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September 19th, 2017 @ 4:56PM

MEMBER SINCE:March 20th, 2003
LAST ONLINE:September 19th, 2017 @ 4:56PM
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    I rule this web site with an iron fist. Bow down or feel my wrath.

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    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    He's waiting for more votes. haha. Besides was sticking with Obama care the better decision?
    Posted: June 1st, 2017 @ 4:01PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Politics

    I started watching tv at age 5 and have never stopped. It's not unimaginable for him to see that at age 11.
    Posted: May 31st, 2017 @ 1:52PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Politics

    His parents made a video that thanked everyone for continuing to look into this. They said the one JERK hired by the guy who works for SHAREDBLUE who works for SOROS were speaking for them and they never even met or chose him.

    Massive cover up. Twitter banning people who talk about it. Banning #SethRich.


    Wikileaks doesn't reveal their sources, but they keep lining to Seth Rich, which pretty much admits it. The Private Detective on the case also said he was communicating with

    DNC got a spokesman to cover it up Link. See, then guess who reports to Soros. Why are they trying to desperately to cover it up.

    DNC Staffer shot dead, they are calling it a ROBERRY. They stole NOTHING.

    Why does the DNC not want the murder of a DNC staffer investigated?

    The cops didn't talk to people at the bar. Less than 24 hours after his death the FBI had his computer. Why does the FBI have the computer of a RANDOM killing that is robbery?

    The FBI/Gov stepped in and killed the investigation. People online have done more investigating than the actual police. No one has been interviewed.

    EDITED: 2017-05-25 00:27:07

    Posted: May 24th, 2017 @ 10:58PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    Also Trump/etc with the Russians the 2 talking points going on for 1/2 a year. Cnn keeps showing some like crime family info graphic. haha.

    It was revealed with the Shareblue document (I linked one day) + emails (podesta) / wikileaks, and now a Democrat was quoted, that they would push this Russia bullshit, 48 hours after Clinton losing.

    Posted: May 18th, 2017 @ 7:17PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    I don't know what the story was on Michael Flynn but at least they fired him, unlike what they did with ALL of the bad players with Obama (Rice, Eric Holder and the guns to criminals, etc)
    Posted: May 18th, 2017 @ 7:14PM

    What about the fact that Comey was in fact leading the investigation into Trump`s Russian ties

    There's no Russian connection. There's nothing to investigate. Obama used the NSA to tap him DURING THE ELECTION and pass along the info and they still found NOTHING. It's already been revealed 2 days into losing, the Democrats came up with that bullsh*t just like they did with the "Trump is a racist." They've only had 2 lines the entire time. Trump is racist, and the Russians. Such horsesh*t. Get woke!

    Posted: May 9th, 2017 @ 11:12PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Arrow / The Flash

    Yeah but I want to DO supergirl. I also LOVE chyler Leigh.
    Posted: May 9th, 2017 @ 11:08AM

    Pizzagate came out of reddit then moved on to the media. So Fake News (AKA CNN) is stories created from the media or political groups such as when they decided they'd start saying Russia Hacked the election 48 hours after they lost. Revealed in a book.
    Posted: April 29th, 2017 @ 1:55PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: The Battle of Berkeley 4 is a washout

    Apparently it's all about just beating each other up. haha.
    Posted: April 17th, 2017 @ 11:12AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Random News

    Pizzagate is totally real, Look at the photos of the decorations for podesta AND the decorations on their pedo island that Bill Clinton flew to.
    Posted: April 6th, 2017 @ 1:31AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Random News

    Nah it used to be all these conspiracy theories were nuts right? Until last year with wikileaks we learned THEY WERE ALL TRUE. Everything but the aliens. haha.
    Posted: April 5th, 2017 @ 4:47PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Wednesday Random News

    Syria was a mess. Assad was murdering his own people. So Obama/Hillary armed these "rebels" who are basically terrorists themselves. They're just about as bad as the Syrian gov. They also funneled stuff to ISIS through Bengazi (yet to be proven), by passing the CIA. Which is why they let that place be ran over without sending help. Rice is at the middle of all of that. Hopefully one of the crime family will roll on the other ones and we'll get the truth.

    So Syria was already fucked, but Obama/Hillary made it even worse which made the refugees start pouring out.

