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January 4th, 2008 @ 8:31AM

MEMBER SINCE:March 26th, 2003
LAST ONLINE:January 4th, 2008 @ 8:31AM
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    Reading shlonglor's site for about 4 to 5 years now.
    Don't always agree with his politics but its a great site.

    Comments :

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    IN RESPONSE TO: Mothers Who Enter Their Daughters In Beauty Pageants Are A Special Breed

    Check out living dolls, the documentary

    Posted: December 13th, 2007 @ 3:57PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Britney's New Hair

    You ever see that Oprah interview with Dave Chappelle after he went crazy? He talked about how much pressure is on celebrities, how they have to deal with so many people wanting a piece it drives em crazy. He said that Martin Lawrence came up in the ghetto and handled that fine, was smart enough to make a 10 million dollars a movie, and then went jogging with all this stuff on until he passed out of heat exaustion. Probably from all the pressure from the media and public to lose weight. I can`t imagine how becoming super famous effects you mentally. Brittney was smart enough to become the most successful singer/entertainer in the world at one point. Imagine what made her crack so bad.
    Posted: February 19th, 2007 @ 11:26PM

    I`d be careful if I were you and if it`s really bad go to the doctor. I was just in to see a back specialist who found a problem with calcified lymph nodes or something in my chest due to a bad chest cold. I never go to the doctor and just suffered through it and now I have scarring inside. Hopefully it`s ok but I have to go in to another doctor to get it checked out.
    Posted: February 15th, 2007 @ 4:57PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Back from Las Vegas

    How can you badmouth Las Vegas. You are so not cool anymore, Vegas is the best place on earth. I want to be there all the time.
    Posted: January 30th, 2007 @ 10:38AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: 8 Million WoW Subscribers

    Blizzard really claned up here - they managed to charge a monthly fee for games and turned one time revenue into a constant incoming cash flow. They are printing their own money considering games used to be almost exclusively one time fee, and all the games they made were one time fee. It`d be like Warner Bros charging you each time you watch a movie. Crazy. I whish I could invest in Bliz stock but it`s all owned by Vivendi. I guess this is a case of a media giant actually going with technology instead of having technology bite it in the ass.
    Posted: January 12th, 2007 @ 4:03PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Web kid with attitude says sucks to $1bn

    Facebook is huge. I crashed a party some guy from my school posted on facebook recently and I have been out of school for 4 years. Everyone posts everything on there to show up as cool. There are two things that will sell huge on the net and that`s entertainment (youtube, collegehumor, etc) and things that get you laid or get you off (porn sites, match.com, and now facebook/myspace). As long as facebook stays the popular site (college students are so fickle) it can transition to the popular site for adults, and it is cause friendster is losing market share like crazy. $$$ for sure, I`d say don`t sell.
    Posted: December 27th, 2006 @ 2:40PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Irvine

    Well welcome to the real world, people only care about themselves and their appearance to seem better then everyone else. This way the Paris Hiltons get the best "guy" they can who is the richest and best looking. And the guys want the same things for the girls. Maybe you are like me, you grew up a nerd and never focused on looks or superficial things. All I used to do was play video games and do my homework. Then something happened, I realized I had no women. I moved to NYC and started hitting on girls, and I saw how goddam selfish and how much of an asshole you need to be to get women. I started reading books like The Fountainhead, American Psycho. I realized being selfish and unscrupulous is common - It`s the way the world works, one day you wake up and the weight of the world hits you and you realize things are not all flowers and candy and people are assholes looking out only for themselves.

    Heh heh, pretty negative and jaded of me huh? The hope is that of course there are good people out there but they are few and far between, epecially in NYC and LA.

    Posted: December 11th, 2006 @ 10:19AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: African Americans in Irvine

    At least he didn`t say Afro American. Where that comes from I have no idea.
    Posted: December 11th, 2006 @ 10:07AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Blond joke

    I see what you did there, it was a cereal box not a puzzle box!
    Posted: December 7th, 2006 @ 10:00AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: You Guys Suck

    I rarely visit your site on the weekends, only on the weekdays at work. Plus I don`t know what to say about bunnies or resorts you vacation at. But rest assured we enjoy looking at your pictures.
    Posted: December 4th, 2006 @ 1:47PM

    If you saw someone else do this you`d post a big rant about how much of a bad driver they are.
    Posted: November 29th, 2006 @ 9:49AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: 'Kramer's' Racial Tirade

    He needs to go on Oprah, BET, or a black magazine like EBONY. It`s not like it makes the apology any more sincere but it`ll be more like apologizing to the black community.
    Posted: November 22nd, 2006 @ 11:21AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Adam Carolla Harasses PS3 'Nerds'

    I`d do it. PS3 is worth maybe $3000, minus the $600 you pay for it. Flight and hotel to Vegas/Reno (not sure where the ranch is)is worth probably $400, maybe $500 with food included. If you have your pick of girl then you can get a $2000 whore for free. Some are probably worth even more. So you are looking at a pretty much even deal but you get to meet Ron Jeremy, and most importantly, you are much less sleezy.

