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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017SUGGEST NEWS

Metal Detecting
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on February 15th, 2017 @ 3:35PM

2/15 - My metal detector has arrived an unfortunately, I've had to work all day waiting to go home and try it. I'm going to pack it up and go to my field I always go to. I sure hope they don't ever bar me from my field of 4 years or I'll get suicidal.

2/11 - OK I ordered another detector. I still have to sell my old one. I have it on craiglist and company for sale list for $180-200.

Garrette AT Pro. $550. There's still better detectors but the next jump is like $1,500. $1,000 MORE! The ultimate goal is to find things that help you buy better metal detectors and then sell your old ones. If you find some good gold/rings etc, that's possible. I was able to ALMOST find as much as the detector cost. $200.

To fund the purchase:

  • Trying to sell old detector for $180-$200.
  • $100 off this site for a period of 6 months coming in. A long time ago someone used to pay me like $20 a month. Those were the days. There were two golden months MANY years ago where I got a total of $500.
  • Found $130 in change with last detector to turn in
  • Won Amazon Gift Certificate $30
  • Load Amazon Gift balance, extra $5
  • Got $70 gift card for signing up for one Amazon card.
  • Got ANOTHER $50 for signing up for another Amazon card. I only lost (1) credit score for adding those. That's worth it. my score is awesome.

Guess Minelab 3030 is the best detector out there. But $2,500! haha. I can dream.

I'm thinking of the Garrett AT Pro. I'm going to sell my detector and pool my money and upgrade.


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