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Monday, May 16th, 2016SUGGEST NEWS

NEW Metal Detector Thread
Posted by: Nebuchadnezzar on May 16th, 2016 @ 3:46PM

5/16/2016 - Everytime I think my field of money might be out of money, I keep finding more. I discovered if I jack up the sensitivity to max (when they recommend 2 down), I find more. I tried the parkinglot where we found nothing a year or two back, and now there's tons of money all over it. I always go until it's dark then quit. I tried going M-F but the security guards won't let me park in the field during that time. On the weekends they seem to ignore me. They did put up 2 signs saying NO PARKING, just for me though, hahahaha.

4/20/2016 - I was metal detecting along and this dumb security guard drives his stupid golf cart way into the field to tell me I can't park there. haha. It's fine on the weekends but during school time, i guess they want their $$$$. They raised the parking to extreme numbers, like $3 per day. That's more than I would find in the field.

4/19/2016 - I keep going back to my field. The quarters never stop dropping. It's a horrible way to make money haha. I might be up to $34 on that one field. I'm learning new things about my detector and finding things by going back again and again. Since my last visit a week apart or two, grass has grown when the field was all dirt.

1/27/2016 - Dug up $12 over the last two weekends. Which is huge for me. Dug up another $2 or so today. The mine might be running out but I've got $30 so far. haha. I look all over OC for stuff and the answer to the loot is right next to my house.

1/21/2016 - Finally dug up my first SILVER coin. In the same field I keep digging in. I got a 1960 silver quarter. I also dug up a boy scout belt loop which seems to indicate they had some event there. Link

Thank you to: Erik G, Brilliant Marine, Coagine!, Adam S (Shotty!), Enforcerman, Steve W, Richard Cao, Wayne L, nicholas p

Total Haul: $110.00+

1/16/2016 - Dug up about $6.80 in 2 visits to the corner near my house. They set up a big halloween area, then xmas tree farm there. So far i've dug up: $13.34 there.

From Metal Detecting
  • 7/6 - Spent 5 hours yesterday looking. I found a keychain thing that is gold but i don't think it's made out of gold. Didn't come home with more than $1. but I did get another special frisbee that I could use. haha. I tried Hungtinton Beach and found 3 pennies. My detector sucks at the beach I guess. 5 failed trips now.
  • 6/22 - Yesterday I went to Mile Square Park, a park so big, you can see it from space. So I expected since it was in a ghetto area IMO (Fountain Valley), I'd find something, but I only came away with like 9 cents. Total waste of time.
  • 4/25 - We dug for about 2 hours and got $3.86 at my best park, bringing it to a total of $12 we've dug out of this small area next to a Basketball court. I don't know why they lost so much change there but it sure was fun digging it up.
  • 4/18 - dug for about 5 hours, we came up with about $3 maybe.
  • Found a rifle bullet that had been fired. Kinda cool.

    Turns out we found a silver ear ring. No idea if there are diamonds in here or not.

    From Metal Detecting

    Went to the beach and found this necklace. Thinking it's worth nothing. Also went to Irvine's oldest park and historical area. Only came away with $1.25 haha.

    From Metal Detecting


    • 4/13 - We found what looks like a 3 ring piece of jewelry that is broken. No idea if it's worth anything. I guess we'll see.
    • 2/18 - We went back to the college and found $4.20 in some hay/ditch next to where they run the Pumpkin Patch and Xmas Tree farm. It was so fun. Momette is getting better at digging.
    • 12/3/2014 - Took my metal detector to Thanksgiving. I checked a park and a school near my aunt's farm. Nothing. No money whatsoever :(
    • 8/31 - I got the rock tumbler and cleaned the coins. It was way easier than the way I was trying. Check out all the ones I've collected.

    I found what my lady thinks to be a tiny tiny silver ring. In a ghetto park in Santa Ana.

    From Metal Detecting

    Look what I found tonight haha

  • 8/30 - Went on a beach trip yesterday and did about $2.20 at Dana Point. I think I found my first treasure. Check out:

    Someone thinks that it's a broach or necklace. It says STERLING on it, so it must be silver. Wonder how much it's worth? Thoughts?

    From Metal Detecting
  • 8/25 - I was doing it at the beach yesterday, and the most annoying thing is the people that bug the shit out of you. This Mexican woman kept leaning into my hole going "YOU FIND GOLD?" I am polite the first few times but then I start ignoring people and ignoring them when they keep asking non stop questions like what did you find, every damn hole. I try to be nice until they push it and won't leave you alone after it's appropriate. Some people don't know when it's proper to stop bugging people. Like I said, it's more fun at night cuz the people leave you alone.

