can control an entire town with spoofing and no one can do much to stop them. That's when you need the game creator's help, and they never give it. One time, a now deceased employee said, "we don't like to ban cheaters because they'll just come back and cheat more."

Each person they've banned for cheating/spoofing, they allow to just create a new account and it's 1-7 days until they're "max" usable level again. And they never keep track of who was banned before and treat every account as a new person. It's so dumb.

I've completely given up trusting or expecting them to do anything about cheating. They've also mistakenly banned (4) major players so far for cheating who were not cheating. So they ban the people who are just playing and don't ban the people who are obviously cheating.

So pokemon Go launched and the people cheat even worse at that game. It's like 80% cheating. They tried various game methods but everyone was cheating. In most situations it didn't affect you except in the case of battling over gyms which was the only combat in the game. You were facing people who are level 30-40 when the possible level was more realistically 20-30 at the beginning.

So, Niantic has really redefined mobile gaming by creating GPS games. They've captured how cool a GPS game could be with more gameplay or actual cheating inforcement. However, both games have little to no gameplay, and they do nothing against the cheaters which pretty much ruins the game. I kept waiting for them to add a game designer and start adding fun gameplay, but it never happened. The game hasn't had any new content in like 2+ years when they added Level 16 back in 2014. The creator said ingress is a "tech demo" and it remains as such, waiting for them or someone else to build an actual game on the GPS game format. They are working on multiple projects so maybe they'll partner with someone who can create an actual game. I look forward to the day when a "REAL" game comes out using that format.

So why keep playing? Monopoly. There's no other gps games. There's one beta of a game from India but it's not up right now. Additionally they made (5-6) year achievements. I'm on year 4 of 5 year achievements. Also there's only 3 or so defenders vs. 60 enemy players (they do nothing to help even the teams) so if I quit, everyone will quit.


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