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Monday, July 17th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Pirates of the Caribbean: TOW Gameplay - Android / iOS
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on July 17th, 2017 @ 5:08PM

FRENCH GUILD. So my coworker merged our guild with a french guild which made me French. The guild chat is in french. But days later I discovered a button I can push to translate. So then we server merged and now I'm in a french guild but there's Americans with little American flags over their towns. But I have a FRENCH flag over my town. I'm caught on the wrong side. I'm supposed to kill Americans. That just goes against everything about me, being french attaching americans. But the French guild WAS #1 until the server merge. They were serious bad asses with tons of research and help so I was willing to sell out to be a part of it. hahaha.

7/17 - Almost about to level up to 20 if I get enough resources. Max level seems to be 30 now.

6/25 - Game on Google Play (or Iphone). AND found out this week you can play the game on your computer with "Facebook Gameroom" looks better, the only weird thing is the vertical view. So awesome. Our guild is major bad ass. Alliances., group attacks.

7/5 - FINALLY got enough resources to upgrade my town hall to level 18. Max level is 27 and I'm 1 month behind. I coulda joined a week earlier but I was lazy. What's funny is my work guild merged with the #1 guild on the server, which is a French guilds. Which is ok but their messages and guild chat are all in French. I used google translate to tell them I like turtles. But they are INSANELY powerful. Their base scrolls for 3-5 screens. So we're selling out to France but they're the best guild haha.

Remember the days when we would all pile on a game? Subspace? Those days are lost cuz you are living up to your deal. Play pirates, it rules. Our base is amazing.

I'm at level 13, stuck on upgrading to L14. I discovered some mistakes. When you go to trade, you have to pick "automatic sell" or you have to manually do it. So like 30 voyages my ships were returning by doing nothing before I figured it out.

I'm up to level 13. It's mostly just basic clicking/busy work. Still pretty addicting.

Some guys at work said play this game. This is MY type of game. I have to try it. Server #18. I haven't had time to start it yet.


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