    Yesterday this little mexican kid would NOT leave me alone. I tell these kids, go back to your parents. This little fat fuck would not listen at all. I tried going in circles and he just thought that was fun and kept following me. I asked him 4-5 times to go back to his parents and he refused. He would lean over the hole then insult every thing I found. That's the most annoying thing, when fuckers insult what you're finding. It's a fun hobby when people aren't being fucks about it. This fat fuck little kid was just a bloob with 2 feet at the bottom. Looked like he drinks (3) 64 ozers a day and 10 bags of chips. I really hate OPKs (other people's kids when they're little shits).

    Last week about 6 Asian kids were swarming me at like 10pm at night in a park. They would not go away or leave me alone all over the park. It's nice how the parents never give a shit that their kids are talking to some stranger in parks. When they're the most annoying, the kids get so close you can't even sweep the detector to find anything. Or you start to find something and the annoying kids sit on a hole before you can even dig it.
    I try to be as polite as I can, answering their first few questions. But if they push it, I quit answering. But then they just repeat their question 100x. I really hate trying to babysit other people's kids. Where are the parents. As I said, one day this mom told 20 kids, to actually go bug me and ask lots of questions.

    I appreciate the curiosity and that's why I'm doing it also, but most of these people don't know when it's time to leave you alone. They stand in the light so you can't see what you're digging. They stand in the way of the detector that you need to sweep back and forth. They have metal on them that sets it off sometimes. And I'm so sick of people insulting what I find. "OH ONLY A PENNY?" Sometimes that's a way to ditch them. Tell them I never find anything (lie), and say it's just a penny. They get bored and leave.

    I got one method of ditching them. I just stand there, and play on my phone, they get bored and leave. It's the same tricks you need to use playing ingress.

    People also think you're homeless whenever you do it, despite walking around with $500+ of equipment haha. That part doesn't bug me as much but sometimes the people go "Oh do you need to find the money?" Yes, give me $5 you dumbass! (gets in sports car).

  • 4/24 - My sniper coil cover fell off somewhere in the dark but I managed to convince Amazon to credit it for me cuz it sucked and didn't fit right. Then I ordered a 2nd one.
  • 4/17 - Last night blew. All these parks and only 5 pennies.
  • 4/14 - Best places so far, around basketball courts, at places where people park at a park right in front of their cars, and trees where people sit down.
  • 4/14 - I'm so sore. I'm really getting sick of pennies. I'll show you how many I have, so many haha.
  • 4/13 - You really start to learn about people's behavior. I'm finding lots of dimes and I figured out kids probably kept those to call their parents back before cellphones. I also learned basketball courts are the best place for money. People set their money down to play, then lose it. I've made MOST of my money around several basketball courts.
  • 4/13 - Playgrounds? I have made $5-10 off playgrounds and they give the coins with the best condition BUT every idiot with a detector checks there. I'm making most of my money just digging in the grass. Sometimes I really jack the grass up but I run. haha.
  • 4/13 - What's a CHANGE DUMP? Someone sits down by a tree or whever and drops their change. I found a fresh change dump for the first time at a park I was farming for the 2nd time. That's interesting to see. My biggest change dump was 4 quarters, which i was super happy about or 10 dimes in a hole.
  • 4/13 - Dug all day, made about $4. I went to the ghetto basketball court and that had plenty. At the second oldest park in Irvine I found $.80 with 3 more baseball fields to check. I suspect there's a lot more.
  • 4/12 - Went to 3 parks, only made about $2.17 yesterday. I need another ghetto park where they all drop money.
  • 4/11 - Beach trip failure #4. I give up at the beach but I went to the parks around the beach and did fine. F the beach!
  • 4/9 - Only dug up $1.23 at the same park for 3rd day. Those aholes seemed to have taken about 4 rolls of pennies and just thrown them all over the whole park. I should give up and look for more quarters/dimes elsewhere. I don't know what I'm after really. $ value or just finding things or what. I'm asking myself that. I'm totally addicted and love it so much, esp when I can find things.
  • 4/8 - Dug up $3.80 today. 3rd biggest day.
  • 3/30 - Spent 2 days metal detecting. It's so much fun. Today we found a field where they have a pumpkin patch or xmas tree lot. We pulled a 1/2 a bag of nails and rusted metal. We pulled out our biggest score in one day ever, $2.14. We're up to over $7 now. haha. It was so much fun, we found a ton of money near the entrance all just laying on the ground, no work.
  • 3/28 - Looking forward to trying out my sniper coil. Had no time. I ordered an extra lower arm so I can attach the sniper cord OR the regular coil and swap them out.
  • 3/27 - Received the new detector yesterday. I put on the sniper coil and we went out to the park. Then something went terribly wrong. We kept finding a target, then it would disappear, 3 times. So either something is wrong with the detector, or our pointer which might need more batteries. I wasn't able to figure it out because it started raining right away which was very disappointing for us. We had looked forward to finding something with the new sniper coil. :( :( :(
  • 3/24 - Spent like 3 hours detecting at Big Bear only to find only $0.07 haha. Someday we'll find something. I found a rusted padlock!
  • 3/24 - Returned Metal Detector because I discovered it wasn't beeping properly when you run over targets. It would beep the first time, then never again. It's supposed to keep beeping. We also scratched up the coil really bad, I'm going to reorder it and get a cover this time.
  • 3/24 - Used my bday money to buy a Sniper Coil. I tried it out and it's amazing. It finds thinks with a sniper shot. But..
  • Finally found something good. 1970s half dollar