    "I went to a whore once at the Bunny Ranch"
    "Really, you must have been really desperate for sex, that`s really sleezy"
    "Well actually I won a free trip there from a radio show, how was I going to turn it down? I even met Ron Jeremey"

    Posted: November 20th, 2006 @ 10:17AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: 49ers Plan to Relocate Team Away From San Francisco

    I used to live right there, on first street and tasman in North San Jose. I`m really glad I moved away before they start moving the team. The traffic on Sundays will be horrible. However location wise it`s at a good spot for high way access, 237, 880, 101 all intersect right there.
    Posted: November 10th, 2006 @ 4:15PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Borat Lawsuit

    hahah it`s the drunk defense.
    "I was drunk so morals and ethics don`t apply. I`m not responsible for my actions!"

    Mel Gibson, MarkFoley, played this card already. Your true feelings come out when you are drunk.

    Posted: November 10th, 2006 @ 9:58AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Study: 600,000 civilians killed in war in Iraq

    All this stuff is making me so cynical about human nature. I almost think the same thing could happen here. Imagine if someone came and dissolved our government and said "We`re having an election in a month, anyone can run, there`s no more police or governemnent till then. We are going to have open applications for police officers and until then there`s no infrastructure except for a bunch of Ugandan soliders who will keep the peace. Happy voting". It wouldn`t be hard to imagine the ethnic groups in America here would do the same thing, cause all people want is power. Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, all non whites basically would see a first opportunity to get real representation in government and would start militias and fight for power. Yeah I know not likely but the more I see this get worse and worse I just think we`ve opened the can of worms that is the dark side of human lust for power and single mindedness that is unavoidable in a free for all situation. The hope is that eventually it will settle and get to a sysem like ours which has checks and balances.
    Posted: October 23rd, 2006 @ 10:48AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: The Office

    I like both but I think the UK office is better. But with the US office you get more episodes and character development. David Brent is so much more awkward and therefore funny to me then Michael Scott. Don`t get me wrong, Carrel is funny, but it`s not the same, he seems more like schtick to me and a little less realistic. Lately though the US Office has gotten all soap opery which is BS, I hope they don`t pull a Friends and become a total chick show. But even if they do it`s still better then 99% of the comedies out there.
    Posted: October 23rd, 2006 @ 9:57AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Earthquake Insurance

    Well sounds like a better deal then cloud insurance.
    Posted: October 16th, 2006 @ 11:53AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?

    I`m not paying much attention to this BS because for god sakes it`s all sensationalistic crap, if the guy did something wrong fire him, if he did something illegal put him in jail, and let it be. But I`m a democrat and I agree they are all the same. When the story first broke I was just thinking it could happen on either side of the isle and it just so happens it`s the Repubs this time. But Congress (and the world) is such a competative place they all jump on the opportunity to ruin the careers of as many of the other side as possible.

    Watergate, pentegon papers, iran contra, those are some real gov`t screw ups, this personal immorality and illegality should be dealt with swfitly and justly and we should move on.

    Posted: October 4th, 2006 @ 9:53AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: The war on terror

    I have not had a chance to watch the last couple documentaries you have up here as they are full length and I`ve been busy. But I will get around to it. One video I watched a bit ago (found it from wikipedia) I really like, it`s Richard Clark speaking at my alma mater (coincidentally).
    Clark on Terrorism In the World Today.

    He makes a couple great points about the four cirlces of islamic hegemony prevailing today, and how we absolutely need to use force on the terrorists represented center, the crazy terrorist minority. Then the ones further from the religious nuts and closer and closer to moderate Islam are the ones we need to win over with words. We are really screwing up with this group - I think the hippies are right when dealing with this group and dialogue/diplomacy is needed. Bush is so godawful at it we are losing the war of ideas, and just polarizing "on the fence" Muslims, creating enemy terrorist supporters/sympathizers. This is very bad. Also I like how he calls it the war on Islamic Facisim or Islamic Fanatisism cause that`s what it is - it`s not a war on terror as terrorism is just a tactic. Check out the video maybe even put it on the front page, I like Clark`s speach that much.

    Posted: September 19th, 2006 @ 10:16AM

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