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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Women + Ingress
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 17th, 2017 @ 1:50PM

The enemy (and some of the allied) women sure hate me at this game. I'm on 4 years and 5 months. They stalk the SHIT out of me. Their entire days revolve around where I go and what I'm doing. You think, oh there's no way anyone would get in their car over me would they? But it's been happening for 4+ years. I think I drive them crazy with my epic arrogant shit talking skills in chat. 22+ years of IRC/etc. If they really hate me, they should just ignore me, and not care what I do. That's the best defense.

Why women like this game so much, I don't know. It's barely a game, it's officially a tech demo. I did notice the quality level of women went up massively going to Pokemon. I started to see hot women.

  • Some follow me in their cars
  • Some try to follow me on foot while I'm on my bike. Dumb b's
  • They will go anywhere that I go, often right after or at least the next day.
  • If I go somewhere stupid, where it would make no sense to get in the car and go there because I went there, THEY STILL GO there. Even if the points make no sense on the map. They will drive an hour for a single portal that I take.
  • One time I went to an island, AND THEY FUCKING FOLLOWED ME TO THE ISLAND later on. hahah.
  • One sat outside the portal by my house for 2 hours the other day. Nutjobs. haha.
  • Few times they will somehow gain access to our work courtyard then sit there hours, camping the place.
  • Some will come back to the portal by my house upwards of 3 times in a day to get me.
  • This one sea hag, I like to call her. The bridge troll, didn't like that I might get a badge, so she sent someone from another CITY to come follow me around. hahaha.

I'd love to leave them all behind and move to a different game. Many of them are super fat and ugly and one of them even gives me the falling feeling every time I see her face. I prepare myself for how ugly she is, but it always catches me. Her voice sounds like she gargles rocks.

One thing is clear, it's the most women harassing the shit out of me game ever and it's the most women I've ever pissed off at anything. haha. I seem to have this amazing gift of causing them to go crazy in real life.


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