    Metal Detecting

    Here's my final photo but I'm still in the process of cleaning the dimes and pennies. It's hours of work to clean them.

    Sorry for the blurry photo, I'll make a better one later. All the quarters/dimes/nickles.

    From Metal Detecting

    Here are the pennies I'm working on cleaning. The car is full so you can't really tell just how may there are. Each one represents a hole that I dug. Also there's TONS of holes you dig that result in no coins.

    From Metal Detecting

    These are called Pull-Tabs. They're off the top of a can. They sorta show up as coins with a coin like sound. Often they result in a disappointment. One guy's nickname is "KingPullTab." Rather than letting it be a disappointment, I decided to save them. Also each one represents a hole that was dug.

    From Metal Detecting

    People Stories
    People Talking to You
    Nobody in California ever talks to you unless it's the cashiers. But when I go do this, suddenly everyone will talk to you. It's so awkward and weird, when you take off your gear and it goes back to normal where no one ever talks to you. California is one f-ed up place. I think these people are just curious or greedy for treasure.

  • 4/7 - A hot mom asked me if I found anything.
  • 4/5 - Today I found this park where 6 cars park, then apparently people drink beer, then use coins to open them and drop both the coins and the bottle caps. So I sat there for 6+ hours pulling out coins until I gave up at 9:30. I'm going back for more. My chick gave me a new headlamp for night digging and it owns. I found things much easier.
  • 4/4 - Went to the Beach for the 3rd time. Complete failure. I was using my sniper coil, maybe the regular one would have done better. Or maybe that beach blows for having meta.
  • 3/23 - At Big Bear this whole Asian group came over and this guy was grilling me. Who do I work for. What am I doing. Do I work for the city. I tried to be polite. I tell everyone "I'M SEARCHING FOR TREASURE." Not the exact video but it's in South Park somewhere. So then he keeps translating and like 5 of them were over me and Momette. Then this lady starts talking. DO YOU HAVE PERMISSION? I got so sick of them, I ignored them and walked away. I thought I was polite enough. They're wasting my time. They also don't seem to understand I have headphones that are going BEEP. I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
  • 3/28 - This whole family came over and was just hovering over me as I dug. I try to tell these people it's 90% trash and that it's boring to watch. They don't listen.
  • This lady walked by my trunk at night and kept looking at me. I stared her down until she stopped and turned away. Then she walks to the corner, then starts staring at me again. Old people.
  • This old asian guy comes over and starts looking into my trunk. I said yes? He said my car looks like his son's Subaru.
  • What I've learned:

  • The Sniper coil can find coins if I clear everything around it. The more I clear, the more coins start showing up. Sucks to have to do that much trash but when I do, suddenly 4 quarters appear.
  • Check Basketball courts. People set things down while they play then lose the stuff.
  • Apparently go for the ghetto areas where people are using coins to open bottles. Rich people have less coins.
  • Volley Ball Courts suck. No one plays. Checked 20-30 off them and only found ANYTHING at 1 of them.
  • Check trees. People sit down and their change falls out. I nearly always find money by trees.
  • Learned more about my "sniper" coil. It sure picks out trash with a direct line down below it vs. the standard coil that comes on it.
  • Sunday: I spent 7 hours and dug up a new record $7.93. It was in a HOA Park. At the end the HOA president starts asking me what I'm doing. haha. I want to go back but I don't know if I'll get in trouble. The place is PILES of money. I dug up 123 coins. My best was like 10 dimes in one hole. New record. I hit 4 quarters in one hole.