    Posted: April 5th, 2017 @ 1:01PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: The Mega FML Day

    Fluval 406. I sure hate those things but they have lasted 5 years. But the last 4 years it just has a TRICKLE of water but the water is clean. It's leaking air and I've replaced 3 out of the 4 main parts. I just ordered the (4th) part I've never replaced. Other people complain about that part so we'll see.

    EDITED: 2017-04-04 18:17:02

    Posted: April 4th, 2017 @ 6:14PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Pack of 4 Cat Killing Coyotes, WTB Gun

    Thanks , fixing thumb.
    Posted: March 30th, 2017 @ 1:46PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Today's Politics

    Here's the 4d chess before it happened. They set up Ryan to fail cuz he's a paid stooge by Soros. Now they can get rid of him. That's what they said they'd do and use health care to do. Whether it's true or not, who knows. haha.
    Posted: March 25th, 2017 @ 12:52AM

    Yeah Thia as a fighter, lame as fuck. Lural (sp) same. Nerdy computer guy (same). Show is just so crappy.
    Posted: March 17th, 2017 @ 9:28AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Thursday Politics

    and she was really disappointed and now is the laughing stock of both sides. What you don't realize is, she didn't know what was going to happen before hand and she had to figure it out live and was expecting to find NO taxes paid. You can see her reasoning it out and not even grasping how fucked she was. haha. "SHE"
    Posted: March 17th, 2017 @ 1:03AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: My next creation: Why Crime Doesn't Pay

    Something exciting did happen, the cop turns the corner just as you got away with the $$ in this imaginary scenario.

    But I can see that the title is misleading making you think like it's a video about someone robbing an armored car or something. haha.

    Youtube views are often about misleading titles, or unique titles, or thumbs with chick's asses. I wasn't trying to be intentionally missleading though. Take your thumbs down back! :)

    EDITED: 2017-03-15 17:12:24

    Posted: March 15th, 2017 @ 5:10PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: WoW there's books about me

    I do it on purpose. haha.
    Posted: March 14th, 2017 @ 1:49PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: What's In The Lake?

    Posted: March 14th, 2017 @ 10:39AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: WoW there's books about me

    Yeah, they moved to America and ended up with nothing. I was reading one comment like why would they leave the royalty of Scottland. haha. They moved to PA of all places too.
    Posted: March 14th, 2017 @ 10:20AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Metal Detecting: I found a crack pipe / Marijuana Container

    No that's in the 1-2 million dollar houses area. haha.
    Posted: March 13th, 2017 @ 6:31PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Welcome to the Circus!

    Strange. It doesn't do that for me. What you missed was the guy blocking the middle of the road and everyone has to go around him on the right. You should be able to click close ads.

    I opened up an incog window and it starts off with an ad you can skip in 5 seconds that then plays just fine.

    One issue with the video was the dash cam was pointed up too far upwards so it's difficult to see the cars but otherwise, it looks good if you maximize or skip the ad. If you don't' maximize the video, it could be hard to see what's going on for sure.

    EDITED: 2017-03-08 14:37:42

    Posted: March 8th, 2017 @ 2:33PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Welcome to the Circus!

    That is in no way represented in the 50 views per video statistics.
    Posted: March 8th, 2017 @ 12:54AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: My and some B's best photos 2017 - 2006

    Seems like almost all of my photos don't qualify because they want 3000x+ But I listed a ton. We'll see if anyone bites. I think they set their own prices.

    EDITED: 2017-03-06 09:58:34

    Posted: March 6th, 2017 @ 9:58AM

    Oh I always ride my bike through crosswalks.
    Posted: March 3rd, 2017 @ 12:54PM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Garrett AT Pro VDI Numbers & Tones for Most US Coins

    I had a tiny tripod set up for that one. Thanks.

    Mic, nope. My kid has a $60 ball mic if I ever need it.

    Posted: March 1st, 2017 @ 11:51AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: 8 months to go!

    The CROWN!
    Posted: March 1st, 2017 @ 11:48AM

    You've been on this site for 20 years, that's what this site is about. haha.
    Posted: February 28th, 2017 @ 9:22AM
    IN RESPONSE TO: Celeb deaths of 2017

    Oh I never saw that one. Thanks.
    Posted: February 27th, 2017 @ 12:03PM

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