    Saturday, I dug for about 7 hours in a park. I came up with the most money I ever got, the coins never stopped dropping until I gave up. $5.62

  • 3/6 - Just found 2 pennies last night. We had a big crowd around us looking in every hole we dug. Lots of people asked us if we found anything.
  • 3/4 - We went to IVC (college) and checked the volleyball courts. I expected to find something but nothing. We did find that it used to have a wooden edge to it with nails that is buried. Down the way we found 2 dimes. That's about it there. We started to check the gravel parking but it's really hard to dig there.

    Some lady comes up and goes may I ask you what you're doing. We told her metal detecting. I have no idea if she's just some dumb college student or someone who matters. We were nice.

  • 3/3 - Me and Momette pooled together our money and bought this $127 Pro-Pointer. He mostly paid. I only put $30 in when I returned a phone case. I'll use the old broken one instead I guess.
  • 2/27 - Went to 2 more parks. Found 2 dimes, 1 nickels. It was fun. We dug forever for another Pepsi can.
  • 2/27 - There's a show about metal detecting called < a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2497268/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2">Diggers with 2 seasons.
  • 2/27 - People are curious. A guy came over to ask me if I found anything. I said 1 quarter! haha.
  • 2/27 - Found 26 cents at lunch!
  • 2/27 - I want to use my detector but it's raining for days now. LAME.
  • 2/27 - Tried the work volley ball court and found nothing. Tried another park yesterday and just found a can.
  • 2/25 - What I learned:
  • We really want this $127 Pro-Pointer. See the problem is you are digging and you don't know where the thing is, in your pile or back in the hole. So you have to keep standing up and using your detector again and again. With the pointer, it saves SO MUCH TIME. I want it.
  • this stuff takes forever. You have to have patience. You're unlikely to make your money back but the fun thing is digging up the treasure. It just amazes me that I can dig up some quarter from 1980s, 30 years later.
  • 2/25 - Took it the first park which had wood chips and found nothing. Took it to the next park and we found our first funny thing, an unopened Capri Sun buried DEEP in the sand. Hilarious! My goal was to find a car and a quarter and we found both.
  • We looked along the edge of the park and dug up 2 quarters, and 1 penny. It was super exciting. We did it for 2 hours. We couldn't quit it was so much fun.
  • Trash: Dug up a nail that was supposed to be a quarter. Dug up a old matchbox car that was supposed to be a quarter.
  • 2/25 - Shows up today. My goal is 1 quarter! haha
  • Metal Detecting Tips
From Metal Detecting

100% Funded! (of 100%)

Thank you so much! We funded it. I did add a shovel and a scoop for gathering the items, so if you still want to donate for that, feel free. Otherwise, we bought the base metal detector. We're SO EXCITED.

It will be here on Tuesday

Original post

The last time we had a fundraiser was in 2003 where we raised over $300 to buy a camera for the web site.

I don't beg for donations except for maybe 1 time a year, while other sites are begging continually.

Now the site's audience is not quite what it was in 2003, but I'm hoping there still is enough people.

I would buy it, but my life is a nightmare. I can't pay off my credit cards. We need at least $800 to fix the axles on the van. My tax return is like $3000 less than normal. I'm hoping things will turn around if more games are sold, but I'm only likely to see that after August or next year. I worry about even making it that far.

ANYWAY, what a rousing speech. I think it would be totally awesome to search for treasure. It's something so many of us are interested in. I have a coin collection. My dad has a coin collection. At least one of my coins is worth about $100. I think it would be super awesome to find treasure.

If I can raise enough money, I'll buy the detector, then post what we find. Perhaps I can even recoup the cost of it, and send the money back to people who donate. (no promises).

The one I selected. Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector. $212. Why not a $70 one with tons of good reviews. It's missing features and can't find things as deep. We don't want the best, but we don't want the cheapest either cuz then you'd be looking at upgrading. It got #2 on this ranking

If you need an excuse, my birthday is coming up on 3/10.

How to donate:

Thank you to:

  • Erik G
  • Brilliant Marine
  • Coagine!
  • Adam S (Shotty!)
  • Enforcerman
  • Steve W
  • Richard Cao
  • Wayne L
  • nicholas p

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